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How Much Does It Cost To Frame A New Roof?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointsSummary
Cost Per Square Foot Installed$6 – $15
Average Total Cost To Frame A Roof$9,000 – $37,500
Cost For Different ProjectsVaries from $2,300 to $88,600 based on size and type
Rafters Vs. TrussesRafters cost more but offer flexibility; trusses are cheaper and quicker to install
Material and Labor CostsSignificant portion of expenses; compare materials and labor rates
Questions To Ask A RooferVerify experience, licensing, insurance, and get detailed quotes

Cost To Frame A Roof

When planning to frame a new roof, understanding the costs involved is crucial. Here, we break down the expenses associated with framing various types of roofs.

Roof Framing Cost

ProjectAverage Cost To Frame Roof
2-Car Garage$2,300 – $11,600
3-Car Garage$5,200 – $22,800
1,500 SF Roof$9,000 – $22,500
2,000 SF Roof$12,000 – $30,000
2,500 SF Roof$15,000 – $37,500
3,000 SF Roof$18,000 – $45,000
20×20 Pole Barn$3,000 – $7,600
30×30 Pole Barn$6,400 – $16,000
40×40 Pole Barn$11,000 – $27,500
40×60 Pole Barn$16,200 – $40,500
60×90 Pole Barn$35,400 – $88,600

The cost to frame a roof can vary widely based on the size and type of project. For example, framing a roof for a 2-car garage may cost significantly less than framing a 60×90 pole barn.

Average Cost To Replace Roof Framing

If you’re replacing an existing roof frame, the costs can also vary.

National Average Cost$23,300
Minimum Cost$2,300
Maximum Cost$88,600
Average Range$9,000 to $37,500

Understanding these average costs can help you budget more effectively and set realistic expectations.

Roof Framing Cost Per Square Foot

The cost per square foot for framing a roof depends on whether you are using rafters or trusses.

Roof Framing Costs For Rafters Vs. Trusses

FactorRoof RaftersRoof Trusses
Cost Installed (per square foot)$7 – $30$5 – $14
– Built on site– Cheaper than rafters
– More design flexibility– Requires less lumber and labor
– Creates more interior space– Higher load-bearing ratings
– Easier to insulate– Quick and easy to install
– Longer construction time– Fewer design options
– Larger lumber pieces and quantity– Delivery wait time
– Greater risk of error– Requires freight truck delivery
– May require interior load-bearing walls– Limited attic space
– Cannot modify once installed

The choice between rafters and trusses depends on various factors including budget, design flexibility, and installation time.

Cost To Replace Roof Rafters

Here is a breakdown of the cost to replace roof rafters by length:

Rafter Length (Feet)Average Material Price*
12′$15 – $50
14′$20 – $80
16′$25 – $90
20′$30 – $150

Replacing roof rafters involves purchasing the material which varies based on the length required.

Roof Trusses Cost

When opting for roof trusses, here’s what you can expect in terms of cost:

MaterialPrice Per Truss*
Wood Truss$60 – $500
Steel Truss$150 – $700

Consider the material type as it significantly influences the overall cost of the trusses.

Labor Cost To Frame A Roof

The labor cost is another major component when framing a roof. Here’s a comparison of labor and material costs for rafter framing versus truss framing:

FactorRafter Framing Cost Per Square FootTruss Framing Cost Per Square Foot
Materials$3 – $15$4 – $10
Labor$4 – $15$1 – $4
Total$7 – $30$5 – $14

As reflected in the table, labor costs for truss framing are generally lower than for rafter framing.

Cost Factors To Rebuild A Roof

Several factors can influence the cost of rebuilding a roof, including:

  • Roof Size: Larger roofs require more materials and labor.
  • Material Type: The choice between wood and steel affects cost.
  • Complexity of Design: Simple designs are less expensive than complex ones.
  • Location: Costs can vary based on geographical location and local labor rates.
  • Permit Requirements: Obtaining permits can add to the cost.

Finding And Hiring A Roof Framing Carpenter

Getting the right professional for your roofing project is crucial to ensure quality and durability.

Questions To Ask

When hiring a roof framing carpenter, consider asking the following questions:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. How many years of experience do you have in framing roofs?
  3. Can you provide references from recent projects?
  4. What is the estimated completion time for this project?
  5. Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for your work?
  6. What is your process for handling any unexpected issues or additional costs?
  7. Will you provide a written, detailed estimate?

Asking these questions can help ensure you hire a qualified and reputable professional for your roofing project.

By understanding the costs and factors involved in roof framing, you’ll be better equipped to plan and execute your next roofing project efficiently and within budget.

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