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How Much Do Glass Block Windows Cost to Install?

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Key Takeaways
The average cost for installing glass block windows ranges from $300 to $1,500 per window.
Costs vary by size, material, location, and style. Prefabricated windows are generally cheaper than custom windows.
Labor costs play a significant role in the total cost, averaging between $150 to $1,000.
Different styles and patterns of glass blocks bring varying prices and aesthetic impacts.
Obtaining multiple estimates from installers can help ensure competitive pricing.

$300 – $1,500 Average Cost Per Window Installed

Cost of Glass Block Windows by Size

The cost of glass block windows can greatly vary based on the size and whether the window is prefabricated or custom. Here’s a breakdown to provide you with a better understanding of the price ranges:

Window Dimensions (inches)Average Cost Installed (Prefab Window)Average Cost Installed (Custom Window)
25×25$60 – $300$400 – $1,400
31×31$70 – $350$450 – $1,500
36×36$100 – $500$550 – $2,800
48×48$160 – $800$600 – $3,900

Glass Block Window Prices by Material

Material options also influence the cost of glass block windows. Given below are the average prices for different materials:

Block MaterialAverage Price Per Block
Glass$10 – $60
Acrylic$15 – $25

Glass Block Cost by Location

Not all glass block installations are equal; the location plays a critical role in determining the price. The following table breaks down average costs based on installation location:

LocationAverage Cost Installed
Bar Front$1,000 – $3,000
Basement Window$300 – $1,200
Bathroom Window$400 – $3,000
Wall$1,300 – $5,000

Cost to Install Glass Block Basement Windows

Installing glass block windows in the basement generally ranges from $300 to $1,200. Basements often use glass block windows for better security and durability.

Glass Block in the Bathroom or Shower

Bathroom installations, including showers, range from $400 to $3,000. Such installations provide privacy while allowing natural light into the space.

Glass Block Wall Cost

Glass block walls are more expensive and generally cost between $1,300 and $5,000. They’re often used for decorative or functional partitions within a home or commercial space.

Glass Block Window Installation Costs

Here’s a detailed look at what contributes to the overall installation cost of glass block windows:

FactorAverage Cost
Materials$150 – $500
Labor$150 – $1,000
Total Installed Cost$300 – $1,500

Labor Cost to Install Glass Block Windows

Labor costs can range from $150 to $1,000 or more, depending on the complexity of the job and local labor rates. It’s essential to get a few quotes to compare prices.

Glass Block Price by Style

The price also varies based on the style or pattern of the glass blocks. Each style offers its unique features and aesthetic. Below is a table summarizing these variations:

Pattern or StyleAverage Price Per BlockDetails
Alpha$10 – $25Large circle in clear glass, common in living spaces.
Wavy$10 – $25Provides privacy and light, popular for basement windows.
Frosted$15 – $50Textured glass, offers privacy, blocks some light.
Ice$15 – $50Frosted and wavy, popular in bathrooms or private spaces.
Diamond$10 – $60Internal pattern, used for privacy and accent walls.
Leathered$10 – $40Rare, similar to frosted but less opaque.
Clear$10 – $20Less privacy, maximum light.
Color$20 – $60Can be monochromatic or multicolored.

Glass Block Windows FAQs

Are Glass Block Windows Energy Efficient?

Glass block windows have good insulating properties but are not as energy-efficient as modern double-pane or triple-pane windows. They do, however, offer an effective barrier against air infiltration.

Can You Replace a Single Glass Block if it Breaks?

Yes, individual glass blocks can often be replaced, but this can be labor-intensive and might require professional expertise to maintain the window’s integrity.

Can You See Through Glass Block Windows at Night?

Visibility depends on the block’s style and texture. Some glass blocks allow light while maintaining privacy, whereas clear or less opaque blocks might be easier to see through.

Are Glass Block Windows Hurricane Proof?

Glass block windows are quite sturdy and can withstand significant pressure, but they are not necessarily hurricane-proof. Reinforced glass block windows are available for higher-impact resistance.

Are Glass Block Windows Out of Style?

Glass block windows have a classic look that can fit both modern and traditional designs. Their utility and aesthetic make them a versatile choice, keeping them relevant in contemporary architecture.

Getting Estimates from Glass Block Window Installers

Questions to Ask

When seeking estimates from installers, consider asking the following questions to ensure a fair and comprehensive quote:

  • What is the total cost, including materials and labor?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • Do you have references or examples of past work?
  • Are there additional costs for custom windows or particular styles?
  • Is there a warranty on the materials or workmanship?

By asking these questions, you can make an informed decision and potentially save on costs while ensuring quality installation.

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