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How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Or Sand?

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Key Takeaways:

Key PointsDetails
Fill Dirt Cost Per Yard$5 – $25
Topsoil Cost Per Yard$10 – $50
Sand Cost Per Yard$15 – $50
National Average Delivery Cost$371
Minimum Delivery Cost$75
Maximum Delivery Cost$2,000
Common Coverage For Yard Of DirtLandscaping (108 sq. ft.), New Lawn (55 sq. ft.), Garden (41 sq. ft.)
Truck CapacitiesRange from 1-2 yards (Pickup Truck) to 20-30 yards (Dump Truck with Pup Trailer)

With various landscaping or construction projects, it’s crucial to understand the costs involved in obtaining key materials like topsoil, fill dirt, and sand. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide covering the costs, delivery options, and relevant factors affecting these materials.

Fill Dirt Cost Per Yard

Fill dirt typically costs between $5 and $25 per cubic yard. This material is essential for tasks such as filling holes or raising the elevation of a garden or construction site.

Topsoil Cost Per Yard

Topsoil prices range from $10 to $50 per cubic yard. It is often used for gardening and creating a fruitful base for lawns.

Sand Cost Per Yard

Sand costs range from $15 to $50 per cubic yard, and it is used for various landscaping, construction, and recreational purposes.

Cost Of Fill Dirt, Sand & Topsoil Delivery

Here’s a detailed table of landscaping dirt delivery costs:

MaterialCost Per Cubic Yard
Topsoil$10 – $50
Black Dirt$15 – $25
Fill Dirt$5 – $25
Screened Loam$18 – $26
Sand$15 – $50
Compost$20 – $50
Mulch$15 – $65
Rock$15 – $75

Average Cost Of Dirt Delivered

National Average$371
Minimum Cost$75
Maximum Cost$2,000
Average Range$185 to $615

How Much Fill Dirt, Topsoil, Or Sand Do You Need?

How To Calculate Yards Of Dirt

Generally, you need to measure the area you plan to cover and determine the volume in cubic yards.

How Much Does A Yard Of Dirt Cover?

Depth & PurposeCoverage (Square Feet)
3″ (Landscaping)108
6″ (New Lawn)55
8″ (Garden)41

How Many Yards Of Dirt Are In A Dump Truck?

TypeCubic Yards
Pickup Truck1 – 2
Dump Trailer4 – 6
Standard Dump Truck8 – 12
Tractor-Trailer / Side Dump15 – 25
Dump Truck with Pup Trailer20 – 30

Topsoil Prices

Topsoil Cost By Volume

Bagged Topsoil$2 – $6 per bag
Bulk Topsoil$10 – $50 per yard
½-Yard Scoop$10 – $30
Dump Truck Load$150 – $500

Topsoil Prices Per Yard

TypeCost Per Yard
Unscreened$10 – $35
Screened$20 – $40
Organic Planting Soil (OPS)$30 – $50
Landscape Mix (50% Sand)$25 – $50
Screened Loam$18 – $26
Super Loam$30 – $50
Black Dirt$15 – $25
Organic Compost$20 – $50
Mushroom Compost$20 – $35
Leaf Compost$15 – $30

What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, rich in organic matter and nutrients, making it ideal for plant growth.

Topsoil Delivery

Delivery costs for topsoil depend on distance, quantity, and type of soil requested.

Screened Topsoil Prices

Screened topsoil is more refined, making it ideal for gardens, lawns, and flower beds.

Bulk Truck Load Of Topsoil Prices

Topsoil$100 – $350
Delivery$50 – $150
Total$150 – $500

Bag Of Topsoil Prices

Bagged topsoil is convenient for small-scale gardening projects.

Fill Dirt Cost

Fill Dirt Prices

TypePer TonPer Yard
Fill Dirt$4 – $15$5 – $20
Clean Fill Dirt$6 – $15$8 – $25
Structural Fill Dirt$8 – $23$10 – $30
Septic Fill Dirt$15 – $40$25 – $60

What Is Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt is subsoil without organic matter, ideal for supporting foundations and construction projects.

How Much Is A Truckload Of Dirt?

Standard Fill Dirt$150 – $250
Clean Fill Dirt$200 – $300
Structural Fill Dirt$250 – $400

Clean Fill Dirt Cost Calculator

Clean fill dirt is devoid of contaminants and suitable for creating a solid base.

