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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Interior Or Exterior Trim?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointDetails
Cost per Linear Foot$1 – $4
Average Cost to Paint Interior Trim$500 – $2,000
Average Cost to Paint Exterior Trim$1,000 – $2,500
Factors Influencing CostTrim type, material, labor, geographical location
DIY vs. Professional PaintingProfessional may ensure better quality; DIY can be cheaper

Painting trim and baseboards can significantly enhance the appearance of your home, both inside and outside. Understanding the costs involved is crucial for budgeting and planning, whether you choose to hire a professional or do it yourself. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover all aspects of painting interior and exterior trim, including costs, factors influencing prices, and frequently asked questions.

$1 – $4 Cost Per Linear Foot

When it comes to painting trim, costs can vary greatly. On average, you can expect to pay between $1 and $4 per linear foot. This range depends on the type of trim, the material, and the complexity of the job. For instance, intricate designs or hard-to-reach areas may require more time and skill, thus incurring higher costs.

$500 – $2,000 Average Cost To Paint Interior Trim

Painting interior trim, including baseboards, door frames, and window sashes, typically costs between $500 and $2,000. The final cost depends on the size of the space and the amount of trim to be painted. Additionally, labor rates and the type of paint used will affect the overall price.

$1,000 – $2,500 Average Cost To Paint Exterior Trim

Painting exterior trim, such as eaves, soffits, and fascia boards, has a higher average cost, ranging from $1,000 to $2,500. This is due to the exposure to weather elements and the need for high-quality exterior paints and more durable finishes.

Cost To Paint Trim And Baseboards

Below is a detailed table outlining the average costs associated with various types of trim and baseboards:

Trim TypeAverage Cost
Interior Trim and Baseboards$1 – $4 per linear foot
Interior Trim and Baseboards$25 – $200 per room
Crown Molding$1 – $5 per linear foot
Chair Rail$1 – $4 per linear foot
Interior Window Frame$25 – $100 per window
Interior Window Frame, Sash, & Mullions$50 – $120 per window
Exterior Window Frame$40 – $150 per window
Shutters$50 – $100 per pair
Interior Door and Trim$40 – $125 per side
Exterior Door and Trim$75 – $200 per side
Exterior Trim$1 – $4 per linear foot
Eaves, Fascia, and Soffit$2 – $6 per linear foot

Average Cost To Paint Trim

To provide a broader perspective, let’s examine the average national costs associated with painting trim:

Cost TypeAmount
National average cost$1,000
Minimum cost$250
Maximum cost$3,000
Average range$500 to $2,000

Cost To Paint Exterior Trim On A House

Exterior trim requires special consideration due to its exposure to the elements. Here’s a breakdown of the average costs:

Trim TypeAverage Cost*
Exterior Trim$1 – $4 per linear foot
Eaves, Fascia, and Soffit$2 – $6 per linear foot
Door and Trim$75 – $200 per side
Window Frame$45 – $150 each

Cost To Paint Eaves, Fascia, And Soffit

Painting these components involves reaching high areas and may require additional safety measures, impacting the overall cost.

Cost To Paint Exterior Door And Trim

The cost for this task can vary depending on the door type and the complexity of the trim design.

Cost To Paint Interior Trim

Here’s an insight into the costs for painting different types of interior trim:

Trim TypeAverage Cost*
Baseboards$1 – $4 per linear foot
Crown Molding$1 – $5 per linear foot
Chair Rail$1 – $4 per linear foot
Interior Window Frame$25 – $100 per window
Interior Window Frame, Sash, & Mullions$50 – $120 per window
Door and Trim$40 – $125 per side
Trim and Baseboards$25 – $200 per room

Cost To Paint Interior Trim Per Linear Foot

The cost per linear foot for painting interior trim provides a clear picture of the expenses involved:

Trim Length (Linear Feet)Average Cost*
100$100 – $400
250$250 – $1,000
500$500 – $2,000
1,000$1,000 – $4,000
1,500$1,500 – $6,000

Cost To Paint Interior Doors And Trim

The average cost to paint interior doors and their accompanying trim can vary considerably based on the door material and trim detail.

Cost To Paint Crown Molding

Crown moldings add a decorative element to rooms, and the cost to paint them generally ranges from $1 to $5 per linear foot.

