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How Much Does A Flat Roof Replacement Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Cost Per Square Foot$3 – $11 per square foot installed
Average Total Cost$4,000 – $16,800
Factors Affecting CostSize, material, labor, tear-off
Types of Flat RoofsBuilt-up, EPDM, TPO, PVC, GRP, etc.
LifespanVaries by material, from 5 to 80 years

Replacing a flat roof can be a significant investment, and understanding the cost factors is crucial for budgeting and planning. In this guide, we provide detailed information on flat roof replacement costs, types of materials, and factors influencing the price.

Flat Roof Replacement Cost

$3 – $11 Cost Per Square Foot Installed

The cost to replace a flat roof ranges from $3 to $11 per square foot. This wide range accounts for variations in material, labor, and the complexity of the installation.

$4,000 – $16,800 Average Total Cost to Replace

The average total cost of replacing a flat roof varies based on the roof size and chosen materials.

Roof Size and Average Cost to Replace

Roof Size (square feet)Average Cost to Replace
800$2,400 – $8,800
1,000$3,000 – $11,000
1,500$4,500 – $16,500
2,000$6,000 – $22,000
2,500$7,500 – $27,500
3,000$9,000 – $33,000
3,500$10,500 – $38,500

Flat Roof Replacement Cost Calculator

National Average Cost: $10,800

Minimum Cost: $1,000

Maximum Cost: $30,000

Average Range: $4,000 to $16,800

The mentioned costs provide a broad overview. For a more precise estimation, consider using our online cost calculator.

Average Flat Roof Cost Per Square Foot

TypeCost Per Square Foot Installed
Residential$3 – $11
Commercial$4 – $11

Commercial Flat Roof Cost Per Square Foot

Commercial flat roofs typically fall within the same price range but tend to skew higher due to more demanding installation standards and regulations.

New Flat Roof Cost By Type

MaterialCost Per Square Foot Installed
Tar & Gravel / Built-up Roof$3.50 – $7.50
EPDM Rubber Membrane Roof$3.50 – $10.00
TPO Membrane Roof$4.00 – $10.00
PVC Membrane Roof$5.00 – $12.00
Fiberglass / GRP Roof$3.50 – $7.50
Modified Bitumen Roof$4.00 – $7.50
Rolled Asphalt Roof$2.00 – $5.00
Spray Foam Roof$3.50 – $7.00
Metal Roof$5.00 – $16.00
Concrete Roof$4.00 – $15.00

Flat Rubber / EPDM Roof Replacement Cost

EPDM, a synthetic rubber roofing membrane, is priced between $3.50 and $10.00 per square foot installed. It is popular for its flexibility and durability.

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Cost

Modified bitumen flat roofs cost around $4.00 to $7.50 per square foot installed. They offer reliability and are suited for a variety of weather conditions.

Fiberglass / GRP Flat Roof Cost

Fiberglass or GRP roofs are installed for $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot. They are known for longevity and robust performance.

Built-Up Felt Roofing Cost

Built-up felt roofing typically costs $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot installed. It provides multiple layers of protection against the elements.

Flat Metal Roofing Cost

Flat metal roofing is more expensive, ranging from $5.00 to $16.00 per square foot installed. It is sought after for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Flat Roof Installation Cost Factors

Various factors can influence the overall cost of flat roof installation. Understanding these elements can help in budgeting and making informed decisions.

Flat Roof Installation Designs

The design and complexity of the roof can impact labor costs and material needs. Simple designs are generally more affordable.

Garage Flat Roof Replacement Cost

Garage flat roofs typically cost less to replace due to their smaller size and simpler installation requirements.

Flat Roof Tear-Off Cost

Removing an existing roof adds to the cost. Tear-off prices can range from $1 to $3 per square foot, depending on the material and job complexity.

Flat Roof Material Prices

TypeMaterial Price Per Square Foot*
Built-up / Tar & Gravel$1.50 – $2.70
EPDM Membrane$0.50 – $2.50
TPO Membrane$1.00 – $2.50
PVC Membrane$1.50 – $3.00
Fiberglass / GRP$0.20 – $2.40
Modified Bitumen$0.70 – $2.20
Rolled Asphalt$0.15 – $0.50
Spray Foam$1.50 – $3.00
Metal$3.00 – $8.00
Concrete$2.00 – $4.00

*These prices are for materials only and do not include installation costs.

Flat Roof Labor Construction And Re-Roofing Cost

Labor costs vary depending on the project’s complexity and the contractor’s expertise. Typically, labor can account for 40% to 60% of the total cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Flat Roof?
A flat roof is a horizontal or nearly horizontal roof. It is designed to have a slight pitch to allow water drainage.

Flat Roof Pros And Cons
Energy Efficient
Potential Garden Or Patio Space
Modern Appearance
Fast Installation

How Long Does A Flat Roof Last?

TypeAverage Lifespan (Years)
Built-up20 – 30
EPDM Membrane15 – 25
TPO Membrane10 – 25
PVC Membrane20 – 30
Fiberglass / GRP25 – 50
Modified Bitumen10 – 20
Rolled Asphalt5 – 20
Spray Foam40 – 50
Metal30 – 80
Concrete50 – 60

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Flat Roof With A Pitched Roof?
Replacing a flat roof with a pitched roof is significantly more expensive due to structural changes. Costs can range from $10,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the complexity.

How Much Do Flat Roof Repairs And Maintenance Cost?
Flat roof repairs and maintenance costs can vary widely. Simple repairs might cost $300 to $500, whereas more significant damage might require $1,000 to $3,000.

Getting Flat Roof Replacement Estimates And Quotes

When getting estimates and quotes for flat roof replacement, it’s essential to:

  1. Verify contractor credentials.
  2. Request and compare multiple quotes.
  3. Inquire about warranties and insurance.

Questions To Ask

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you subcontract the work or is it done by your team?

By understanding the costs and factors involved, you can make an informed decision on flat roof replacement that best suits your needs and budget.

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