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How Much Does A Land Survey Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Average Cost$200 – $1,200
Types of SurveysBoundary, Topographic, Fence, ALTA, Mortgage, New Construction, As-built, Plat, Plot Plan, Subdivision
Cost Per AcreRanges from $300 for 1/2 acre to $9,000 for 100 acres
Important FAQsWhat is included, who pays, duration, validity, DIY surveying

$200 – $1,200 Average Cost

Land Survey Cost

Undertaking a land survey involves varying costs depending on the type and scope of the survey required. Here, we break down the average costs for each survey type.

Survey TypeAverage Cost
Boundary$300 – $900
Topographic$400 – $1,500
Fence$200 – $1,200
ALTA$1,200 – $4,000
Mortgage$200 – $700
New Construction$400 – $1,800
As-built$400 – $1,500
Plat Survey$400 – $800
Plot Plan$100 – $250
Subdivision$300 – $1,000

Property Survey Cost By Type

Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is one of the most common types, providing precise boundary lines for a property. It’s critical when purchasing a new property or resolving disputes.

Topographic Survey

Topographic Surveys map the contours, elevations, and notable features of a property, particularly helpful for construction and landscaping projects.

Fence Survey

Creating accurate fence lines requires a Fence Survey ensuring boundaries align precisely with property limits, preventing future conflicts.

ALTA Survey

An ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey is a comprehensive survey often required for commercial property transactions. It covers boundary lines, infrastructure, and easements.

Mortgage Survey

Mortgage Surveys are typically basic in scope, primarily confirming land boundaries for lending purposes.

New Construction Survey

New Construction-Staking Surveys are essential for accurately placing new structures on the property, ensuring compliance with design plans.

As-built Survey

As-built Surveys document the precise location of structures on a property as constructed, reflecting any deviations from original plans.

Plat Survey Or Plot Plan

Plat Surveys or Plot Plans are used to divide a parcel of land into lots, critical for subdivisions and planned developments.

Subdivision Survey

Subdivision Surveys are comprehensive, creating new plots within a larger tract of land, detailing streets, utilities, and new property lines.

Land Survey Cost Per Acre

The cost of land surveys can significantly vary based on the size of the property.

AcresAverage Cost
1/2$300 – $900
1$500 – $1,000
5$1,000 – $3,000
10$1,500 – $4,000
25$2,000 – $5,000
50$5,000 – $7,000
75$6,000 – $8,000
100$7,000 – $9,000

Land Survey Cost Calculator

To estimate the cost of a land survey, one must account for the type of survey, property size, location, and other specific requirements. The average cost, as outlined above, provides a good starting point for budgeting purposes.

When Do You Need A Land Survey?

You may need a land survey in the following situations:

  • Buying or Selling Property: To confirm boundaries.
  • Building a New Structure: Ensure proper placement.
  • Dividing Land: For subdivision purposes.
  • Boundary Disputes: Resolve conflicts.
  • Loan Applications: Lenders often require boundary verification.

Land Survey FAQs

What Is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is the process of determining and documenting the physical boundary lines, features, and dimensions of a parcel of land using specialized equipment and techniques.

What Is Included In A Land Survey?

A comprehensive land survey typically includes:

  • Boundary Lines: Precise property limits.
  • Easements: Rights of way.
  • Topographical Features: Natural and man-made.
  • Structures: Existing buildings and improvements.
  • Monuments: Boundary markers.

Who Pays For A Land Survey?

Typically, the party needing the survey (buyer, seller, or contractor) pays for it. However, in real estate transactions, it can be a negotiable item.

How Long Does A Land Survey Take?

The duration of a land survey can vary, usually ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on the survey’s complexity and property size.

How Long Is A Land Survey Good For?

Land surveys generally remain valid until significant changes occur on the property that may alter its boundaries, such as new construction or adjacent development.

Can You Survey Your Own Land?

While possible, surveying your own land may not be legally recognized. Professional surveyors provide the accuracy and credibility required for official documentation and dispute resolution.

How Do I Prepare For A Land Survey?

Preparing for a land survey involves:

  • Clearing The Property Lines: Remove obstructions.
  • Providing Documentation: Share any existing deeds or maps.
  • Communicating Needs Clearly: Clearly defining the areas to be surveyed.

Getting Estimates From Land Surveyors

When seeking estimates, it’s crucial to compare costs, experience, and credentials of various land surveyors. Make sure you know exactly what services you require.

Questions To Ask

When interviewing land surveyors, consider asking the following:

  • Experience and Credentials: Are they licensed?
  • Scope of Work: What exactly will be included?
  • Timeline: How long will the survey take?
  • Costs: What are the estimated costs and any potential additional fees?
  • References: Can you provide references from previous clients?

By understanding these factors, you can make a well-informed decision that ensures your land survey is accurate and comprehensive.

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