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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Average Cost$340
Range$200 – $500
Factors Impacting CostHome size, property type, location, additional inspection types
Regional VariationsCosts vary significantly by state
Special InspectionsAsbestos, radon, mold, and other specialized inspections may add to the total cost

$250 – $300: 1,000 to 1,500 SF Home

For homes between 1,000 to 1,500 square feet, the average inspection cost ranges from $250 to $300. This size category typically covers smaller single-family homes and some larger condos.

$300 – $400: 1,500 to 2,000 SF Home

If your home is between 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, you can expect to pay between $300 and $400 for a standard home inspection. These are generally mid-sized homes, including some townhouses and multiple-level single-family homes.

$400 – $500+: 2,000 to 3,000+ SF Home

Larger homes ranging from 2,000 to 3,000+ square feet will have higher inspection costs, generally between $400 and $500 or more. This range often includes multi-story houses and larger suburban homes.

Average Home Inspection Cost

Understanding the average cost for a home inspection is critical when budgeting for your upcoming purchase. Here is a detailed breakdown:

Home Inspection Costs by Square Footage

Home Size (Square Feet)Average Cost (Standard Inspection)
< 1,000$200 – $250
1,001 – 1,500$250 – $300
1,501 – 2,000$300 – $400
2,001 – 2,500$400 – $450
2,501 – 3,000$450 – $500+

Home Inspection Cost Calculator

To give a more comprehensive overview, here’s a cost summary for home inspections nationwide.

National Average$340
Minimum Cost$200
Maximum Cost$800
Average Range$200 – $500

House Inspection Cost Near Your Location

The cost of a home inspection can greatly vary depending on geographical location. Here’s a look at average costs by state:

Home Inspection Costs by State

StateAverage Cost
Alabama$275 – $325
Alaska$350 – $475
Arizona$275 – $350
Arkansas$200 – $400
California$350 – $500
Colorado$250 – $600
Connecticut$400 – $500
Delaware$270 – $380
Florida$250 – $375
Georgia$250 – $600
Hawaii$300 – $800
Idaho$240 – $600
Illinois$300 – $600
Indiana$250 – $600
Iowa$300 – $450
Kansas$350 – $400
Kentucky$200 – $450
Louisiana$200 – $350
Maine$300 – $500
Maryland$200 – $550
Massachusetts$350 – $600
Michigan$250 – $600
Minnesota$270 – $650
Mississippi$240 – $600
Missouri$300 – $550
Montana$250 – $375
Nebraska$200 – $550
Nevada$250 – $600
New Hampshire$300 – $500
New Jersey$300 – $500
New Mexico$200 – $500
New York$200 – $700
North Carolina$300 – $600
North Dakota$250 – $400
Ohio$200 – $450
Oklahoma$225 – $550
Oregon$275 – $700
Pennsylvania$365 – $415
Rhode Island$200 – $750
South Carolina$250 – $650
South Dakota$250 – $625
Tennessee$300 – $500
Texas$350 – $600
Utah$200 – $600
Vermont$275 – $650
Virginia$300 – $700
Washington$500 – $700
West Virginia$225 – $600
Wisconsin$250 – $575
Wyoming$300 – $450

New Construction Home Inspection Cost

When inspecting a newly built home, there are several additional inspection stages to consider.

New Construction Home Inspection Costs

Inspection TypeAverage CostWhen to Schedule
Pre-Drywall Inspection$100 – $300Before the drywall is hung, and preferably before adding insulation
Full Home Inspection$200 – $400When the buyer and seller (builder) go under contract
11-Month Inspection$250 – $350One month before the home warranty expires

Pre-Drywall Inspection Cost

Pre-drywall inspections, usually costing between $100 and $300, are crucial for identifying underlying issues before the walls are closed up.

11-Month Home Inspection Cost

At the 11-month mark, just before the builder’s warranty expires, a home inspection (ranging from $250 to $350) ensures that any overlooked problems are addressed.

What Is Included In The Cost Of A Home Inspection?

A standard home inspection covers various critical areas of a property. Here’s what you can generally expect:

Home Inspection Areas of Focus

StructureCondition of window and door frames, Cracks in the foundation, Leaning or distorted walls
ExteriorCracks and missing bricks, Siding issues, Flaking paint, Standing water, Rot or leaks
RoofMissing/damaged shingles, Flashing damage, Gutter issues, Chimney problems
Attic, Basement, Crawl SpaceWater or mold evidence, Pest damage, Cracked walls, Poor ventilation
InteriorCracks in floors/walls, Malfunctioning windows/doors, Paint or trim damage
KitchenOutlet placement, Leaking sinks, Drainage issues, Mold in cabinets
BathroomsLeaking fixtures, Drainage problems, Water pressure, Mold presence
PlumbingLeaks and rust around pipes, Water heater issues
ElectricalWiring problems, Ungrounded outlets, Switch issues, Circuit panel problems
Heating and CoolingAirflow issues, Gas odors, Dirty filters, Thermostat malfunction

