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How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace A Screen Door?

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Key Takeaways

Main PointsDetails
Typical cost for new screen door$175 – $500
Typical cost for replacing screen door$225 – $580
Cost variability factorsType of door, frame material, mesh type, labor
Labor cost for installationVaries widely by region and complexity

$175 – $500 Cost To Install New Screen Door (Exterior Door)

The cost of installing a new exterior screen door generally ranges between $175 and $500. Various factors such as the type of door, materials used, and labor charges influence the overall cost.

$225 – $580 Cost To Replace A Screen Door (Exterior Door)

Replacing an existing exterior screen door can cost between $225 and $580. This amount considers removal and disposal of the old door, along with the installation of the new one.

Screen Door Installation Cost

Different types of screen doors come with different installation costs. The table below offers an average cost for various types of screen doors.

TypeAverage Cost Installed
Exterior Screen Door$175 – $500
Patio or Sliding Screen Door$130 – $550
Garage Screen Door$500 – $2,000

Cost To Install A New Screen Door

Exterior Screen Door Cost

Exterior screen doors typically cost between $175 and $500 including installation. Factors such as frame material, mesh type, and additional features can influence the price.

Patio Or Sliding Screen Door Cost

Installing a patio or sliding screen door costs between $130 and $550 on average. This type of door often requires more detailed work and higher-quality materials, impacting the final cost.

Garage Screen Door Cost

Garage screen doors are generally priced higher, ranging from $500 to $2,000. These doors are usually larger and may require more durable materials and additional labor.

Cost Factors Of Installing A Screen Door

Screen Door Prices By Frame Type

Different materials for the screen door frame can notably affect the overall cost. Here are average material costs for various frame types:

Frame MaterialAverage Material Cost
Steel$75 – $175
Wood$75 – $300
Vinyl$150 – $275
Aluminum$100 – $350

Screen Door Cost By Mesh Type

The material used for the screen mesh also plays a significant role in the total cost. Below is a breakdown of costs by mesh type:

Mesh MaterialMaterial Cost Per Square Foot
Fiberglass Screens$0.20 – $0.35
Aluminum Screens$0.45 – $0.75
Copper Screens (90% copper / 10% zinc)$2.00 – $3.00
Solar Sun-Blocking Screens$0.85 – $1.30
PVC-Coated Polyester Screens$0.60 – $1.00
Stainless Steel Screens$0.90 – $2.00

Labor Cost To Install A Screen Door

The labor cost to install a screen door varies widely depending on the complexity of the installation and your location. On average, labor costs can run between $50 and $150 per hour. It’s advisable to get multiple quotes to ensure a fair price.

Screen Door Vs. Storm Door

Here’s a comparison of the costs involved in installing a screen door versus a storm door:

Door TypeAverage Cost Installed
Screen Door Cost$175 – $500
Storm Door Cost$300 – $800

Screen Door Repair Cost

Repairing a screen door can be a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Typical repair costs range between $50 and $150, depending on the extent of the damage and materials required.

Screen Door Installation FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Install A Screen Door?

Installing a screen door usually takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type and complexity of the door. Professional installers can provide a more accurate time estimate based on specific conditions.

Does A Screen Door Add Value?

Yes, a screen door can add value to your home by enhancing its appearance, providing ventilation, and improving energy efficiency. It is a relatively small investment that can offer considerable aesthetic and practical benefits.

Can You Install A Dog Door In A Screen Door?

Yes, you can install a dog door in a screen door. Many pet doors are designed to fit into screen doors, providing convenience for pet owners. However, choosing a heavy-duty mesh and ensuring correct installation is crucial to maintain the overall durability of the door.

Can You Install A Screen Door On Any Door?

Screen doors can be installed on most exterior doors, including front, back, and patio doors. The key is to ensure that the screen door fits the dimensions of the existing door frame.

Who Installs Screen Doors?

Screen doors can be installed by professional handymen, carpenters, or specialized door installation companies. Verify the credentials and experience of any contractor you’re considering to ensure a satisfactory installation.

Getting Estimates From A Screen Door Installer

When looking to install or replace a screen door, obtaining multiple estimates from reputable installers is crucial. Comparing different quotes can help you find the best deal.

Questions To Ask

Before hiring an installer, consider asking the following questions to ensure they are the right fit for the job:

  1. What Is Your Experience With Installing Screen Doors?
  2. Can You Provide References From Previous Clients?
  3. Are You Licensed And Insured?
  4. What Is The Estimated Time For Installation?
  5. Do You Offer A Warranty On Your Work?

Getting clear answers to these questions will help in making an informed decision, ensuring the successful installation of your screen door.

By considering these factors and exploring various options, you can make an informed choice about the installation or replacement of a screen door, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home.

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