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How Much Do Downspouts Cost To Install?

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Key Takeaways

AspectAverage Cost
Average Cost to Replace/Add One Downspout$30 – $75
Average Cost to Replace All Downspouts$220 – $625
Average Cost to Install Per Foot$2 – $4
Cost to Bury Downspouts$150 – $350
Downspout Material Prices per Linear Foot$1 – $30 (depending on the material)

Installing downspouts is essential for any home to facilitate the efficient drainage of rainwater, protecting foundations and preventing water damage. Understanding the costs associated with installing or replacing downspouts can help homeowners budget effectively.

Cost To Install Downspouts

The cost to install downspouts can vary based on several factors, such as the material used, the size of the home, and the type of downspout. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Average Cost To Install 4 to 5 Downspouts

Cost CategoryPrice
National Average Cost$21
Minimum Cost$5
Maximum Cost$52
Average Range$7 to $35

Downspouts Cost By Material, Type, And Size

Downspouts come in a variety of materials, each with different price points. Here’s a comparison:

Downspout Prices By Material

Material TypeMaterial Price Per FootInstalled Cost Per Foot
Aluminum$1 – $2$3 – $4
Vinyl / PVC$1 – $2$2 – $3
Galvanized Steel / Metal$2 – $8$5 – $11
Copper$11 – $30$14 – $34
Seamless$3 – $12$5 – $16
Galvalume$3 – $7$6 – $10
Zinc$7 – $16$10 – $19

Downspout Replacement Cost By House Size

The cost to replace downspouts depends considerably on the height of the house.

HeightTotal Cost to Replace 4 to 5 Downspouts
One-Story (10′ – 15′ tall)$120 – $375
Two-Story (18′ – 25′ tall)$220 – $625
Three-Story (26′ – 35′ tall)$315 – $875

Downspout Prices By Type

Different types of downspouts also affect the installation cost:

TypeMaterial Prices Per Linear Foot
Rectangular$1 – $3
Round$2 – $8
Rain Chains (Downspout Alternative)$6 – $10

Downspout Extension Cost

Additional enhancements, such as downspout extensions, come at their own costs:

TypePrice Range
Splash Block$5 – $15
Vinyl Drain-Sleeve Extension$5 – $20

Cost To Bury Downspouts And Install Drainage System

Integrating a comprehensive drainage system can increase costs depending on the features included:

System & Add-OnsAverage Cost
Bury Downspout Underground$150 – $350
Rain Barrel Kit Materials$50 – $200
Catch Basin Extension Kit Materials$20 – $65
Dry Well Installation$300 – $1,500

Downspout Replacement Cost Factors

Several factors contribute to the overall replacement cost of downspouts:

FactorAverage Cost
Downspout Materials (10′ – 15′ Section)$10 – $30
Labor (Including Removal + Installation)$20 – $45
Total Cost to Replace$30 – $75

Cost To Replace Downspouts And Gutters

Combining the replacement of downspouts with gutters can lead to additional costs, requiring a comprehensive review and budget planning.

Downspout Repair Costs

In some cases, repairing existing downspouts may be more economical than total replacement. Costs for repairs can vary depending on the severity of the issue and the materials used.

Gutter Downspout FAQs

What Is A Downspout, Extension, And Strainer?

A downspout is a pipe that channels rainwater from a gutter to the ground. Extensions are additions to downspouts that direct water further away from the house foundation. Strainers are filters placed in downspouts to prevent debris from clogging the system.

How Many Downspouts Do I Need?

The number of downspouts required depends on the roof area and the rainfall intensity of the location. Typically, one downspout is needed for every 30 to 40 feet of gutter.

How Far Should Downspouts Extend From House?

Downspouts should extend at least 5 to 10 feet away from the house foundation to ensure water is effectively drained away, preventing potential foundation issues.

Does Home Depot Cut Downspouts?

Yes, Home Depot offers services to cut downspouts to custom sizes, ensuring they fit your home’s specifications.

Do Rain Chains Work As Well As Downspouts?

Rain chains are a decorative alternative to traditional downspouts. While they can effectively direct water, they are generally less efficient in heavy rainfall compared to conventional downspouts.

Getting Estimates From Gutter And Downspout Installers

It’s crucial to get multiple estimates from professional installers to ensure you receive the best service at a reasonable price.

Questions To Ask

When hiring a gutter and downspout installer, consider asking the following questions:

  • What materials do you recommend for my home’s specific needs?
  • Can you provide a detailed cost estimate?
  • How long will the installation process take?
  • Are there any warranties for the materials and workmanship?

By understanding and considering these various costs and factors, homeowners can make informed decisions on downspout installation and replacement to protect their property effectively.

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