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How Much Does A Fireplace Cost To Install Or Build?

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Key TakeawaysDetails
Main Cost RangesVaries from $100 to over $10,000 depending on type and complexity.
Types of FireplacesElectric, Wood-Burning, Gas, Masonry, Prefabricated, etc.
Labor CostsCan range from $0 to over $2,940 depending on type and complexity.
Additional CostsCan include conversion, customization, gas line installation, etc.
Additional CostsMaintenance and running costs vary for different fuel types.

$1,900 – $5,600: Gas, Masonry, Wood-Burning Fireplace Cost

Installing a fireplace can vary greatly depending on the type you choose. Gas, masonry, and wood-burning fireplaces generally cost between $1,900 to $5,600.

$100 – $2,200: Electric Fireplace Cost

Electric fireplaces are among the most affordable options, ranging from $100 to $2,200. These installations are typically simpler and less labor-intensive.

Fireplace Cost

Understanding the different costs associated with various types of fireplaces can help you make an informed decision. Below is a summary of the costs involved:

Fireplace TypeCost To Install
Electric Fireplace$100 – $2,200
Wood-Burning Fireplace$1,900 – $3,300
Gas Fireplace$2,300 – $10,000
Masonry Fireplace$3,500 – $5,600

Fireplace Installation Cost By Fuel Type

Installation costs can differ based on the type of fuel the fireplace uses. Here are some insights into material and labor costs for different types of fireplaces:

TypeMaterial – Firebox OnlyLabor – No Flue/Chimney
Masonry Fireplace$1,136 – $1,454$2,210 – $2,941
Gas Fireplace – vented$1,085 – $2,861$2,500 – $2,822
Wood-Burning Fireplace$1,250 – $2,063$670 – $1,463
Electric Fireplace$100 – $2,200$0 – $365

Wood-Burning Fireplace Installation Cost

Wood-burning fireplaces come in different sizes and configurations. Here is an estimate for different sizes:

SizeAverage Cost Installed
36” wide with a 9’ to 24’, 9” chimney$1,900 – $3,300
42” wide with a 9’ to 24’, 9” chimney$2,050 – $2,530

Cost To Convert Gas Fireplace To Wood-Burning

Converting from a gas fireplace to a wood-burning one can involve additional costs, including chimney installation and possible modifications to your existing structure.

Cost To Install Gas Fireplace

Different models of gas fireplaces vary significantly in cost. Here are some average costs for different models:

ModelTypeAverage Cost (unit only)
Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36″ Direct-Vent NG MillivoltDirect Vent$1,600
Majestic Athletic 35″ Direct Vent Large Gas InsertDirect Vent$3,000
Pleasant Hearth 36″ Compact ConvertibleVentless$700
Empire Vent-Free Thermostat Fireplace InsertVentless$1,300
Emberglow Oakwood 22.75″ (Propane)Ventless$160
Pleasant Hearth 46″ (Propane)Ventless$1,300

Cost to Install a Propane Fireplace

Installing a propane fireplace may involve additional costs, including the installation of a propane tank and plumbing.

Gas Fireplace Cost Per Hour

The running cost of a gas fireplace depends primarily on gas prices and usage patterns. On average, this cost is relatively low compared to other types of fireplaces.

Gas Log Installation Cost

Gas log sets are a popular, cost-effective addition to existing fireplaces. Here’s a look at the average prices:

ModelAverage Cost
ProCom 24″ Vent-Free Natural Gas Log Set$180
Northern Flame Country Oak Vented Gas Log Set 24”$400
Napoleon Fiberglow Ceramic Vented Gas Log Set$900
NAPOLEON 30″ Vent-Free Natural Gas Log Set$1,100

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Wood Fireplace To Gas?

The conversion process involves adding a gas line and installing gas logs or a gas insert, which can cost between $500 to $3,500.

Electric Fireplace Installation Cost

Electric fireplaces are often the least expensive to install. Here are some average prices excluding labor:

ModelAverage Cost
Hampton Bay 23″ Compact Electric Fireplace$100
XtremepowerUS 28.5″ Embedded Electric Fireplace$120
NAPOLEON 60″ Wall-Mount Linear Electric Fireplace$1,300
NAPOLEON Allure 100″ Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace$2,200

Cost To Build A Fireplace

Building a new fireplace, especially masonry types, involves substantial costs. Here’s a breakdown:

MaterialAverage Cost
Masonry$3,500 – $5,600
Prefabricated Brick$2,000 – $3,000
Authentic Mason-built Brick$10,000+

Costs To Add Fireplace To A Home

When adding a new fireplace, many factors influence the total cost. These include the type of fireplace, necessary gas or electric lines, and additional customizations:

FactorsAverage Cost
Gas Fireplace (Firebox – vented)$1,100 – $2,900
Gas Line Installation$500 – $2,200
Gas Valve, Log Lighter, and Key Installation$190 – $250
Electric Prefab Fireplace Body and Grate$100 – $2,200
Wiring$140 – $200
Assembly & Customization$350 – $3,000
Ventilation$400 – $2,000

Cost To Build Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces can also vary significantly in cost:

ModelAverage Cost
Uniflame 40.5″ H Black Steel Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace$140
RumbleStone 84″ x 38.5″ x 94.5″ Outdoor Stone Fireplace$2,786
Stone Arch 50″ Stucco Gas Fireplace$2,999
Cal Flame 48″ Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplace$3,411

Indoor-Outdoor Fireplace Cost

Indoor-outdoor fireplaces serve dual purposes and come at varying costs:

