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How Much Does Generac PWRcell Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointDetails
Average Total Cost (Before Tax Credit)$12,000 – $20,000
Average Total Cost (After Tax Credit)$8,400 – $14,000
Generac PWRcell System Sizes9 kWh to 18 kWh
Warranty Coverage10 years

The Generac PWRcell is an energy storage solution designed to enhance the utility of solar energy systems by providing backup power, enhancing energy efficiency, and increasing autonomy. It’s important to consider the cost implications of this system, from its initial expense to potential savings from tax credits.

Generac PWRcell Cost

Average Total Cost Installed (Before Tax Credit)

The typical cost of installing a Generac PWRcell system ranges from $12,000 to $20,000. This figure includes both the unit price and the cost of installation.

Average Total Cost Installed (After Tax Credit)

After applying available tax credits, the cost can decrease to between $8,400 and $14,000. These credits significantly enhance the affordability of the system for many homeowners.

Generac PWRcell Cost Table

System Size (Model)Unit Price OnlyTotal Cost InstalledTotal Cost Installed After Tax Credits
9 kWh (M3)$10,000 – $11,000$12,000 – $14,000$8,400 – $9,800
12 kWh (M4)$12,000 – $13,000$14,000 – $16,000$9,800 – $11,200
15 kWh (M5)$14,000 – $15,000$16,000 – $18,000$11,200 – $12,600
18 kWh (M6)$16,000 – $17,000$18,000 – $20,000+$12,600 – $14,000+

Generac PWRcell Prices By System Size

The cost of a Generac PWRcell system varies greatly depending on its capacity. For instance:

System Size / CapacityModelUnit Price (Before Installation)
9 kWhM3$10,000 – $11,000
12 kWhM4$12,000 – $13,000
15 kWhM5$14,000 – $15,000
18 kWhM6$16,000 – $17,000+

Generac PWRcell Solar System Cost Breakdown

Understanding the cost breakdown can help in planning and ensuring you are aware of all potential expenses involved, including unit price, installation costs, and labor.

System TypeTotal Cost to Install*
Generac PWRcell Battery Unit$10,000 – $17,000
Installation Labor$2,000 – $3,000
Total Cost to Install$12,000 – $20,000

Generac PWRcell Specs & Features

Generac PWRcell is packed with powerful features and specifications that make it a competitive product in the energy storage market.

Usable Energy Capacity9 kWh – 18 kWh
Continuous Power4.5 kW – 9 kW
Peak Power6 kW – 12 kW
Round-trip Efficiency96.5%
Depth of Discharge (DoD)84%
Warranty10 years
Dimensions68″ x 22″ x 10″
Weight282 – 454 lbs.
Operating Temperature Range14° – 122° F

Generac PWRmanager Energy Monitoring System

The PWRmanager system enhances visibility and control over energy use, helping users to better manage their power needs.

Generac PWRcell Battery Storage Efficiency

Generac PWRcell boasts an impressive round-trip efficiency of 96.5%, enabling effective energy utilization.

Generac Solar PWRcell Inverter

The PWRcell inverter is an integral component of the system, converting stored energy into a usable form.

Generac PWRcell Warranty

ComponentWarranty Coverage
PWRcell Battery Cabinet10 years
PWRcell Battery Modules10 years or 7.56 MWh of energy throughput per module, whichever comes first
PWRcell Inverter10 years
PV Link25 years
SnapRS25 years
Smart Management Module (SMM)5-year limited

Generac PWRcell Throughput Warranty

ModelThroughput Warranty
M3 (9 kWh)22.6 MWh
M4 (12 kWh)30.2 MWh
M5 (15 kWh)37.8 MWh
M6 (18 kWh)45.3 MWh

Generac PWRcell Tax Credits

Tax credits can substantially lower the upfront cost of a Generac PWRcell system, making it more affordable.

Generac PWRcell Cost Vs. Tesla Powerwall

Comparing the Generac PWRcell with the Tesla Powerwall can provide insights into their different features and costs:

