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How Much Does Lawn Mowing Service Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Average Cost Per 1/8 – 1/4 Acre$30 – $85
Average Cost Per Acre$60 – $150
Hourly Rate$40 – $80
Annual Contracts$900 – $2,000
DIY CostsDepends on equipment

$30 – $85: Average Cost To Mow A Lawn (Qty – Acre)

Lawn mowing prices vary based on various factors such as yard size, frequency of mowing, and local rates. For a small yard (1/8 – 1/4 acre), expect to pay between $30 and $85 per service.

$60 – $150: Lawn Mowing Prices Per Acre

When dealing with larger properties, the cost of lawn mowing services can range from $60 to $150 per acre. The more substantial the area, the more time and resources are required, influencing the price per acre significantly.

$40 – $80: Cost To Cut Grass Per Hour

Lawn mowing services can charge an hourly rate that typically falls between $40 and $80. This rate can fluctuate based on the complexity of the yard and the equipment required.

Lawn Mowing Cost

The cost of lawn mowing services can differ based on the size of your yard, the frequency of service, and other contributing factors.

Lawn Mowing Prices

Yard SizeWeeklyEvery Two WeeksEvery Four Weeks
1/8 Acre$30 – $40$40 – $50$50 – $60
1/4 Acre$45 – $65$60 – $85$70 – $100
1/2 Acre$50 – $75$65 – $100$80 – $120
3/4 Acre$55 – $80$70 – $120$85 – $150
1 Acre$60 – $100$80 – $150$95 – $180
2 Acres$100 – $200$130 – $260$160 – $310

Average Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator

Understanding the average cost can help you budget for regular lawn maintenance.

Average Lawn Mowing Service Prices

Cost MetricPrice
National Average$50
Average Range$30 to $85

Cost To Mow A Lawn Per Acre, Hour, Or One-Time Visit

The cost of lawn mowing can vary based on whether the service is recurring, a one-time visit, or an hourly rate.

Cost To Mow A Lawn By Charge Type

Charge TypeAverage Cost Per Visit
Per Visit (Recurring)$30 – $85
Per Visit (One-Time or On-Call)$50 – $100
Per Hour$40 – $80
Per Acre$60 – $150
Overgrown Lawn$70 – $150
Annual Contract$900 – $2,000

Lawn Mowing Rates Per Hour

Hourly rates for lawn mowing typically range from $40 to $80. This pricing model can be beneficial for properties with varying terrain or other complicating factors.

Lawn Mowing Prices Per Acre

AcresWeeklyEvery Two WeeksEvery Four Weeks
1 Acre$60 – $100$80 – $150$95 – $180
2 Acres$100 – $200$130 – $260$160 – $310
3 Acres$125 – $300$160 – $390$190 – $470
4 Acres$150 – $400$200 – $520$240 – $620
5 Acres$200 – $450$260 – $590$310 – $710
10 Acres$350 – $800$450 – $1,000$550 – $1,200

Price To Mow An Overgrown Lawn

When dealing with overgrown lawns, the grass height plays a significant role in determining the cost.

Grass HeightAverage Cost Per Service
Grass Shorter Than 6”$45 – $85
Grass Taller Than 6”$70 – $150

Annual Lawn Mowing Cost

Annual contracts for lawn mowing service can provide savings and ensure regular maintenance. These contracts typically range from $900 to $2,000, depending on the size and frequency of service.

Charges To Cut Grass And Maintain A Yard

Full-service lawn care goes beyond just mowing. Prices can vary widely depending on the scope of work.

Charges For Lawn Mowing & Yard Maintenance

FrequencyFull-Service Lawn Care Cost
Hourly$40 – $80
Weekly Service$65 – $100
Monthly Service$200 – $400
Annual Service$2,000 – $4,000

Lawn Care Maintenance Costs

Additional yard care tasks typically come with their own pricing structures.

Yard Maintenance TypeAverage Cost
Cost To Fertilize a Lawn$65 – $100 per treatment
Lawn Aeration Cost$75 – $250 per visit
Weed Control Cost$50 – $125 per treatment
Leaf Removal Cost$100 – $300 per visit
Yard Clean-Up Cost$125 – $400 per visit
Winterize Sprinkler System Cost$50 – $150 per visit
Gardener Cost$35 – $65 per hour
Lawn Edging$0.50 – $1.00 per linear foot
Cost To Overseed or Reseed A†Lawn$0.04 – $0.18 per square foot
Dethatching†Cost$75 – $300 per average lawn
Pest Control Prices$250 – $400 per treatment
Tree Trimming Cost$200 – $900 per tree
Shrub And Bush Trimming Cost$5 – $20 per bush
Hedge Trimming Cost$30 – $60 per 10’ length

DIY vs. Cost To Pay Someone To Mow Your Lawn

Evaluating whether to mow your lawn yourself or hire a professional involves considering both the initial investment and ongoing costs.

DIY Mowing Cost Per Equipment Type

Equipment and StorageAverage PriceLifespan (years)
Push Mower$100 – $5008 – 10
Riding Mower$1,800 – $5,00010 – 15
String Trimmer / Weed Eater$50 – $3004 – 10
Leaf Blower$50 – $3505 – 10
Tool Shed$200 – $2,5005 – 15

DIY Mowing Pros and Cons

When considering DIY mowing, you should weigh the benefits of saving money against the time and effort required.

Commercial Mowing Rates

For businesses or larger properties, commercial mowing rates can differ significantly from residential rates.

Lawn Mowing FAQs

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

Typically, lawns should be mowed once a week during the growing season. However, this can vary based on grass type, weather, and growth rate.

How Long Does It Take To Mow A Lawn?

The time it takes to mow a lawn depends on the size and complexity of the yard. A standard residential yard typically takes 30 minutes to an hour.

Should You Mow Before Lawn Treatment, Aerating, Or Fertilizing?

For the best results, mow your lawn before treatments like aerating or fertilizing. This ensures that the treatments can reach the soil effectively.

Getting Quotes And Estimates From Lawn Mowing Services

When seeking professional lawn care, obtaining multiple quotes can help you find the best service at the right price.

Questions To Ask

  • What services are included in the mowing visits?
  • Do you provide any additional yard maintenance services?
  • How do you handle scheduling and cancellations?
  • Are there any extra charges for bagging clippings or edge trimming?
  • What type of equipment do you use?

By understanding these aspects of lawn mowing costs and services, homeowners can make informed decisions about maintaining their yards effectively and economically.

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