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How Much Does It Cost To Clear Land?

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Key Takeaways
Average Cost$2,700
Minimum Cost$500
Maximum Cost$7,000
Average Cost Range$1,200 – $3,800
Cost Per Acre$3,800 – $6,700
Factors Influencing CostBrush level, tree size, stump removal

Clearing land is a crucial step for many construction projects, from building homes to setting up agricultural spaces. However, understanding the costs associated with land clearing can be complex. In this article, we will break down the various factors that influence land clearing costs and provide a comprehensive guide to help you plan your budget effectively.

Land Clearing Cost

The cost to clear land varies widely based on multiple factors such as the size of the land, the density of the vegetation, and the specific requirements of the project.

Cost To Clear Land

National Average Cost$2,700
Minimum Cost$500
Maximum Cost$7,000
Average Range$1,200 – $3,800

Land Clearing Cost Per Acre

The cost to clear land will increase with the size of the land being cleared. Below, we provide the cost breakdowns for various types of land conditions and brush levels.

Cost To Clear Wooded Lot Per Quarter Acre

Brush LevelCubic Yards of DebrisAverage Cost
Clear light brush and grub roots87.5$950
Clear medium brush and small trees, grub roots105$1,100
Clear brush and trees to 6″ trunk diameter455$1,200
Clear wooded area, pull stumps490$1,700

Cost To Clear Underbrush Per Acre

Brush LevelCubic Yards of DebrisAverage Cost
Clear light underbrush & grub roots350$3,800
Clear medium underbrush & small trees, grub roots420$4,400
Clear underbrush and trees to 6″ trunk diameter455$4,800
Clear wooded area, pull stumps490$6,700

Additional Land Clearing Prices

When preparing land for construction or other uses, various activities such as brush removal and tree clearing come into play. Below, we explore the costs associated with these additional tasks.

How Much Does It Cost To Clear Land To Build A House?

Clearing land to build a house often involves removing various types of vegetation including brush and trees.

Brush Removal Costs

Brush LevelAverage Cost
Light Brush$1,300 per acre
Heavy Brush$1,600 per acre
Wooded$1,800 per acre

Tree Clearing Cost

Tree HeightAverage Cost
8’ to 12’$150 each
13’ to 18’$200 each
19’ to 24’$330 each
25’ to 36’$420 each

Land Clearing Stump Removal

Stump WidthAverage Cost
6” to 10”$70 each
11” to 14”$90 each
15” to 18”$110 each
19” to 24”$130 each
25” to 30”$140 each

Clearing Rocks From Land

Removing rocks from land can be a labor-intensive process. This task usually involves the use of heavy machinery and can significantly add to the overall cost of land clearing.

Excavation Cost Per Acre

Excavation costs will vary based on the nature of the land and required depth of the excavation. Generally, expect to pay between $1,500 and $6,000 per acre for excavation services.

Land Grading Cost

Land grading ensures a level base for construction projects. The grading cost may depend on the complexity of the slope and the amount of soil that needs to be moved.

Land Grading Cost Per Acre

The cost for land grading averages between $1,500 and $3,000 per acre. This can vary significantly based on the specific requirements of the project and the condition of the land.

Forestry Mulching Cost Per Acre

Forestry mulching uses specialized equipment to cut down vegetation and mulch it, providing a more eco-friendly land clearing method. The average cost for forestry mulching ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per acre.

How Is Land Clearing & Site Preparation Done?

Land clearing and site preparation involve several stages including vegetation removal, grading, and debris disposal. The process may also require obtaining permits, particularly for larger projects.

Additional Cost Factors

  1. Permits and Regulations: Local regulations may require permits which can add to the overall cost.
  2. Land Condition: Rocky or hilly terrains are more challenging and expensive to clear.
  3. Disposal Fees: Disposal of cleared vegetation and debris may incur additional costs.
  4. Accessibility: Hard-to-reach areas can increase labor and equipment costs.

Land Clearing Equipment Rental Costs

Renting the necessary equipment for land clearing is a common practice. Below is a breakdown of rental costs for different types of equipment.

Land Clearing Equipment Rental Costs

Equipment Type & SizeRental Cost Per 1/2 DayRental Cost Per WeekRental Cost Per Month
65 horsepower$310$450$1,300
140 horsepower$570$810$2,300
25,000 to 29,000 lbs.$830$2,200$5,900
43,000 to 49,999 lbs.$1,100$2,900$6,700
Dump Truck
25 to 30-ton articulated truck$1,800$4,000
12 to 14 cubic yard truck$750$1,700
5 to 6 cubic yard truck$300$800

Cactus Removal

Removing cactus plants from land can be a specialized task with costs influenced by the density and size of the cacti.

Low-Density Cactus Removal – Below 100 Plants Per Acre

The cost for removing low-density cactus areas typically averages between $500 and $1,200 per acre.

High-Density Cactus Removal – More Than 100 Plants Per Acre

For high-density areas, removal costs can range from $1,200 to $3,000 per acre.

Cheapest Way To Clear Land

The most cost-effective way to clear land involves manual labor and minimal use of machinery. Steps include:

  1. Manual Brush Clearing: Using hand tools for small areas.
  2. Controlled Burning: Where permitted, controlled burns can clear large areas quickly.
  3. Hiring Local Labor: Community-fueled initiatives may reduce costs.

Hiring Your Land Clearing Services

When hiring professional services for land clearing, several considerations come into play.

What Should Be Included In A Bid?

  1. Detailed Scope Of Work: A clear breakdown of tasks and responsibilities.
  2. Itemized Costs: Thorough itemization of all expenses including labor, equipment, and disposal.
  3. Timeline: Clear project timelines with milestones.
  4. Insurance and Licensing: Proof of contractor insurance and necessary licensing.

In conclusion, the cost to clear land can vary widely based on multiple factors. By understanding these costs and planning accordingly, you’ll be better equipped to manage your land clearing project effectively.

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