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How Much Does It Cost To Fertilize A Lawn?

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Key Takeaways

TopicKey Points
Cost Per Application$65 – $100 for 5K – 10K SF lawns
Yearly Cost$260 – $600 for 4 – 6 visits
Types of FertilizersOrganic vs. Synthetic
Additional Lawn TreatmentsAeration, Dethatching, Weed Control, etc.
DIY vs Professional ServicesConsider cost, time, and effectiveness

$65 – $100 Cost Per Application (5K – 10K SF Lawn)

The cost to fertilize a lawn per application generally ranges from $65 to $100. This range is for lawns of 5,000 to 10,000 square feet, which are common sizes for residential properties.

$260 – $600 Cost Per Year (4 – 6 Visits)

On an annual basis, homeowners can expect to spend between $260 and $600 for four to six visits by a lawn care professional. This ensures the lawn is fertilized at appropriate intervals to maintain its health and appearance.

Lawn Fertilizer Service Cost

The cost of fertilizing a lawn depends on the size of the lawn and the number of applications required. Let’s break down the costs:

Cost To Fertilize A Lawn Per Square Foot And Acre

Lawn SizeCost Per ApplicationService Cost Per Year*
5,000 Square Feet$25 – $50$100 – $300
7,500 Square Feet$40 – $75$160 – $450
10,000 Square Feet$50 – $100$200 – $600
1/2 Acre$110 – $220$450 – $1,300
3/4 Acre$160 – $320$650 – $1,900
1 Acre$220 – $440$880 – $2,600
2 Acres$435 – $870$1,700 – $5,200
3 Acres$650 – $1,300$2,600 – $7,800
5 Acres$1,100 – $2,200$4,400 – $13,200

*Please note, annual costs depend on the number of visits required and the lawn’s condition.

Average Cost Of Lawn Fertilization And Treatment

Understanding the average costs involved in lawn fertilization will help set realistic expectations.

Average Lawn Fertilizer Service Cost

National Average Cost$80
Minimum Cost$40
Maximum Cost$120
Average Range$65 to $100

Lawn Treatment Services Cost

Besides fertilization, additional lawn treatments may be necessary to keep your lawn in perfect condition.

Lawn Treatment Services Cost

TreatmentTreatments Per YearCost Per Service Visit*
Aeration1 – 2$75 – $200
Dethatching1 – 2$75 – $300
Weed Control6 – 8$50 – $125
Adding Lime1 – 2$60 – $200
Grub Control & Pesticides1 – 2$50 – $150
Tree & Shrub Fertilizing + Pesticides2 – 3$70 – $90
Overseeding / Reseeding1 – 2$300 – $1,350
Fertilizing & Weed Control6 – 8$50 – $125
Mulching1 – 2$35 – $110 per cubic yard
Lawn Mowing25 – 30$30 – $65

Lawn Fertilizer Prices By Type

Different types of fertilizers cater to various lawn needs. Here we explain the common types.

Lawn Fertilizer By Type

Moss And Fungus ControlAdded fungicides to kill moss
Quick GreeningHigh iron content for greener grass
Slow ReleaseFewer applications & steady nutrient absorption
Fast ReleaseIncreased water solubility for quick results
Starter FertilizerExtra phosphorous to promote grass-seed sprouting
Pre-EmergentStops broadleaf weeds prior to sprouting
Weed & Feed / Post-EmergentKills sprouted broadleaf weeds while also fertilizing

Organic Vs. Synthetic Lawn Fertilizer Prices

The choice between organic and synthetic fertilizers can impact both cost and lawn health.

Organic Vs. Synthetic Lawn Fertilizer Prices

Fertilizer TypePricesPros & Cons
  • $15 – $20 per 32 oz. bottle
  • $20 – $40 per 20 – 40 lbs. bag
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer for pets & kids
  • Requires less fertilizer applications over time
  • Improves long-term soil health
  • Slower results
  • $10 – $20 per 32 oz. bottle
  • $15 – $40 per 20 – 40 lbs. bag
  • Fast-acting for quicker results
  • Feeds the lawn more evenly
  • Needs more applications over time
  • Burns grass when over-used
  • Can pollute groundwater
  • Runoff harms local ecosystem

Liquid Vs. Granular / Crystalline Fertilizer Prices

Fertilizers also come in different forms, such as liquid and granular. Here’s a look at their costs and their coverage:

Liquid Vs. Granular Fertilizer Prices

TypeAverage PriceCommon Sizes
Liquid Fertilizer$10 – $20 per bottle
  • 32 oz. bottle
  • Covers 2,000 – 3,500 SF
Granular Fertilizer$15 – $40 per bag
  • 20 – 40 lbs. bag
  • Covers 2,000 – 5,000 SF

Lawn Treatment Cost By Company

Different companies offer varying rates based on the services they provide.

Lawn Treatment Cost By Company

CompanyCost Per Application
Lawn Doctor$50 – $100
TruGreen$50 – $125

Cost Factors To Fertilize A Lawn

Several factors affect the overall cost of fertilizing a lawn:

  1. Lawn Size: Larger lawns naturally cost more to treat.
  2. Frequency of Treatment: Multiple applications increase yearly costs.
  3. Type of Fertilizer: Organic fertilizers usually cost more than synthetic ones.
  4. Additional Treatments: Aeration, weed control, and other treatments add to the cost.
  5. Local Climate and Soil Condition: Some lawns need specialized care depending on their condition and local environment.

DIY Lawn Fertilizer And Treatment Prices

For those looking to save money, DIY lawn care can be a cost-effective option. However, it requires an understanding of lawn care techniques and the appropriate products to use.

Lawn Fertilization FAQs

Are Lawn Treatment Services Worth It?

Yes, professional lawn treatment services can be worth the investment. Professionals understand the specific needs of lawns and can apply the right treatments at the right times, often resulting in a healthier and more attractive lawn.

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize A Lawn?

The best time to fertilize a lawn depends on the grass type and local climate. However, in general:

  • Cool-Season Grasses: Fall and early spring are ideal.
  • Warm-Season Grasses: Late spring through early summer works best.

How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

Lawns typically need to be fertilized every 6-8 weeks during the growing season, depending on the type of fertilizer used and the specific needs of your lawn.

Are Lawn Treatments Safe?

When applied correctly, most lawn treatments are safe for people, pets, and the environment. It’s important to follow manufacturer instructions and consider environmentally friendly options.

Where Do Landscapers Buy Fertilizer?

Landscapers typically purchase fertilizer from specialized suppliers, large home improvement stores, or directly from manufacturers. Some suppliers offer discounts for bulk purchases, which can save landscapers – and consequently their clients – money.

Should I Aerate My Lawn Before Fertilizing?

Yes, aerating your lawn before fertilizing can be beneficial. It allows the fertilizer to reach the grass roots more effectively, promoting better absorption of nutrients.

Getting Estimates From Lawn Fertilizing Companies

Before choosing a lawn care service, it’s a good practice to get estimates from multiple providers to compare prices and services offered.

Questions To Ask

When obtaining estimates, consider asking the following questions:

  1. What Kind of Fertilizer Will Be Used?: Understand whether the company uses synthetic or organic fertilizers.
  2. How Many Applications Are Included?: Clarify the number of visits per year and what is included in each visit.
  3. Are Additional Treatments Needed?: Inquire if your lawn needs other treatments such as aeration or weed control.
  4. What Are The Long-Term Plans?: Discuss any long-term maintenance plans they recommend for your lawn.

By carefully considering these factors and questions, you can make an informed decision that ensures the best care for your lawn.

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