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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall? (2024)

$2,000 – $8,800
Cost to Install a Waterfall (Small)
$4,500 – $13,600
Cost to Install a Waterfall (Large)
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Key Takeaways

Key TakeawaysDetails
Average Pool Waterfall Cost$2,000 – $8,800
Average Pond-less Waterfall Cost$4,500 – $13,600
Factors Affecting CostSize, materials, brand, installation, and maintenance
Popular BrandsAlpine Corporation, Aquascape, Universal Rocks, Rico Rock
MaintenanceVaries for pond-less and pool waterfalls
Small waterfall in backyard of suburban home | How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall?
Small waterfall in backyard of suburban home | How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall?

Waterfall Installation Cost

Installing a waterfall can radically enhance the aesthetics and feel of your outdoor or indoor space. The costs can vary significantly based on the type of waterfall you choose to install. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Waterfall TypeAverage Cost
Pond-less Waterfall$4,500 – $13,600
Pool Waterfall$2,000 – $8,800
Pond Waterfall$400 – $2,900
Indoor Electric Waterfall$100 – $2,800

Pool Waterfall Cost

Pool waterfalls come in various styles and sizes, each with a different price range and set of features.

Waterfall TypeAverage Installed CostDetails
Sheet Fall / Sheer Descent$400 – $4,600– Water descends in one uniform sheet
– 3 to 8 feet long or multiple smaller sheets
Rainforest / Rainfall$900 – $3,200+– Water flows out through small holes
– Creates a gentle rainfall sound
Standard Rock$1,500 – $17,600– Real or faux rock
– Sizes range from small waterfalls to large grottos
Grotto with Waterfall$7,500 – $40,000– Cave-like structure
– Built-in seating

Pond-less Waterfall Cost

Pond-less waterfalls are a popular choice due to their low maintenance and elegant design.

SizeAverage Installed Cost
Small (2′ – 4′ stream)$4,100 – $6,400
Medium (5′ – 8′ stream)$6,300 – $10,600
Large (9′ – 16′ stream)$9,900 – $21,900
Extra Large (17′ – 25+’ stream)$20,000 – $52,700+
Expensive waterfall installed in front yard of large home | How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall?
Expensive waterfall installed in front yard of large home | How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall?

Pond Waterfall Cost

Pond waterfalls add a natural and tranquil element to garden ponds. Their cost varies based on size and complexity.

Indoor Electric Waterfall Cost

Indoor electric waterfalls can significantly elevate the interior aesthetics.

Backyard Waterfall Price Factors

Waterfall Installation Cost by Size

The overall size significantly impacts the installation cost of waterfalls.

Waterfall TypeSizeAverage Cost Installed
Small Rock3 square feet$200 – $700
Medium Rock4 – 12 square feet$500 – $1,800
Large Rock12 – 20+ square feet$800 – $5,500
Small Concrete34″ diameter or less$250 – $1,300
Medium Concrete35″ – 60″ diameter$900 – $2,500
Large Concrete60″ – 100″ diameter$2,700 – $11,000
Pond-less100+ square feet$3,000 – $11,000
Pool Waterfall2 – 4 feet high, variable width$2,000 – $8,800
Pool Grotto3 – 6+ feet high, 10 – 12+ feet long$7,500 – $40,000

Waterfall Prices by Brand

Different brands offer various features and price points:

BrandAverage Price*Details
Alpine Corporation$80 – $1,900– Freestanding waterfall units
– Indoor and outdoor options
– Available online or at local hardware stores
Aquascape$1,100 – $4,000– Pond and Pondless® waterfall products
– Individual components or complete DIY kits
Universal Rocks$800 – $6,900– Faux rock waterfalls for swimming pools
– Made from polymer blend, lighter than real rock
Rico Rock$2,000 – $10,000+– Faux rock waterfalls for swimming pools
– Fiber reinforced concrete molded from natural rocks
Luxury waterfall in golf club in Arizona | How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall?
Luxury waterfall in golf club in Arizona | How Much Does It Cost to Install a Waterfall?

Pond-less Waterfall Maintenance

Pond-less waterfalls are generally easier to maintain than traditional pond waterfalls. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the filters, checking for leaks, and ensuring the pump is working efficiently.

Cost to Run a Waterfall Pump

The cost to run a waterfall pump depends on its size and the amount of running time. Typically, the larger and more powerful the pump, the higher the operational costs.

What Size Pump for a Waterfall?

Choosing the right size pump is crucial for the optimal performance of your waterfall. The pump size should correspond to the volume of water the waterfall circulates per hour.

Waterfall FAQs

Can You Add a Waterfall to an Existing Pool?

Yes, it is possible to add a waterfall to an existing pool. However, it may involve additional costs for plumbing, electrical works, and potential modifications to the pool structure.

Is a Pond-less Waterfall Worth It?

Pond-less waterfalls are worth it if you desire a low-maintenance water feature that provides aesthetic and auditory benefits without the upkeep associated with ponds.

How Does a Pond-less or Pool Waterfall Work?

Pond-less waterfalls work by recirculating water through a hidden reservoir and pump. Pool waterfalls typically integrate into the pool’s circulation system, allowing water to flow over a scenic structure into the pool.

Getting Estimates from Waterfall Installers

When looking for estimates from waterfall installers, it’s essential to compare multiple quotes and ensure the installers have sufficient experience and credentials.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions you should consider asking potential waterfall installers:

  1. What is your experience with installing waterfalls of this type?
  2. Can you provide references or examples of past work?
  3. What warranties do you offer on your work and materials?
  4. What is the estimated timeline for the project?
  5. Do you offer maintenance services post-installation?

By understanding the different costs and factors involved in installing a waterfall, you can make an informed decision that fits your budget and aesthetic preferences. Waterfalls can be a valuable addition to your space, offering both visual appeal and a calming ambiance.

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