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How Much Does Lead Paint Removal Cost?

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Key TakeawaysDetails
Cost Per Square Foot$6 – $17
Total Average Cost$3,000 – $17,000
National Average Cost$10,000
Minimum Cost$300
Maximum Cost$42,500
Methods of RemovalEncapsulation, Enclosure, Removal, Replacement
Additional CostsLead Inspection and Testing, Assessment

Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of lead paint removal can vary significantly based on various factors. On average, you can expect to spend between $6 and $17 per square foot for this service.

Total Average Cost

Typically, the total cost for lead paint removal ranges from $3,000 to $17,000, though prices can fluctuate based on the size of the area being treated and the specific methods used.

Cost Of Lead Paint Removal

Below is a table summarizing the average costs associated with lead paint removal:

Average Lead Paint Removal Cost
National Average Cost
Minimum Cost
Maximum Cost
Average Range

Lead-Based Paint Removal By Area Size

The size of the area to be treated is a significant determinant of the total cost. Below are the associated costs based on area size:

Cost of Lead Paint Removal by Area Size
Square Footage

Lead-Based Paint Removal Cost By Method

Different methods for lead paint removal result in varying costs. Here’s a breakdown of the average costs per square foot for each method:

Lead Paint Removal Cost by Method


Encapsulation involves applying a specially formulated coating that acts as a barrier between the lead paint and the environment. This method is relatively cost-effective, ranging from $6 to $10 per square foot.


Enclosure involves covering the lead-painted area with new, lead-free materials. The average cost for this method ranges from $8 to $13 per square foot. This method effectively seals off the lead paint, reducing exposure risks.


Removal is the most straightforward method, involving the complete elimination of lead paint. This method is generally the most expensive, ranging from $10 to $17 per square foot, requiring specialized skills and equipment.


Replacement entails taking out the lead-painted surfaces altogether, replacing them with new materials. This is often done for areas where the lead paint is in poor condition or where other methods would be ineffective.

Lead Paint Abatement Cost Calculator

A lead paint abatement cost calculator can help estimate the total expense for removing lead paint from your property. It typically considers factors like the area size, method of removal, and additional costs such as inspection and risk assessment.

Lead Inspection And Testing

Before beginning the abatement process, lead inspection and testing are crucial to identify the presence and extent of lead paint. Testing can cost between $200 and $400 depending on the size of the property and the specific tests needed.

Lead Risk Assessment

A lead risk assessment evaluates potential hazards associated with lead paint. This process involves collecting and examining samples from various areas and can cost between $500 and $1,000.

Lead Paint Removal FAQs

Can I Remove Lead Paint Myself?

While DIY lead paint removal is possible, it is not recommended due to the health risks involved. Improper removal can spread lead dust and increase exposure, making the situation more dangerous. It’s best to hire certified professionals for this task.

How Dangerous Is Lead?

Lead is extremely hazardous and can lead to severe health problems, including neurological damage, especially in children. Even low levels of lead exposure can be harmful.

When Was Lead Removed From Paint?

Lead was commonly used in household paints until it was banned in 1978. Homes built before this year are likely to contain lead-based paint and may require inspection and possible removal.

Do I Need Lead Paint Removal?

If your home was built before 1978 and you suspect the presence of lead paint, it is crucial to get the area tested. If lead paint is found, removal or abatement is vital to ensure a safe living environment.

Getting Estimates For Lead Paint Removal

Obtaining multiple estimates from different certified lead paint removal companies is essential to ensure you get the best service at a fair price.

Questions To Ask A Lead Paint Removal Company

  1. Are you certified for lead paint removal?
  2. What methods do you use, and why?
  3. Can you provide a detailed estimate, including any additional costs?
  4. How long will the removal process take?
  5. What safety measures do you implement to protect my home and family?
  6. Do you have references or reviews from past clients?

Always ensure the company you choose is certified, experienced, and clear about the process and costs involved. To maintain safety and avoid additional costs, it is crucial your lead paint removal project is done correctly and efficiently.

We hope this guide helps you understand the costs and considerations involved in lead paint removal. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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