Clay Dirt Prices

Clay dirt is dense and typically used in construction for load-bearing needs.

Cost Of Sand

Sand Prices Per Yard & Ton

TypePer TonPer Yard
River Sand$10 – $40$15 – $50
Masonry Sand$15 – $40$25 – $60
Manufactured M-10 Sand$15 – $35$20 – $55
Play Sand$20 – $45$30 – $70
Arena Sand$15 – $40$25 – $60
Concrete Sand$15 – $50$25 – $60
Granite Sand$30 – $50$40 – $70
White Silica Sand$30 – $60$40 – $80
Golf Course Bunker Sand$10 – $50$15 – $65
Fill Sand$10 – $25$15 – $40
Screened Sand$10 – $20$15 – $30
Salt Sand$20 – $40$25 – $50
Washed Plaster Sand$30 – $45$40 – $60

Dump Truck Dirt Delivery, Rental & Hauling Costs

Cost Of Dirt Delivery

Truck TypeLoad CapacityBase Delivery Cost
Small Dump Truck (Single)6 – 8 yards$50
Flatbed Truck (Tandem)8 – 12 yards$75
Large Dump Truck (Tri & Quint-Axle)12 – 15 yards$150

Truck Rental Cost By Type

TypeLoad CapacityDaily Rate
Pickup Truck1 – 2 yards$70 – $125
Dump Trailer4 – 6 yards$50 – $140
Dump Truck8 – 12 yards$75 – $200

Travel Distance

Delivery costs increase with distance. Make sure to consider the proximity of suppliers.

Yard Accessibility

Difficult access to your yard can increase the cost of delivery due to additional labor.

Preparing For A Dirt Delivery Service

Ensure there’s a clear path and adequate space for dump trucks to deliver the materials.

Fill Dirt & Topsoil Considerations

Dirt Fill Compaction

Proper compaction ensures stability for construction projects and reduces the risk of settling.

Soil Drainage

Consideration of drainage is crucial to prevent waterlogging and support healthy plant growth.

Topsoil Erosion & Sediment Control

Measures such as retaining walls and ground cover help prevent erosion.

Fill Dirt Permits

Check local regulations to understand if you need permits for large-scale dirt deliveries.

Fill Dirt, Sand, & Topsoil FAQs

What Is a Yard Of Dirt?

A yard of dirt covers an area of 27 cubic feet.

How Many Wheelbarrows In A Yard of Dirt?

Typically, it takes about 9 to 14 wheelbarrows to move a cubic yard of dirt.

How Many Yards of Dirt in a Ton?

One ton of dirt generally equals about 0.75 cubic yards.

How Deep Should Topsoil Be For New Lawn, Garden, or Turf?

For new lawns or gardens, a depth of 6 inches is generally recommended.

What Kind Of Dirt To Fill Holes In Yard?

Fill holes with fill dirt to avoid settlement issues, then top with topsoil.

What Is A Tandem Load of Dirt?

A tandem load consists of two dump trucks delivering materials.

How Much Does A Yard Of Dirt Weigh?

TypeWeight In Pounds
Dry Fill Dirt2,000 – 3,000
Topsoil1,000 – 2,500
Wet Topsoil3,000 or more
Dry Clay Soilaround 1,700
Dry Wood-chip Mulchabout 1,000

What Is The Difference Between Topsoil & Loam?

Topsoil is rich in organic material, while loam is a specific type of topsoil with balanced sand, silt, and clay.

Where To Buy Dirt, Topsoil, Or Sand?

Check local suppliers, garden centers, and online marketplaces for the best deals on quality materials.

Buying Tips For Gardening And Landscaping

  • Evaluate the type of soil or sand required for your project.
  • Compare prices from multiple suppliers.
  • Consider delivery costs and logistics.

Hiring The Right Topsoil Delivery Service

  • Verify credentials and reviews.
  • Request quotes and compare services.
  • Ensure the delivery service meets your project requirements.

What Is The Best Topsoil?

The best topsoil depends on your specific gardening needs, but generally, screened and organic topsoil are highly favored for quality and nutrient content.

Understanding the costs and details surrounding topsoil, fill dirt, and sand deliveries allows you to make informed decisions for your landscaping or construction projects. Use the tables and information provided to evaluate your needs and optimize material and delivery choices.

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