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How Much Does an AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost?

$500 - $1,200
under warranty cost
750 - 2,700
without warranty cost
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When your air conditioner stops cooling effectively, the problem may lie with the evaporator coil. Knowing the potential cost of replacing this essential component can help you budget and decide on your next steps. Here, we provide a detailed guide on the costs associated with AC evaporator coil replacement, factors influencing the price, and what you can expect throughout the process.

Key Takeaways

  • Replacement Costs: Depending on warranty status, replacing an AC evaporator coil can cost between $400 and $2,400.
  • Influencing Factors: Costs can vary based on the coil’s size, brand, and whether it’s cased or uncased.
  • Labor Costs: Expect to pay between $400 and $1,000 in labor costs depending on the size of the unit.
  • Warranty Implications: Warranty can significantly affect costs, with warranted parts costing less to replace.

AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost Breakdown

Costs Under Warranty

  • Range: $400 – $1,000
  • Typically covers the part only, with labor potentially being an additional cost.

Costs Not Under Warranty

  • Range: $650 – $2,400
  • Includes both parts and labor, with the higher end covering more complex installations or premium brands.

Average Cost to Replace AC Evaporator Coil

  • National Average: $1,400
  • Cost Range: $650 to $2,400
  • Minimum Cost: $200
  • Maximum Cost: $3,000

These costs can vary based on several factors, including geographic location, the specific brand of your AC unit, and whether you opt for a standard or a premium coil.

Home Evaporator Coil Cost by Size

Size (Tons)Unit PriceTotal Replacement Cost
1.5 – 2.0$200 – $900$600 – $2,000
2.5$250 – $1,200$650 – $2,100
3.0$300 – $1,400$700 – $2,350
3.5$350 – $1,500$750 – $2,500
4.0$400 – $1,600$800 – $2,600
5.0$450 – $1,700$900 – $2,700

New AC Evaporator Coil Cost by Brand

BrandPart CostTotal Replacement Cost
ADP$200 – $1,000$600 – $2,000
Aspen$250 – $750$650 – $1,750
Bryant / Heil$250 – $1,000$650 – $2,000
Carrier$300 – $1,300$700 – $2,300
Goodman / Amana$300 – $900$700 – $1,900
Lennox$200 – $1,300$600 – $2,300
Rheem / Ruud$300 – $1,400$700 – $2,400
TempStar$200 – $1,100$600 – $2,100
Trane / American Standard$200 – $1,000$600 – $2,000
York / Coleman$250 – $1,300$650 – $2,300

Labor Cost to Replace AC Evaporator Coil

AC Size (Tons)Labor Cost
1.5 – 2.0$400 – $600
2.5$450 – $650
3.0$500 – $700
3.5$550 – $725
4.0$600 – $750
5.0$700 – $1,000

Labor costs reflect the complexity and time required for a technician to replace the coil. Larger units often involve more intricate setups and longer labor hours.

Cost Comparison: AC Evaporator Coil vs. Condenser Coil

Coil TypeReplacement Cost
Condenser Coil$900 – $2,300
Evaporator Coil$650 – $2,400

Replacing an evaporator coil is generally in the same

price range as replacing a condenser coil, with costs varying based on specific unit requirements and brand.

What to Consider When Replacing an AC Coil

  1. Warranty: Check if your evaporator coil is still under warranty, as this can significantly reduce your replacement costs.
  2. Brand and Compatibility: Certain brands might be more expensive, but compatibility with your existing system is crucial.
  3. Professional Installation: Always opt for professional installation to ensure efficiency and avoid future issues.

For more details on air conditioning maintenance and costs, visit our comprehensive guide on AC repair costs.

Getting Air Conditioner Coil Replacement Cost Estimates

When seeking estimates, it’s important to compare quotes from different service providers. Ensure they include all necessary parts and labor to avoid unexpected expenses. Also, verify the warranty and quality of the replacement parts.

If you’re facing significant repair costs, it might be worth considering whether replacing the entire AC unit is more cost-effective in the long run.

Making the Right Choice for Your AC Needs

Replacing an AC evaporator coil can be a significant investment, especially if the unit is out of warranty. However, understanding the factors that affect the cost can help you make an informed decision that ensures your air conditioning system remains effective and efficient. Always consult with a professional to get the most accurate estimate and advice tailored to your specific situation.

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