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How Much Does It Cost To Replace or Repair A Door Frame?

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Key Takeaways
Repair Cost Range: $75 – $220
Replacement Cost Range: $113 – $382
Average Repair Cost: $125
Common Issues Fixed: Rot, sagging, drafty doors
Factors Affecting Costs: Door type, material, complexity
DIY vs. Professional: Consider skill level and tools

When it comes to maintaining your home’s entranceways, door frames play a crucial role in ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re dealing with damage, wear and tear, or simply need an upgrade, understanding the cost implications of door frame replacement or repair can help you make an informed decision.

$75 – $220 (Repairs)

$113 – $382 (Replacement)

Door Frame Repair Costs

Repairing a door frame can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage and the type of repair required. Here’s a breakdown of typical costs:

Door Frame Repair Cost
National Average Cost
Minimum Cost
Maximum Cost
Average Range

Cost To Replace Door Frame

Replacing a door frame generally involves more labor and materials than a simple repair. The costs can differ based on whether you’re replacing an interior or exterior door frame.

Install New Door Frame Cost
Door Type
Interior Door Frame
Exterior Door Frame

Interior Door Frame Replacement or Repair Cost

For indoor spaces, the cost to repair or replace door frames can differ based on the specific type of door and frame.

Interior Door Frame Replacement or Repair
Door Type
Pre-Hung Door & Frame
Pocket Door Repair
Pocket Door Frame
Barn Door Track Kit
French Door Frame

Interior Door Frame Kit

Pre-fabricated kits can simplify the installation process. Here are some cost averages for these kits:

Interior Door Frame Kit Costs
Door Type
Hollow-core pre-hung door
Solid core pre-hung doors
Pre-hung package door units
Solid core flush-face door units

Pocket Door Repair & Replacement Cost

Pocket doors offer space-saving benefits but may require specialized repairs.

Pocket Door Repair Cost
Door Type
Primed door casing and door jamb molding
Primed frame set or kit
Door frame and hinge reinforcement set
Door frame and track
Door jamb kit
Ball-bearing pocket door hangers
Pocket door hangers

Exterior Door Frame Replacement Cost

Exterior door frames generally require more durable materials to withstand elements, which can make them more costly.

Exterior Door Frame Replacement Cost
Door Type
Wood Door Frame & Trim
Aluminum Entry Door Frame
Composite Patio Door Frame Kit
Sliding or Hinged Patio Door Frame
Garage Door Frame
Security Steel Door Frame
Entry Colonial Door Wood Frame & Trim

Sliding Door Frame Repair

Sliding door frames may need maintenance to keep them operational, particularly for the track and rollers. The cost for these repairs will vary based on the materials and the extent of the damage.

Should I Repair or Replace My Door Frame?

When deciding whether to repair or replace your door frame, consider these factors:

Repair Vs. Replace Door Frame
If small dents can be sanded out of a door frame or door
If cracks can get filled in with sealant
If rot can be cut out and replaced
If a drafty door can be weatherstripped or a new jamb installed
If a sagging door can be rehung
If the old door has a unique historical look to it, and it’s expensive and difficult to find the right replacement

Types of Door Frames

Understanding the types of door frames available can help you choose the best option for your needs. Door frames can be made of wood, aluminum, composite materials, or steel. Each material has unique benefits and cost implications.

Common Issues To Fix Door Frames

Some frequent issues that necessitate door frame repairs include rot, sagging, and drafts. Here’s a breakdown of typical repair costs.

Fix Door Frame Costs
Door Slab
Interior Door Frame
Exterior Door Frame
Rotted Door Frame
Door Jamb
Casing and Trim
Door Hinges
Hardware and Locks

Repairing the Door Slab

Repairing the door slab involves addressing issues such as dents, scratches, or cracks. This is generally more cost-effective than replacing the door entirely.

Broken Door Frame Repair Cost

A broken door frame can compromise your door’s security and insulation. Repair costs will depend on the extent of the damage and the materials required.