Cost To Paint Baseboards

Painting baseboards is a crucial part of interior home maintenance. The cost depends on the size of the room and the complexity of the baseboard design:

RoomSize (Square Feet)Average Cost
Standard Bathroom36 – 48$25 – $75
Standard Bedroom100 – 144$40 – $160
Primary Bedroom192 – 300$60 – $200
Primary Bathroom120 – 168$50 – $100
Medium Room150 – 180$50 – $200
Large / Living Room270 – 432$60 – $200
Kitchen with Eat-in Area150 – 448$70 – $150
Dining Room120 – 224$50 – $150

Cost To Paint Windows

Painting window frames and trim is another essential component of home maintenance:

Window PieceAverage Cost
Interior Window Frame$25 – $100 each
Interior Window Frame, Sash, & Mullions$50 – $120 each
Exterior Window Trim$40 – $150 each
Shutters$60 – $150 pair

Cost To Paint Exterior Window Trim Or Frames

Exterior window trim requires durable paint to withstand weather conditions, which can influence the cost.

Painting Shutters

Painting shutters, whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, typically costs between $60 and $150 per pair.

Labor Costs To Paint Trim

Labor costs constitute a significant portion of the total painting expenses. Professional painters charge based on the complexity and size of the job, along with market rates in your area.

Trim Paint Cost Calculator

Understanding the different paint types and their costs is crucial for budgeting. Here’s a look at the cost of various paint types for both interior and exterior trim:

LocationPaint TypePrice per Gallon (Estimate)
InteriorOil-based$30 – $35
Latex$20 – $50
Acrylic$25 – $60
ExteriorOil-based$35 – $65
Latex$25 – $55
Acrylic$30 – $80

DIY Trim And Baseboard Painting Costs

Opting to paint trim and baseboards yourself can save money but requires time, effort, and attention to detail. Essential supplies include paint, brushes, tape, and drop cloths. The main costs for a DIY project include:

  • Paint: $20 – $80 per gallon
  • Brushes and Rollers: $5 – $20 each
  • Drop Cloths: $10 – $20
  • Painter’s Tape: $5 – $10

Tips For Painting Trim

  • Preparation Is Key: Clean the trim thoroughly, sand to smooth out imperfections, and apply a primer.
  • Use Quality Brushes: High-quality brushes provide a smoother finish and are easier to use.
  • Take Your Time: Ensure even coats and allow ample drying time between layers.

Trim And Baseboard Painting FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Ceilings, Walls, And Trim Together?

The cost to paint a room, including ceilings, walls, and trim, ranges from $500 to $1,500, depending on room size and paint quality.

Do You Paint Walls Or Trim First?

It is typically recommended to paint the trim first, followed by the ceiling, and walls last. This method allows for cleaner lines and easier touch-ups.

Do You Caulk Baseboards Before Or After Painting?

Caulk baseboards before painting to ensure smooth lines and to fill any gaps between the baseboard and wall or floor.

What Type Of Paint To Use On Baseboards And Trim?

Use high-quality semi-gloss or gloss paint for baseboards and trim for durability and easy cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Paint From Trim Molding?

Professionals charge around $2 to $6 per linear foot for paint removal, whereas DIY options such as using paint stripping products can cost less but require significant labor.

How Do I Prep Trim For Paint?

  • Clean Thoroughly: Remove dust, dirt, and any old paint residue.
  • Sand Smooth: Use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out imperfections.
  • Prime: Apply a primer to ensure better paint adhesion and durability.

How Long Does It Take To Paint Trim?

Painting trim can take several hours to a few days, depending on the amount of trim and your skill level. Allow adequate drying time between coats to avoid smudging.

Should I Paint My Wood Trim White?

Painting wood trim white is a popular choice for its clean look that brightens rooms. However, consider your home’s design and personal preference before deciding.

Getting Trim Painting Quotes

When considering professional painting services, obtaining multiple quotes ensures you get the best value. Ask questions about their process, paint quality, and timeframes.

Questions To Ask

  • What’s Included In The Quote? Ensure the quote covers all aspects of the job, including preparation, materials, and cleanup.
  • Experience In Similar Projects? Confirm the painter’s experience with similar-sized projects and types of trim.
  • Timeframe For Completion? Understand how long the project will take and any factors that could cause delays.

In conclusion, painting interior and exterior trim requires careful consideration of costs, materials, and labor. Whether opting to hire a professional or tackle the project yourself, proper planning and preparation will ensure a successful and aesthetically pleasing result.

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