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How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Cost?

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Key Takeaways

  • Average Cost Per Square Foot: $5 – $175
  • Average Cost Per Window: $35 – $1,225
  • Average Cost For a House: $2,000 – $8,000
  • National Average Cost: $4,700
  • Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows: Impact windows are costlier but offer more features such as 99% UV protection and no action needed before a storm.

$5 – $50 Average Cost Per Square Foot

Hurricane shutters are essential for safeguarding your home during extreme weather conditions. The cost can range widely based on the material and design of the shutters.

$35 – $350 Average Cost Per Window (24″ x 42″)

For a standard-sized window, the price varies significantly depending on the type of shutter installed.

$2,000 – $8,000 Average Cost For a House

The total expenditure for equipping an entire house with hurricane shutters can be extensive, reflecting both the type of shutters and the size of the home.

Hurricane Shutters Cost

The price of hurricane shutters depends on various factors, including the material, design, and whether they are manual or motorized.

MetricMetal Panel or Fabric ScreenAccordion, Bahama, or Basic Roll-DownElectric Roll-Down or Steel Screen
Per Square Foot*$5 – $30$15 – $50$50 – $175
Per Window (24″x42″)*$35 – $210$105 – $350$350 – $1,225
Per 10 Windows (24″x42″)*$350 – $2,100$1,050 – $3,500$3,500 – $12,250
Per 20 Windows (24″x42″)*$700 – $4,200$2,100 – $7,000$7,000 – $24,500

*Prices vary based on factors such as materials and customization.

Hurricane Shutters Cost Calculator

When planning your budget for hurricane shutters, it helps to have a grasp on the average costs.

Average Hurricane Shutters Cost
National Average Cost
Minimum Cost
Maximum Cost
Average Range

Hurricane Shutters Prices By Type

Different types of hurricane shutters come with varying costs and features.

TypeCost per Square Foot*Cost per Window (24″ x 42″)*Temporary or Permanent
Accordion Shutters$15 – $25$105 – $175Permanent
Aluminum or Metal Storm Panel$5 – $15$35 – $105Both options available
Anti-Impact Hurricane Window Film$5 – $15$35 – $105Permanent
Bahama Shutters$20 – $50$140 – $350Permanent
Clear Polycarbonate Panel$10 – $20$70 – $140Both options available
Colonial Shutters$20 – $50$140 – $350Permanent
Fabric Screen$5 – $30$35 – $210Both options available
Hurricane Impact Windows$40 – $70$280 – $490Permanent
Plywood Shutters$2 – $5$15 – $35Temporary
Roll-Up or Roll-Down Shutters$20 – $50$140 – $350Permanent
Motorized or Electric Roll-Down Shutters$50 – $175$350 – $1,225Permanent
Steel Mesh Storm Screen$85 – $150$595 – $1,050Permanent

Accordion Shutters Cost

Accordion shutters are a permanent solution and are generally priced between $15 to $25 per square foot, or $105 to $175 per window. They are easy to deploy and offer robust protection.

Roll-Up Or Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters Cost

Roll-down hurricane shutters offer two main variants: manual and electric.

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters Cost
Manual Roll-Down Shutters
Electric Roll-Down Shutters

Bahama Shutters Cost

Bahama shutters are aesthetically pleasing and functional. These permanent shutters typically cost between $20 to $50 per square foot or $140 to $350 per window.

Motorized Or Electric Hurricane Shutters Cost

Motorized hurricane shutters cost more due to the convenience of automation. These start at about $50 per square foot and can go up to $175, with window pricing ranging from $350 to $1,225.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters Cost

Storm panels are a temporary but highly efficient option.

Storm Shutter Panels Pros and Cons
Corrugated panels overlap for reinforced protection.
Temporary – no change to home aesthetics when not in use

Colonial Hurricane Shutters Cost

Colonial shutters offer both protection and a stylistic touch to your home. They are a permanent fixture and are priced similarly to Bahama shutters.

Storm Shutters Cost By Material

The cost of hurricane shutters varies by material.