FeatureGenerac PWRcellTesla Powerwall
Average Cost Installed*$12,000 – $20,000$11,500 for first 13.5 kWh unit, $7,000 for each additional unit
Usable Energy Capacity9 kWh – 18 kWh13.5 kWh
Continuous Power4.5 kW – 9 kW5.8 kW – 9.6 kW
Peak Power6 kW – 12 kW10 kW – 22 kW
Round-trip Efficiency96.5%90%
Depth of Discharge (DoD)84%100%
Warranty10 years10 years, 70% capacity retention
Dimensions68″ x 22″ x 10″Powerwall 2: 45.3″ x 29.6″ x 5.75″, Powerwall+: 62.8″ x 29.7″ x 6.3″
Weight282 – 454 lbs.Powerwall 2: 251.3 lbs., Powerwall+: 343.9 lbs.
Operating Temperature14° – 122° F-4° to 122° F
Energy Monitoring AppGenerac PWRview appTesla mobile app
Load ManagementYesNo
Generator IntegrationYesNo
EV Charging In-AppNoYes

Generac PWRcell Vs. Other Battery Backup Costs

It’s also useful to analyze how the Generac PWRcell stacks up against other battery backups:

Solar Battery BrandUnit Cost*CapacityRound-trip EfficiencyWarranty
Generac PWRcell$10,000 – $17,0009.0 – 18.0 kWh96.5%10 years
Tesla Powerwall$8,50013.5 kWh90%10 years, 70% capacity
LG Chem RESU$6,000 – $11,0009.6 – 16.0 kWh90%10 years, 60% – 70% capacity
Enphase$3,000 – $9,5003.4 – 10.5 kWh89% – 96%10 years, 70% capacity
Sonnen$9,000 – $36,0005.0 – 30.0 kWh81.6% – 85.8%10 years & 10,000 cycles, or 15 years & 15,000 cycles
Panasonic EverVolt$12,000 – $13,0004.6 – 17.1 kWh90%10 years, 60% capacity
Simpliphi$4,200 – $23,5004.9 – 22.8 kW98%10 years or 10,000 cycles
Eguana Evolve$10,000 – $13,00012.2 – 12.8 kWh86.8%10 years, 60% capacity
Electriq Power$9,800 – $22,00010.0 – 20.0 kWh96.6%10 years

Generac PWRcell Cost Vs. Generator

For homeowners evaluating backup power solutions, comparing the cost of the Generac PWRcell to traditional generators is useful. Typically, solar batteries like the PWRcell offer longer-term benefits, including no fuel costs and lower maintenance.

Is A Generac PWRcell Worth It?

Deciding if a Generac PWRcell is worth the investment depends on individual circumstances and priorities.

Generac PWRcell Pros And Cons

Customizable size from 9 to 18 kWh per cabinetCan only be installed with a new solar panel system
Easy to add more battery modulesMay not function in extreme cold or heat
Provides backup power in areas that experience frequent outagesLow Depth of Discharge (DoD) compared to other batteries
Higher round-trip efficiency than most other solar batteriesMay not pay for itself in its lifetime
Can charge from the gridNot cost-effective in areas with full net metering
Can be paired with a Generac standby generator

Generac PWRcell FAQs

How Does A Generac PWRcell Work?

A Generac PWRcell works by storing energy from solar panels or the grid, providing electricity when needed, particularly during power outages or peak demand times.

How Long Does A Generac PWRcell Last?

Generac PWRcell systems have a warranty of 10 years, indicating their long-term reliability and durability.

Can A Generac PWRcell Charge From The Grid?

Yes, the Generac PWRcell can charge from the grid, which is useful for maximizing energy use and saving on electricity bills.

How Long Will A Generac PWRcell Run A House?

The duration a PWRcell can power a house depends on the energy consumption and the PWRcell’s capacity. Typically, it can provide several hours to a full day’s power during an outage.

How Many Generac PWRcells Do I Need?

The number of PWRcells needed depends on your home’s energy requirements, desired backup duration, and specific usage patterns.

Can You Go Off-Grid With The Generac PWRcell?

While the Generac PWRcell enhances autonomy, completely going off-grid would require a sufficient combination of solar panels, PWRcell capacity, and other resources.

Can You Charge An Electric Vehicle With A Generac PWRcell?

Currently, the Generac PWRcell doesn’t support EV charging directly. However, it contributes to overall energy independence, indirectly benefiting EV charging.

Generac PWRcell Reviews

Checking customer reviews and third-party ratings can provide additional insights into the performance and satisfaction of current Generac PWRcell users.

Getting Estimates From Home Battery Backup (ESS) Installers

When planning to install a Generac PWRcell, obtaining multiple estimates from reputable installers can ensure you get the best value.

Questions To Ask

  • What is the total cost, including installation and maintenance?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • What warranties or guarantees are available?
  • How does the system integrate with existing solar panels or other energy systems?
  • Are there any additional costs for permitting or inspections?

By carefully considering all these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether a Generac PWRcell is the right investment for your energy needs.

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