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How Much Does Fence Repair Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Cost to Fix Holes/Cracks/Missing Boards: $100 – $200
Cost to Replace Posts & Panels or Fix Leaning: $250 – $750
National Average Repair Cost: $420
DIY Fence Repair Costs: Vary by Material
Factors Influencing Costs: Fence type, extent of damage, labor

Fence Repair Cost

Fence repair costs can vary significantly depending on the type of material, the extent of the damage, and whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional. On average, homeowners spend between $250 and $750 to repair a fence.

Fence Repair CostCost
National Average Cost$420
Minimum Cost$50
Maximum Cost$1,000
Average Range$250 – $750

Fence Repair Cost Per Foot

The cost per linear foot of repairing a fence depends on the material. Here is a breakdown of repair costs per foot for different fence types:

Type of FenceCost Per Linear Foot
Wood$13 – $27
Chain-link$15 – $25
Vinyl$25 – $36
Aluminum$25 – $40
Bamboo$15 – $25
Wrought Iron$30 – $50
Lattice$20 – $45

Typical Costs of Fence Repairs

The cost of repairing specific fence issues can vary. Here’s a table showing typical repair costs:

RepairAverage Cost
Leaning Fence$250 – $600
Replace Fence Post$120 – $400
Rehang Fallen Fence$150 – $400
Repair Holes & Cracks$100 – $350
Repair Wood Rot$150 – $400
Replace Fence Panel$150 – $400
Replace Missing Boards$100 – $200
Gate Repair$100 – $400

Leaning Fence Repair Cost

Repairing a leaning fence typically costs between $250 and $600. The price depends on how much the fence is leaning and the type of fence.

Cost to Replace Fence Post

Replacing a fence post usually costs between $120 and $400. Wooden posts tend to be cheaper, whereas metal or vinyl can be more expensive.

Fallen Fence Sections

Rehanging fallen fence sections can cost between $150 and $400 depending on the size and material of the fence section.

Repair Fence Holes & Cracks

Fixing holes and cracks in a fence generally costs between $100 and $350. The price varies based on the material and extent of the damage.

Rotten Wood Fence Repair

Repairing wood rot in a fence can cost between $150 and $400. Treatment and replacement of affected parts may be necessary.

Replace Fence Panels Cost

Replacing fence panels costs between $150 and $400. The cost depends on the panel material and size.

Missing Fence Boards

Replacing missing fence boards typically costs between $100 and $200. The material and number of boards affect the total price.

Fence Gate Repair Cost

Repairing a fence gate costs between $100 and $400. Hinges, latches, and alignment can all influence the cost.

Fence Painting

Painting a fence might not always be considered as a repair, but repainting or staining can maintain the fence’s appearance and longevity, often costing anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for a complete job, depending on the size and type of fence.

Fence Repair Cost Estimates by Material

Repair costs can also vary significantly based on the material of the fence:

Type of FenceAverage Repair Cost
Wood$130 – $600
Chain-link$150 – $550
Vinyl / PVC$250 – $800
Aluminum$250 – $880
Bamboo$150 – $550
Wrought Iron$300 – $1,100
Barbed Wire$100 – $400
Lattice$250 – $500

Fence Repair Price Factors

Several factors influence the cost of fence repairs, including:

  • Material Type: Different materials have different costs.
  • Extent of Damage: Minor repairs cost less than major damages.
  • Location: Labor costs vary by region.
  • Accessibility: Hard-to-reach areas may increase labor costs.

DIY Fence Repair Costs

If you opt to repair your fence yourself, the cost of materials should be taken into account:

Fence Picket$2 – $5$4 – $8
Fence Panel$25 – $100$75 – $250$50 – $500$80 – $300
Fence Gate$140 – $200$150 – $450$75 – $1,500$400 – $1,000
Fence Post$15 – $50$20 – $60$15 – $75$30 – $100

Fence Repair FAQs

Who Should Pay to Repair a Shared Fence?

Typically, maintenance and repair costs of shared fences are split between property owners. Neighborly discussions are essential to agree on shared responsibilities.

Is Fence Repair Covered by Insurance?

Fence repair may be covered by homeowner’s insurance under certain circumstances, such as damage from a storm or vandalism. It’s important to review your policy or discuss with your insurance provider.

How Long Does Fence Repair Take?

The time to repair a fence varies by the extent of the damage and repair type. Minor repairs can be completed in a few hours, while larger jobs may take a couple of days.

Do You Need a Permit to Repair a Fence?

In many areas, minor fence repairs don’t require a permit. However, significant repairs or replacements might necessitate a permit. Check with your local building authority.

Can You Repair Concrete Fence Posts?

Yes, concrete fence posts can be repaired. This may involve patching minor cracks or replacing severely damaged sections.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fence?

The cost to replace a fence varies widely based on material and length. On average, replacing a fence can cost between $1,500 and $6,000.

Hiring a Fence Repair Company

When choosing to hire a professional for your fence repair, it’s crucial to:

  • Get multiple quotes.
  • Check for licensed and insured professionals.
  • Read reviews and ask for references.
  • Discuss the scope of work and ensure you understand the warranty.

By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure your fence repair is handled efficiently and economically.

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