MaterialCost per Square FootProsCons
Fabric$5 – $30
  • Lightweight
  • Stores easily
  • Allows light in
  • Some fabrics are not the most robust protection.
  • Custom sizing may require a professional.
Metal$5 – $175
  • Strongest storm protection
  • Many styles available
  • Blocks out light
  • Temporary mounting can be cumbersome.
Clear Polycarbonate$10 – $20
  • Lighter than metal with the same level of protection
  • Allows light in
  • Requires time and effort before a storm
  • Degrades over time unless UV coated
Plywood$2 – $5
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be found at local hardware stores
  • Labor intensive
  • Not the strongest protection
  • No insurance discounts

Fabric Hurricane Shutters Cost

Cost of Fabric Hurricane Shutters
Price per Square Foot
Material Options

Aluminum / Metal Hurricane Shutters Cost

Cost of Aluminum and Metal Hurricane Shutters
Aluminum and Steel Hurricane Panels
Accordion Shutters
Bahama and Colonial Shutters
Aluminum Roll-Down Shutters

Hurricane Shutter Installation Cost Factors

Several factors can affect the installation cost of hurricane shutters, ranging from the type of material to the specific installation needs of your home.

Shutter Hurricane-Rating And Durability

The higher the hurricane rating, the more durable (and usually more expensive) the shutters will be. It is essential to balance cost with the required protection.

Hurricane Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors present a unique challenge due to their size and method of operation. Certain shutters, such as accordion and roll-down types, are more suitable for these areas.

Mobile Home Hurricane Shutters

Mobile homes generally require specific types of shutters to ensure adequate protection due to their different structural characteristics.

Hurricane Screens Cost

Hurricane screens are another option to consider for storm protection.

Hurricane Screens Cost
Screen Type
Fabric Hurricane Screens
Stainless Steel Mesh Screens

Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows Cost

Understanding the differences in cost and features between hurricane shutters and impact windows can help you make a more informed decision.

Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows Cost
Cost per Window Installed*
Return on Investment (ROI)

Do You Need Hurricane Shutters With Impact Windows?

Impact windows are designed to offer comprehensive protection. However, additional shutters can bolster this protection, offer UV shielding, and possibly further reduce insurance premiums.

Hurricane Shutter FAQs

How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Cost In Florida?

Costs in Florida vary based on the region and local market conditions. However, they generally align with the national averages discussed above.

What Are Permanent Storm Shutters?

Permanent storm shutters include types like accordion, Bahama, roll-down, and colonial shutters. They are designed for quick and easy deployment and remain fixed to the structure.

Do Accordion Hurricane Shutters Increase Home Value?

Accordion shutters can increase home value by providing added security and storm protection, making the property more appealing to buyers.

Are Hurricane Shutters Worth It?

Given the protection they offer against property damage and potential insurance discounts, hurricane shutters are often considered a worthwhile investment.

Do I Need Hurricane Shutters For All Of My Windows?

To ensure comprehensive protection, it is advisable to install hurricane shutters on all windows and any large glass doors.

What Are The Best Hurricane Shutters?

The best hurricane shutters depend on factors such as budget, physical ability, and aesthetic preferences.

Best Hurricane Shutters by Factor
Physical Ability

What Are The Cheapest Accordion Shutters?

The price of accordion shutters can vary by supplier and installation requirements. Generally, these are priced between $15 and $25 per square foot.

How Much Are Security Shutters?

Security shutters, offering both storm protection and increased security, typically range from $50 to $175 per square foot for advanced motorized options.

Finding Hurricane Shutter Installation Companies

Selecting a reputable installation company is crucial for the effective performance of your hurricane shutters.

Questions To Ask Installers

  • What types of shutters do you recommend for my area?
  • Can you provide references from previous installations?
  • What is the warranty on the shutters and the installation work?
  • Do you conduct an initial assessment to determine the best solution for my home?
  • Are you licensed and insured?

By understanding the various types, costs, and benefits of hurricane shutters, homeowners can make an informed decision to protect their properties effectively.

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