Special Home Inspection Costs

Specialized inspections may be needed for a comprehensive assessment. These often add to the total inspection cost:

Special Home Inspection Costs

Inspection TypeAverage CostWho to Hire
Asbestos Inspection Cost$250 – $750Asbestos Inspectors
Basement Waterproofing Inspection Cost$350 – $450Basement Waterproofer
Chimney Inspection Cost$360 – $400Chimney Sweep
Electrical Inspection Cost$100 – $200Electricians
Foundation Inspection Cost$400 – $750Foundation Contractor
Furnace Inspection Cost$70 – $130Furnace Repair Company
HVAC Inspection Cost$150 – $500HVAC Contractor
Indoor Air Quality Inspection Cost$250 – $300HVAC Contractor
Lead Inspection Cost$250 – $700Lead Inspector
Mold Inspection Cost$300 – $650Mold Inspector
Pest Inspection Cost$100 – $1,300Pest Control
Plumbing Inspection Cost$100 – $1,300Plumbing Inspector
Pool Inspection Cost$75 – $350Pool Contractor
Radon Inspection Cost$125 – $400Radon Inspector
Roof Inspection Cost$100 – $400Roof Inspector
Septic Tank Inspection Cost$150 – $650Plumbing Inspector
Sewer Camera Inspection Cost$125 – $500Plumbing Inspector
Soil Inspection Cost$100 – $500Lawn Contractor
Geotechnical Inspection Cost$1,000 – $2,800Structural Engineer
Structural Inspection Cost$350 – $900Structural Engineer
Termite Inspection Cost$50 – $350Termite Inspector
Well & Water Inspection Cost$250 – $550Well Water Tester

4-Point Home Inspection Cost

A 4-point inspection focuses on the most vital components of a house:

RoofAge, Signs of deterioration, Leaks
ElectricalSystem size, System type, Code compliance
PlumbingMaterial & age of lines, Water heater condition
HVACFurnace/AC functionality, Condition & age

Home Inspection Prices By Property Type

Home inspections can vary based on the property type. Here are some common categories:

Home Inspection Costs by Property Type

Property TypeAvg. Square FootageAvg. Inspection Cost
Condo500 – 1,000$200 – $250
Guest or Pool House100 – 800$200 – $250
Mobile Home600 – 1,300$200 – $300

Condo Inspection Cost

Inspections for condos, typically between 500 and 1,000 square feet, usually range from $200 to $250.

Mobile Home Inspection Cost

Mobile homes, sized between 600 and 1,300 square feet, often incur inspection costs ranging from $200 to $300.

Home Inspection FAQs

Is a Home Inspection Worth It?

A home inspection is essential for identifying potential issues that could lead to costly repairs. This investment can save you thousands in the long run by providing a detailed condition report on the property.

Do You Need a Home Inspection, and Is It Required?

While not legally required, home inspections are highly recommended to protect your investment and ensure there are no hidden issues with the property.

Is the Home Inspection Part of Closing Costs?

Yes, the home inspection typically falls under the buyer’s closing costs. It’s a crucial part of the due diligence process.

Who Pays for a Home Inspection?

The buyer is usually responsible for the home inspection costs. However, negotiations can sometimes lead to the seller covering the cost.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

Home inspections generally take 2 to 3 hours, although this can vary depending on the size and condition of the property.

What Fixes Are Mandatory After a Home Inspection?

No fixes are legally mandatory; however, issues like safety hazards often lead to renegotiations or are addressed before closing.

Should the Buyer or Seller Be Present at a Home Inspection?

It’s usually recommended for the buyer to be present to understand any potential issues better, although the seller can also be present.

Getting Quotes and Hiring a Home Inspector

When seeking quotes, it’s essential to compare multiple inspectors for price and reliability. Here are some key points to consider:

Questions to Ask Before and During the Home Inspection

  • What does your inspection cover?
  • Can I see your credentials and experience?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • Will I receive a detailed report?
  • What follow-up services do you offer?

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Proper preparation ensures the inspection goes smoothly. Here’s a checklist to get started:

LightingCheck lightbulbs and fixtures
MechanicsInspect furnace, AC, hot water tank, and fuse box
ExteriorClean gutters, siding, driveway, and doorbell. Ensure landscaping is tidy
WindowsEnsure they open/close and check screens and frames
PlumbingTest faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, and water pressure
AccessProvide access to crawl spaces, basement, attic, doorways, and closets
DetectorsTest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
UtilitiesCheck gas, electric, and water systems
AppliancesTest included appliances like the dishwasher, washer/dryer, oven/range, and refrigerator

By understanding the intricacies of home inspection costs and what they entail, you can make more informed decisions during the home buying process. Always hire a qualified inspector and ensure you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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