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How Much Do Granite Pavers Cost?

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Granite pavers are a beautiful and durable option for patios, walkways, and driveways. Understanding the costs involved in installing granite pavers can help you budget for your home improvement project.

Key Takeaways

Average Cost per Square Foot (Materials Only)$10 – $15
Average Cost per Square Foot (Materials & Installation)$19 – $32
Average Total Cost (200 – 400 SF Patio)$3,800 – $12,800
DurabilityHighly durable and UV-resistant
MaintenanceRequires sealing to prevent stains

$10 – $15 Average Cost Per Square Foot (Materials Only)

The cost of materials for granite pavers typically ranges from $10 to $15 per square foot. This cost includes only the granite pavers themselves, without any additional expenses such as labor or installation supplies.

$19 – $32 Average Cost Per Square Foot (Materials & Installation)

When considering both materials and installation, the cost of granite pavers ranges from $19 to $32 per square foot. This cost includes the pavers, as well as the expenses associated with preparing the site and installing the pavers.

$3,800 – $12,800 Average Total Cost (200 – 400 SF Patio)

For a patio area ranging from 200 to 400 square feet, you can expect the total cost to range from $3,800 to $12,800. This estimate includes both materials and installation costs.

Average Granite Pavers Cost

Patio / Walkway Size (Square Feet)Total Cost Installed
50$950 – $1,600
100$1,900 – $3,200
150$2,850 – $4,800
200$3,800 – $6,400
250$4,750 – $8,000
300$5,700 – $9,600
350$6,650 – $11,200
400$7,600 – $12,800
500$9,500 – $16,000
1-car driveway (12’x24′)$5,500 – $9,200
2-car driveway (24’x24′)$11,000 – $18,400

Cost Factors For Granite Paver Installation

Several factors affect the cost of installing granite pavers, including the cost of materials, labor, and supplies.

Granite Paver Installation Cost

FactorCost per Square FootAverage Total Cost (200 – 400 SF)
Materials$10 – $15$2,000 – $6,000
Installation labor & supplies$9 – $17$1,800 – $6,800
Total Installed Cost$19 – $32$3,800 – $12,800

Granite Paving Stone Prices

The price of granite paving stones varies depending on their size.

Granite Paving Stone Prices By Size

Paver SizeAverage Material Cost Per Paver
6″x12″$5 – $8
12″x12″$10 – $15
12″x24″$20 – $30
16″x24″$25 – $40
24″x24″$35 – $55
24″x36″$60 – $85

Granite Patio Add-Ons And Upgrades

While the primary focus might be on the pavers, there are several add-ons and upgrades that can enhance the look and functionality of your granite patio. Consider incorporating features such as:

  • Borders and Edge Restraints: Adding borders or edge restraints to your patio can help define the space and prevent pavers from shifting.
  • Inlay Designs: Custom inlay designs can add a unique and decorative element to your patio.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Durable and stylish outdoor furniture can make your patio a more comfortable and inviting space.
  • Fire Pits: Installing a fire pit can create a focal point and extend the usability of your patio into the cooler months.
  • Lighting: Adding lighting to your patio can enhance its ambiance and safety.

Granite Paving Pros And Cons

Before investing in granite pavers, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

Pros And Cons Of Granite Paving

Highly durableExpensive for vibrant colors
Resistant to chips & scratchesHigher installation fees for heavy weight
Doesn’t buckle, crack, or shift with weather changesDifficult to cut
Wide range of colors & texturesNot DIY friendly
UV-resistantWill stain & absorb moisture when unsealed
Non-slip material

Granite Pavers Cost Vs. Other Materials

Comparing the cost of granite pavers with other materials can help you determine the best option for your project.

Granite Pavers Cost Vs. Other Materials

Paver Material TypeMaterial Cost Per Square FootCost Per Square Foot Installed
Bluestone pavers cost$6 – $14$15 – $31
Cobblestone pavers cost$10 – $25$20 – $50
Limestone pavers cost$7 – $15$16 – $32
Sandstone pavers cost$9 – $13$18 – $30
Brick pavers cost$2 – $6$10 – $17
Permeable pavers cost$4 – $12$8 – $30
Concrete patio costs$2 – $6$5 – $15
Stamped concrete cost$2 – $6$8 – $19
Marble$5 – $20$10 – $40
Slate$9 – $25$18 – $42
Gravel costs$0.50 – $1.50$1 – $3
Pea gravel costs$0.50 – $1.50$0.85 – $2.80

Granite Pavers FAQs

How Long Do Granite Pavers Last?

Granite pavers are highly durable and can last for decades. With proper care and maintenance, including regular cleaning and sealing, granite pavers can retain their appearance and functionality for many years.

Do You Need To Seal Granite Pavers?

Yes, it is recommended to seal granite pavers to protect them from stains and moisture absorption. Sealing also helps enhance the color and appearance of the pavers.

Do Granite Pavers Get Hot?

Granite pavers can get hot when exposed to direct sunlight, especially in warmer climates. However, their relatively light color and texture help to dissipate heat more effectively than some other paving materials.

Getting Estimates From Granite Contractors

When planning to install granite pavers, obtaining estimates from multiple contractors can help ensure you get a fair price for your project.

Questions To Ask

When interviewing potential contractors, consider asking the following questions to help make an informed decision:

  • How many years of experience do you have installing granite pavers?
  • Can you provide references or examples of past projects?
  • What is the estimated timeline for completing the project?
  • How will you handle site preparation and cleanup?
  • What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer on your work?
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