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How Much Does Bluestone Cost?

$5 - $15
average cost per square foot
$3,000 - $12,000
average project total cost
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Key Takeaways

  • Cost Range: Bluestone costs between $6 and $14 per square foot for materials only and $15 to $31 per square foot when including installation.
  • Patio Installation Costs: For a standard 200 to 400 square foot patio, the total cost ranges from $3,000 to $12,400 when fully installed.
  • Types and Finishes: Costs vary by type of bluestone, with thermal/flamed and natural cleft being the most common finishes, influencing both aesthetics and durability.
  • Installation Factors: Labor costs and additional features like grading and sub-base preparation can significantly affect the final expense.
  • Comparison with Other Materials: When compared with other paving materials, bluestone stands out for its durability and aesthetic appeal, though it may be pricier.
  • Pros and Cons: Bluestone is durable and weather-resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications, though it requires sealing to prevent flaking and may heat up in direct sunlight.

Detailed Cost Breakdown

Bluestone is a popular choice for outdoor paving projects like patios, walkways, and driveways. Its distinctive blue-gray color and the natural texture make it a preferred material for both residential and commercial properties. Below, we explore the costs associated with bluestone based on size, type, and installation requirements.

Cost Per Square Foot

  • Materials Only: $6 to $14 per square foot
  • Materials & Installation: $15 to $31 per square foot

Total Cost Installed (200 – 400 SF Patio)

  • Low End: $3,000
  • High End: $12,400

These costs can vary based on the complexity of the project, the grade of materials chosen, and regional pricing differences.

Cost by Patio Size

When planning a bluestone patio, it’s crucial to consider the total area as this directly impacts the cost. Here’s what you can expect based on common patio sizes:

Paver Patio SizeSquare FeetTotal Cost Installed
6’x9′54$800 – $1,675
10’x10′100$1,500 – $3,100
10’x20′200$3,000 – $6,200
12’x12′144$2,150 – $4,450
15’x15′225$3,375 – $6,975
20’x20′400$6,000 – $12,400
Larger sizesUp to 900Up to $27,900

Bluestone Prices by Type & Finish

Bluestone is available in different types and finishes, each offering a unique look and feel for your patio:

Thermal / Flamed Bluestone

  • Material Price Per Square Foot: $9 to $14
  • Cost Per Square Foot Installed: $18 to $31

Natural Cleft Bluestone

  • Material Price Per Square Foot: $6 to $11
  • Cost Per Square Foot Installed: $15 to $28

Each type has specific aesthetic and texture characteristics that can complement various architectural styles.

Cost Comparison with Other Materials

When considering alternatives to bluestone, here are some cost comparisons with other popular materials:

Paver Material TypeMaterial Cost Per Square FootCost Per Square Foot Installed
Cobblestone$10 – $25$20 – $50
Granite$10 – $15$19 – $32
Limestone$7 – $15$16 – $32
Sandstone$9 – $13$18 – $30
Brick$2 – $6$10 – $17
Concrete$2 – $6$5 – $15
Stamped Concrete$2 – $6$8 – $19
Marble$5 – $20$10 – $40
Slate$9 – $25$18 – $42
Gravel$0.50 – $1.50$1 – $3
Pea Gravel$0.50 – $1.50$0.85 – $2.80

Pros and Cons of Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone offers several advantages and a few considerations:


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Weather-resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Naturally non-slip surface
  • Resistant to fading


  • Higher cost compared to some other materials
  • May flake if unsealed
  • Requires professional installation
  • Can become quite hot under direct sunlight

Is Bluestone the Right Choice for You?

Bluestone is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable and attractive material for outdoor spaces, though it comes at a higher cost compared to some alternatives. Considering its longevity and the added value to your property, bluestone can be a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

For further details on patio and paver options, consider exploring our extensive guide on Bluestone Patio Costs. This will provide you with in-depth information to help you make the best decision for your landscaping needs.

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