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How Much Does It Cost To Fence A Yard?

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Key Takeaways

Key AspectsSummary
Cost Per Foot$5 – $25
Average Total Cost$1,500 – $3,000
Minimum Cost$200
Maximum Cost$6,600
Main Cost FactorsMaterial, Yard Size, Fence Type, Labor

Fencing Prices

When considering the installation of a fence, understanding the various costs involved is essential. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of fencing prices, covering average costs, fence types, and materials.

$5 – $25 Cost Per Foot

Fencing costs can vary widely based on the type of material and labor involved. Typically, the cost ranges from $5 to $25 per linear foot.

$1,500 – $3,000 Average Total Cost to Fence a Yard

On average, homeowners can expect to spend between $1,500 and $3,000 to fence a yard. This price range can fluctuate depending on several factors detailed below.

Fencing Prices

National Average Cost$1,800
Minimum Cost$200
Maximum Cost$6,600
Average Range$1,500 to $3,000

Fence Cost Estimator

New Fence Cost Per Foot

TypeCost Per FootAverage Cost of 150 LF
Wire$1 – $7$150 – $1,050
Post and Rail$6 – $16$900 – $2,400
Bamboo$6 – $12$900 – $1,800
Wood Picket$10 – $14$1,500 – $2,100
Panel$11 – $13$1,650 – $1,950
Pool Fence$12 – $16$1,800 – $2,400
Chain Link$9 – $30$1,350 – $3,900
Split Rail$12 – $17$1,800 – $2,550
Shadowbox$12 – $16$1,800 – $2,400
Privacy$13 – $19$1,950 – $2,850
Board on Board$16 – $22$2,400 – $3,300
Wood$17 – $22$2,550 – $3,300
Vinyl$15 – $30$2,850 – $3,300
Composite$23 – $37$3,450 – $5,550
Aluminum$24 – $32$3,600 – $4,800
Metal$24 – $32$3,600 – $4,800
Wrought Iron$24 – $44$3,600 – $6,600

Fencing Cost Per Acre

AcreageWire or ElectricSplit Rail or WoodVinyl or Composite
1/4$500 – $850$2,500 – $7,100$6,200 – $17,000
1/2$750 – $1,200$3,550 – $10,050$8,900 – $23,600
1$1,050 – $1,700$5,000 – $14,200$12,500 – $33,400
2$1,500 – $2,350$7,100 – $20,100$17,700 – $47,000
5$2,300 – $3,750$11,200 – $31,700$28,000 – $75,000
10$3,300 – $5,300$15,800 – $44,900$39,000 – $105,000
20$4,700 – $7,500$22,400 – $63,500$56,000 – $149,000
25$5,200 – $8,400$25,000 – $71,000$62,000 – $167,000
40$6,600 – $10,550$31,700 – $89,800$79,000 – $211,000
100$10,500 – $17,000$50,100 – $142,000$125,000 – $335,000

Average Fencing Prices By Material

TypeCost Per Linear Foot
Chain Link$9 – $30
Black Vinyl-Coated Chain Link$10 – $34
Aluminum$25 – $40
Steel & Corrugated Metal$30 – $50

Pros and Cons

Pros: Durability, security, and low maintenance.
Cons: Higher costs for premium options like aluminum and steel.

Wood & Privacy Fence

Wood TypeCost Per Foot
Pine$20 – $90
Redwood$35 – $120
Cedar$35 – $40
Tropical Hardwoods$35 – $55

Pros and Cons

Pros: Natural look, privacy, and customizability.
Cons: High maintenance, susceptibility to pests, and potential warping.

Vinyl Fence Cost

TypeCost Per Linear Foot
Picket Fence$15
Privacy Fence$28
Shadowbox Fence$35
Rail Fence$8
Horse Fence$12

Pros and Cons

Pros: Low maintenance, durability, and variety of styles.
Cons: Higher up-front cost, less natural look.

Composite & Trex Fencing Prices

Composite fencing typically ranges from $23 to $37 per linear foot. It offers the appearance of wood with greater durability.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Low maintenance, resistance to rot and pests.
Cons: Higher initial cost, limited color options.