ModelAverage Cost
CLEARion 50 Inch See Thru Electric Fireplace$1,900
Superior VRL4543 Ventless See-Through Linear Gas Fireplace$2,300
Empire Boulevard Ventless See-Through Gas Fireplace$4,200
Fortress See-Through Indoor to Outdoor Gas Fireplace MAJESTIC$7,900
Napoleon Vector 74 See-Through Gas Fireplace$11,500

Cost To Install Gas Line For Fireplace

If you opt for a gas fireplace, installing a gas line is an important consideration:

FactorAverage cost
Gas line installation from interior gas meter to fireplace$30 – $40 per linear foot
Gas line installation from gas meter to street$12 – $25 per linear foot
Gas Line Permit$50+

Labor Cost To Put In A Fireplace

Labor costs vary depending on the type and complexity of the installation:

Fireplace TypeLabor Cost
Prefabricated Metal Firebox Body$280 –¬ $360
Wood-burning Fireplace With Chimney$670 – $1,460
Masonry Fireplace$2,210 – $2,940

Fireplace Masonry & Customizations Cost

Customizing your fireplace can enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality but can also increase costs:

CustomizationAverage Cost
Brick Veneer Face$95 – $100 per square foot
Cobblestone Veneer Face$35 – $40 per square foot
Limestone Veneer Face or Hearth$50 – $55 per square foot
1 ¼” Marble Face or Hearth$90 – $95 per square foot
Steel bar fireplace grate$50 – $120
Modern 11” x 77” Pine Mantel$1,500

Fireplace Wiring

Adding or enhancing electrical components can add to your installation costs:

WiringAverage Cost
Install a New Outlet$150 – $350
Install a New Switch$100 – $300
Additional Wiring$5 – $17 /LF

Additional Costs

Be sure to account for other expenses that may arise during installation:

ItemAverage Cost
Fireplace Blower$40 – $250
Chimney Liner Costs$30 – $120 per foot
Chimney Liner Kit$90 – $700
Fireplace Flex Pipe$1,271 per 25’ pipe
Fireplace Damper Installation$107 – $451
Fireplace Glass Door$124 – $3,217
Old Firebox or Furnace Removal$50 – $155
Gas Pipe Installation$30 – $43 /LF
Gas Log Lighter$56 – $75
Gas Valve for Log Lighter$67 – $88

Cost To Run Gas & Electric Fireplaces

Different fuel types have different costs associated with running a fireplace:

TypeCost To Run Per Hour
Natural Gas$0.70

Vented Vs. Ventless Fireplace Installation Costs

Natural Vents

Installing natural vents usually involves higher costs due to the need for extensive ductwork and chimney installation.

Ventless or Vent-Free

Ventless fireplaces are generally cheaper to install as they do not require chimney or ventilation ductwork.

Direct Vents

Direct vent systems are more costly than ventless options but ensure better air quality as combustion gases are vented outside.

Chimney Flue Cost

Adding a chimney flue is essential for some types of fireplaces:

ItemAverage Cost
8” inside diameter double wall fireplace flue$60 Per LF
10” inside diameter double wall fireplace flue$80 Per LF
Pass flue through ceiling$200
Flashing and storm collar for roof$300 – $350
Total (12’ x 8” Flue)$1,300

Chimney Installation Cost

If your fireplace requires a chimney, here are the average costs:

TypeCost Per Linear Foot
Single Flue$100 – $300
Double Flue$200 – $400

Pros & Cons By Fireplace Type

Each type of fireplace has its advantages and disadvantages:

GasLow maintenance, burns efficientlyRequires gas line, utility costs
ElectricLowest upfront and running cost, easy maintenanceWiring installation, electricity cost
Wood-burningLow energy bills with wood logsSoot buildup, frequent cleaning

Reasons To Install A Fireplace

Energy Savings

Fireplaces can reduce energy costs, especially when used as a supplementary heating source.

Maintenance & Upkeep

While some fireplaces like gas and electric are low-maintenance, wood-burning fireplaces require regular cleaning.

Home & Resale Value

A well-installed fireplace can significantly enhance the resale value of your property.


Certain energy-efficient models may qualify for government or utility company rebates.

Fireplace Installation FAQs

Are Wood-Burning Fireplaces Permitted in Your Area?

Local regulations may restrict or entirely prohibit wood-burning fireplaces. Check with local authorities.

Can You Install a Wood-Burning Fireplace in an Existing Home?

It is possible but could be costly due to structural modifications required.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Fireplace Glass Doors?

It ranges from $124 to $3,217 depending on material and complexity.

How Much Does a Linear Gas Fireplace Cost?

Linear gas fireplaces are generally more expensive, ranging from $700 to $11,500 depending on the model and installation complexity.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Fireplace In Basement?

Cost varies widely but generally ranges from $2,300 to $10,000, including necessary venting and gas line installation.

Cost of a Free-Standing Gas Fireplace

These units typically cost between $1,000 to $2,500 depending on size and features.

How Much Does a Gel Fuel Fireplace Cost?

Gel fuel fireplaces are usually low-cost, typically ranging from $200 to $700.

How Much Does a Fireplace Inspection Cost?

A comprehensive fireplace inspection typically costs between $100 to $300.

Hiring A Fireplace Installer

Choosing a professional installer ensures safety and compliance with local building codes. Ensure they have the necessary certifications and experience in installing the type of fireplace you desire.

Installing or building a fireplace is a significant investment that adds aesthetic and functional value to your home. Whatever your choice may be, thorough research and understanding of associated costs can lead to a more informed and satisfying decision.

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