Door Jamb Repair Cost

Door jamb repairs typically involve fixing or replacing the vertical portions of the door frame. This is a common repair for both interior and exterior doors.

Rotted Door Frame Repair Cost

Rot can occur due to moisture exposure, especially in wooden frames. Repair costs will involve removing the rotted sections and replacing them with new material.

Casing and Trim

Casing and trim repairs or replacements can help improve the aesthetic finish around your door frame. This may be necessary after significant repairs or replacements.

Fix Broken Door Hinges

Broken door hinges can make your door difficult to operate. Repair involves replacing or tightening loose hinges, restoring functionality.

Door Hardware and Locks

Changing door hardware and locks can enhance security and update the look of your door. This includes handles, locks, and other hardware components.

Shower Door Repair

Although not part of the standard door frame category, shower door repairs can be necessary for maintaining your bathroom’s function and aesthetics.

Door Glass Repair

Repairing glass in doors, such as those with windows or French doors, requires specialized skills and materials, influencing the cost.

Rebuild a Door

Rebuilding a door involves significant repairs or modifications, often to restore historical doors to their original condition.

Insulate a Door

Adding insulation to a door frame can improve energy efficiency, reducing drafts and maintaining interior temperatures.

Cosmetic Door Repairs

Cosmetic repairs focus on enhancing the door’s appearance without major structural changes.

Cosmetic Door Repair Costs
Touch-up painting per small area
Paint trim and doors
Remove, clean, refinish, and reinstall exterior slab door
Install a Kickplate

Safety Additions

Adding safety features like additional locks or security screens can increase the security of your door frame.

Additional Costs

Other costs might be associated with door frame repairs or replacements, such as debris removal or repairing damage to adjacent areas.

Additional Costs
Exterior Siding Repairs
Remove and dispose of old door
Remove and dispose of door trim
Repair any drywall damage

How To Fix A Door Frame

Fixing a door frame requires basic carpentry skills and tools. Here are some general steps:

  1. Assess Damage: Determine the extent of the repair required.
  2. Gather Materials: Collect all necessary tools and materials, such as wood filler, nails, screws, and sealant.
  3. Remove Damaged Sections: Cut out any damaged or rotting sections of the frame.
  4. Install Reinforcements: Add any necessary support to the remaining frame.
  5. Replace Removed Sections: Cut and fit new wood pieces into the frame.
  6. Secure and Finish: Nail or screw the new sections in place, then fill, sand, and paint as needed.

How To Replace a Door Frame

Replacing a door frame involves removing the old frame and installing a new one. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Remove the Old Frame: Take off the door and carefully remove the old frame.
  2. Prepare the Opening: Ensure the doorway is clean and free of old nails or screws.
  3. Measure and Cut: Measure the new frame pieces and cut to fit precisely.
  4. Install New Frame: Secure new frame pieces into place with nails or screws.
  5. Fit the Door: Hang the door on the new frame and adjust as necessary.

Door Frame Replacement or Repair FAQs

Can You Replace a Door Frame Without Replacing the Door?

Yes, it is possible to replace just the door frame without needing to replace the door itself.

How Much Does a Pre-Hung Door Cost?

The cost of a pre-hung door varies based on materials and design, typically ranging from $113 to $440.

What Is a Slab Door?

A slab door is simply the door itself without any frame or hardware attached.

Can You Replace an Interior Door Without Replacing the Frame?

Yes, interior doors can often be replaced without needing to replace the existing frame.

What Is a Standard Bedroom Door Size?

A standard bedroom door is usually 32 inches wide by 80 inches tall.

What Is a Standard Exterior Door Size?

Standard exterior doors typically measure 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Deciding between DIY and professional installation depends on your comfort level with carpentry and the complexity of the job. While minor repairs can be handled by most handy homeowners, complex jobs like full replacements or dealing with structural damage might warrant calling in a professional.

By understanding the costs and processes involved in door frame repair and replacement, you can make well-informed decisions to keep your home looking and functioning at its best.

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