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Ideas for Bathrooms with Subway Tiles.

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Introduction to Subway Tile Bathrooms

Subway tiles have become synonymous with classic design, offering a timeless look that can adapt to a wide array of styles. Originating from the early 1900s New York City subway stations, these rectangular tiles have made their way into our homes, proving to be a versatile and durable option for bathroom finishes. Below, we explore some innovative and elegant subway tile bathroom ideas to inspire your next remodel.

Classic White Subway Tile Look

The traditional white subway tile bathroom is a look that never ages. Offering a clean and crisp appearance, white subway tiles can make a small bathroom feel larger and brighter. Pair with dark grout to add contrast and highlight the classic subway pattern, or opt for light grout to create a seamless, expansive feel. Incorporating elements like a vintage clawfoot tub or pedestal sink can enhance this timeless design.

Adding a Modern Twist

Modernize the classic subway tile by experimenting with tile layouts. Instead of the traditional brick pattern, consider a herringbone or vertical stack to add a contemporary edge. Modern accessories and fixtures, such as sleek, matte black taps or minimalist lighting, can help bridge the gap between classic and contemporary, creating a space that feels both timeless and of-the-moment.

Colorful Subway Tiles

While white might be the traditional choice, subway tiles come in a rainbow of colors, offering endless possibilities to inject personality into your bathroom. Cool blues and greens can create a serene oasis, perfect for a spa-like experience, while warmer tones like amber or coral can add a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Mixing and matching different shades can result in a unique, eclectic look, or consider a single bold color for a cohesive, striking statement.

Textured and Patterned Subway Tiles

For those looking to add depth and intrigue to their bathroom, textured and patterned subway tiles offer a nuanced approach. Textured tiles can provide a tactile element, with finishes ranging from glossy to matte, and patterns like beveled edges adding a subtle sophistication. Patterned or hand-painted subway tiles can introduce artistic flair, turning your bathroom walls into a focal point of visual interest.

Luxurious Marble Subway Tiles

Elevate your bathroom’s elegance with the natural beauty of marble subway tiles. The unique veining and warm hues of marble can add a touch of luxury and opulence, perfect for a spa-like retreat or a sophisticated en suite. Marble subway tiles pair beautifully with both chrome and brass fixtures, offering flexibility in designing a space that suits your personal style. To maintain the luxurious look, consider a herringbone layout or a full marble wall as a dramatic backdrop to your bathtub or shower.

The Industrial Edge

Subway tiles can also lend themselves to an industrial-inspired bathroom, evoking the gritty charm of their original subway station context. Combine them with raw elements like exposed brick, concrete countertops, or metal accents to underscore the industrial vibe. Matte black or brushed nickel fixtures can complement this look seamlessly, adding a touch of modernity to the rugged aesthetic.


Subway tile bathrooms offer a versatile canvas for homeowners to express their personal style, whether through traditional white tiles, bold colors, or luxurious marble. By experimenting with layouts, colors, and textures, you can create a bathroom space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. No matter your design preferences, subway tiles can help achieve a look that feels both timeless and tailored to your tastes.

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