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How Much Does It Cost to Own & Maintain a Swimming Pool?

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Owning a swimming pool is a significant investment. Understanding the costs involved in maintaining and owning a pool can help you manage your budget more effectively. In this guide, we will break down the various costs associated with pool maintenance, upkeep, and ownership.

Key Takeaways
Average monthly pool maintenance costs range from $80 to $150.
Pool opening and closing costs range between $300 – $550 each.
Yearly pool upkeep can cost between $3,000 – $6,000.
DIY pool maintenance can save money but requires knowledge and effort.
Hiring a professional can ensure thorough and regular pool maintenance.

Pool Maintenance Cost

$80 – $150 Average Maintenance Costs Per Month

Maintaining a swimming pool requires routine care to ensure it remains clean and safe for use. Monthly maintenance typically includes tasks such as water analysis, chemical balancing, and cleaning. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of common maintenance costs.

$300 – $550 Cost to Open or Close a Pool

Opening and closing a pool at the start and end of the swimming season involve various tasks that ensure the pool remains in good condition throughout the year. These tasks may include removing debris, balancing chemicals, and securing the pool cover.

Pool Maintenance Cost Calculator

To provide a clearer picture of what these maintenance tasks might cost, here’s a detailed table:

ServiceAverageCost Range
Monthly Service$122$80 – $200
First Cleaning$225$150 – $350
Pool Opening$400$350 – $500
Pool Closing$350$300 – $650
Repairs$350$150 – $800

Average Pool Service Cost

Here’s a table summarizing the national costs associated with pool services:

National Average$120
Minimum Cost$50
Maximum Cost$650
Average Range$80 to $150

Yearly Pool Upkeep Costs

Maintaining a pool year-round involves more than just monthly cleaning. Here’s a look at the breakdown of yearly maintenance costs:

UpkeepAverage Yearly Costs
Maintenance$960 – $1,800
Chemicals$175 – $750
Electricity$800 – $1,200
Water$50 – $250
Repairs$400 – $1,000+
Opening & Closing$650 – $1,000
Average Total Cost$3,000 – $6,000

Monthly Pool Maintenance Cost

Monthly costs can vary based on the services required. Here is a detailed table showing various monthly service costs:

Service$50 to $80/month$70 to $95/month$100 to $200/month
Water Analysis and Chemical Balancing\x\x\x
Backwash Filter\x\x\x
Clean Out Skimmer and Pump Baskets\x\x\x
Clean Out Auto Pool Cleaner Bag\x\x
Brush Pool Walls (if needed)\x\x
Skim the Surface of Pool\x
Vacuum Pool\x
Winterize Pool\x
Open Pool for Spring\x

Weekly Pool Service Cost

Weekly services often ensure that your pool stays in top condition and can prevent larger issues from developing.

Pool Closing Cost

Properly closing your pool can protect it through the winter months:

Pool StatusAverage Cost
No Cover$365
Mesh Cover$420
Solid Cover Install$520

Pool Opening Cost

Opening your pool for the season involves cleaning and preparing the water and equipment for use:

Pool StatusAverage Cost
No Cover$385
Mesh Cover$430
Solid Cover & Pump Off$585

How Much Do Pool Chemicals Cost?

The cost of chemicals is a significant part of pool maintenance. Here is a yearly breakdown:

ChemicalsCost Per Year
Chlorine$55 – $130
Bromine (alternative to chlorine)$30 – $50
Algaecides$360 – $405
Stain or Metal Removal/Prevention$210 – $310
Pool Shock$340
Oil Absorbing Sponge$5 – $10

Average Pool Cleaning Service Prices

Professionals provide various cleaning services that can range in cost:

Pool Drain$175
Acid Wash$400 – $550
Chlorine Wash$300 – $450
Pool Brush$85 per hour
Pool Vacuum$85 per hour
Drain and Clean$650
Spring Cleaning$385 – $485
Winter Cleaning$365 – $650

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Cost

Saltwater pools have different maintenance needs compared to traditional pools, primarily due to the saltwater chlorination system.

Inground & Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

The costs for maintaining inground and above ground pools differ based on their size and design.

Indoor Swimming Pool Cost to Maintain

Indoor pools have unique maintenance needs due to factors like humidity control and ventilation.

Hiring Pool Guy vs. a Professional Swimming Pool Cleaner

Weighing your options between hiring a part-time pool guy and a professional pool cleaner can impact your maintenance schedule and cost efficiency.

Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool

How Much Does a Pool Cost Per Month in Electricity?

Running pool equipment can increase your electricity bill. Here’s a typical cost breakdown:

EquipmentCost Per Month
2-Speed Pump/Filter System$30 – $50
1-Speed Pump$75 – $150
Heat Pumps$50 – $250
Inground Hot Tub$100 – $300

How Much Does a Pool Increase Your Water Bill?

Filling and occasional topping off of pool water can impact your water bill, typically ranging from $50 to $250 annually.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Factors

Maintaining a pool involves a range of tasks to ensure water quality and structural integrity:




Cleaning Filters

Pool Heater Maintenance

Water Level

Maintaining pH

Shocking the Pool

Leak Detection



Common Pool Repair Costs

Pool repairs can vary greatly depending on the issue. Here’s an overview of common repair costs:

Water Pump or Motor$50 – $300$150 – $800
Water Heater$50 – $400$500 – $3,500
Plumbing Issues$100 – $250$600 – $1,200
Vinyl Liner$50 – $200$450 – $800
Pool Cover$50 – $200$550 – $7,500
Pool Lighting$65 – $150$350 – $900

Pump Motor

Pool Filter


Heater and Heating Tubes

Pool Liner Replacement Cost

Pool Maintenance FAQs

How Much Does Green Pool Upkeep Cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Drain a Pool?

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Pool Filter?

DIY Pool Maintenance Costs

DIY pool maintenance can be a cost-effective alternative if you have the time and knowledge. Here’s a cost rundown:

Chemicals KitFor monthly or seasonal water balancing$25 – $40
Muriatic AcidFor lowering pH levels$8 per gallon
Chlorine TabletsFor maintaining sanitation$25 for 5 lb.
Soda AshRaises pH levels$40 for 15 pounds
Floating Chlorine DispenserHolds and releases chlorine tablets$7 – $19
Skimmer NetHandheld net for debris removal$10 – $36
Skimmer BasketPrevents pump/filter clogs$4 – $12
Handheld Pool BrushManual vacuum with telescopic handle$17 – $60
Pool Cleaner/VacuumCleans pool floor and walls$60 – $610
Water Analysis Test KitTests pH balance$7 – $12
Digital Test KitDigital water level tests$13 – $40
Replacement FilterCartridge filters$30 – $90
Pool CoverReduces evaporation and debris$550 – $6,000
Pool Water LevelerAdds water automatically$14 – $60

Pool Test Kits

Hiring a Pool Cleaning Service

Professional pool cleaning services may offer comprehensive care including regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment checks, ensuring your pool stays in optimal condition.

By understanding these costs and services, pool owners can make informed decisions that best suit their budget and maintenance needs.

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