Picket Fence Prices

TypeCost Per Linear Foot
Wood Picket Fence$10 – $14
Vinyl Picket Fence$15 – $25

Wire Fencing Cost

WireCost Per Foot
Hog Wire$0.75 – $3.25
Woven Wire$1.50 – $1.90
Barbed Wire$1.25 – $1.50

Pros and Cons

Pros: Affordability, straightforward installation.
Cons: Limited privacy, lower durability compared to other materials.

Aluminum Fence Cost

Aluminum fences cost between $24 and $32 per linear foot. These fences are popular for their durability and low maintenance.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Low maintenance, durability, aesthetic appeal.
Cons: Higher initial cost, limited privacy.

Board on Board Fence Cost

Board on board fencing ranges from $16 to $22 per linear foot. It offers an attractive and durable privacy option.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Greater privacy, visual appeal.
Cons: Higher maintenance, more complex installation.

Wrought Iron Fence Cost

Wrought iron fences typically cost between $24 and $44 per linear foot. These fences provide a high degree of security and durability.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Security, classic appearance, durability.
Cons: High initial cost, potential for rust.

Security Fence Cost

Security fences can range widely in cost based on materials and height. Generally, they provide the maximum level of security for residential properties.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Enhanced security, potential insurance benefits.
Cons: Higher cost, imposing appearance.

Electric & Invisible Fencing

Electric and invisible fencing options offer a cost-effective way to contain pets without obstructing views.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Cost-effective, minimal visual impact.
Cons: Requires training for pets, potential for malfunction.

Horse & Farm Fencing

Horse and farm fencing can vary from split rail to electric or wire fencing. Costs and effectiveness differ significantly based on the selected type.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Effective containment, various options available.
Cons: Maintenance requirements, potential for high costs in larger areas.

Split Rail Fence Cost

Split rail fences offer a rustic, open look and typically range from $12 to $17 per linear foot.

Brick, Stone, or Concrete Block Fencing

TypeCost Per Square Foot
Concrete Block$13 – $16
Brick Wall$7 – $12
Stone Wall$6 – $20

Pros and Cons

Pros: Durability, long lifespan, classic appeal.
Cons: High initial cost, labor-intensive installation.

Cost Considerations To Build A Fence

Front Yard vs. Backyard Fencing

Costs can differ for front yard versus backyard fencing due to differing requirements in aesthetics, height, and design.

Extra-Long or High Fence Costs

Extended lengths or higher fences lead to increased costs due to the need for more materials and potentially more labor.


Certain areas require permits before building a fence, which can add to the overall cost.


Locating and managing utilities during the fence installation can incur additional costs to avoid damaging underground lines.


If the installation site is uneven, additional grading work may be required, further increasing costs.

Ground Conditions

Rocky, sandy, or clay-heavy soils can complicate fence installation, potentially raising labor costs.

Job Complexity

Complex designs or special materials (e.g., decorative patterns, custom gates) result in higher labor costs.

Gate Costs

Installing gates can add significant costs based on gate type, size, and locking mechanism.

Pros And Cons Of Installing A Fence


  • Enhances privacy and security.
  • Increases property value.
  • Defines property boundaries.
  • Can add aesthetic appeal to a property.


  • Initial installation cost can be high.
  • Maintenance requirements for some fence types.
  • Possible restrictions due to local building regulations.

How To Estimate Your Fencing Costs

Free Fence Quotes Online

Many online tools and services provide free quotes based on your specific requirements and local labor rates.

Fence Pricing FAQs

What Is The Cheapest Yard Fence To Build?

Wire and chain link fences are generally the most affordable options.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Build A Privacy Fence?

Wooden picket or panel fences tend to provide affordable privacy solutions.

How Much Fencing Do I Need?

Measure the perimeter of your yard or the area you want to enclose to determine the amount of fencing required.

How Can I Make My Fencing Project Affordable?

  • Choose cost-effective materials.
  • Obtain multiple quotes.
  • Perform some labor yourself, if feasible.
  • Consider incremental installation.

Is Building A Fence Expensive?

The cost varies significantly based on material, design, and labor, but there are options to suit various budgets.

Hiring Your Fence Company

When selecting a fence company, consider experience, reviews, and warranties to ensure you receive quality workmanship.

In conclusion, fencing your yard involves various cost factors such as material choice, yard size, and design complexity. By understanding these elements, you can better estimate and manage your fencing project budget.

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