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How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Basic Services$60 – $200 for services like opening cars/houses, rekeying, and changing locks
Average Cost$129 nationwide
EmergenciesCosts rise significantly for emergency or after-hours services, from $100 to $250
Car Specific Costs$60 – $250 depending on service
House Specific Costs$50 – $200 depending on service
Commercial CostsHigher due to security needs, $70 – $750 depending on service
DIY for Minor IssuesSimple lock changes can be DIY or pre-purchased for as little as $5.25

Understanding locksmith costs is crucial, whether you’re locked out of your house, need to change locks, or require specialized services for a car or commercial property. This guide will outline typical locksmith costs and provide factors to consider when hiring a locksmith.

$60 – $120 To Open Car Or House

If you find yourself locked out of your car or home, a locksmith can help you regain access. This service typically costs between $60 and $120.

$75 – $130 To Rekey Locks

Rekeying involves changing the internal components of a lock, so a new key is needed to operate it. This service usually costs between $75 and $130.

$75 – $200 To Change Locks

Changing locks rather than rekeying them involves replacing the entire lock mechanism. This service is more extensive, costing between $75 and $200.

Average Locksmith Cost

Locksmith CostAverage Amount
National Average Cost$129
Minimum Cost$50
Maximum Cost$350
Average Range$85 to $175

Locksmith Prices

Locksmith prices can vary greatly depending on the type of service required and the time of day.

Locksmith Charges

ServiceAverage Cost
Call Out Charge$30 – $85
Emergency or After Hours Charge$100 – $250
Hourly Rates$75 – $95

Locksmith Price Guide

Locksmith Prices Car

ServiceAverage Cost
Car Lockout$60 – $85
Rekey Car$75 – $180
Change Locks on Car$75 – $220
Key Extraction$75 – $140
Car Key Replacement$70 – $250
Keyless Fob Replacement$150 – $250
Car Ignition Repair$120 – $225
Key Programming$90 – $160

Cost of Locksmith for House

ServiceAverage Cost
House Lockout$65 – $185
Commercial Lockout$70 – $200
Rekey House$50 – $130 + $20/lock
Change Locks on House$80 – $200
Drilling Door for Lock Install$95 – $150
Key Extraction$75 – $140
Key Duplication$1 – $10
House Key Replacement$50 – $100

Safety Tips Before Hiring

Ensure the locksmith you hire is reputable and trustworthy. Check for licenses, certifications, and proof of insurance. Additionally, seek recommendations and read reviews.

Cost To Unlock A Car

Unlocking a car can range from $60 to $85, but costs can increase if the keys need to be extracted from a broken lock or if a transponder key is involved.

Key Broke In Door

If the key breaks in the door, extraction costs typically range from $75 to $140.

Transponder Key Locked In Car

Transponder key-related issues can be more expensive, typically between $150 to $250 due to the need for special equipment and programming.

Locked Out Of House Cost

If you’re locked out of your house, costs can range broadly. Typically, it can be between $65 and $185 depending on the complexity of the lock and time of day.

Average Cost To Unlock A Door

Depending on the door type and lock mechanism, the average cost to unlock a door is roughly $85 to $175.

Emergency Locksmith Prices

Emergency services, including after-hours or holidays, can significantly increase costs, ranging from $100 to $250.

Cost To Rekey Locks

Rekeying locks can be an alternative to changing locks and usually is less expensive.

Cost To Rekey Locks

ServiceAverage Cost
Rekey Car Door$75 – $180
Rekey House$50 – $130

Cost To Rekey A Car

Rekeying a car typically ranges from $75 to $180.

Cost To Rekey A House

TypePer Lock Cost
Key In Knob$19
Rim/Mortise Cylinder Lock$21
Adams Rite Dead Latch$25
Set To Masterkey System$23
High-Security Cylinder$32
Shim Open/No Key+$7
Best Type IC Cylinder$31
Safe Deposit Lock$37
Tubular Lock$34

Rekeying vs. Changing Locks

RekeyingChanging Locks
Rekeying costs less.Changing a lock is about four times more expensive.
Call-out service is $30 – $50.Call-out service is $30 – $50.
If you’ve lost a key, rekeying is the best option.If someone has moved out, changing the lock is the best option.
Costs $20 – $30.Costs $70 – $190, but it can also be a DIY job, or you can purchase the locks yourself first for as little as $5.25.
There are some instances where rekeying a lock is not an option.You have to change locks completely if your home has been broken into or if the lock is damaged in any way.
No additional costs.If the door needs to be altered to accommodate a new lock, expect the price to go up.

Cost To Change Locks

Changing locks generally involves higher costs compared to rekeying due to the new lock hardware and the labor involved.

Change Locks On A Car Cost

Changing car locks can range from $75 to $220 depending on the type of lock and model of the car.

Cost To Change Locks On A House

ServiceAverage Cost
Per Lock$20 – $30
Exterior Door Locks$70 – $170
Deadbolt Installation$90 – $190
Knob Lock Installation$80 – $150
Drilling Holes For Lock Install$95 – $150
Install Pre-purchased Lock$40 – $150
Garage Door Lock Install$95 – $325
Handle Set Install$195 – $299
Key Duplication$1 – $5
Special Key Duplication$10 – $20

Cost To Change Door Locks

Door Lock TypeAverage Cost
Electronic door locks$35 – $400
Smart door locks$73 – $357
Deadbolts$4 – $300
Combo packs$15 – $350
Sliding door locks$4 – $95
Pocket door locks$6 – $25

High-Tech, Electric & Biometric Systems

TypeAverage Cost
Install Electric Strike$150 – $200
Install Exit Alarm$120 – $160
Install Electromagnetic Lock$220 – $350
Install Electrified Lock$150 – $175
Install Electrified Hinge$80 – $100
Install Keypad or Reader$70 – $100
Install Electric PowerBolt$50 – $70
Install Video Security System$250 – $500

Locksmith Key Replacement Prices

ServiceAverage Cost
Car Key Replacement$70 – $250
House Key Replacement$50 – $100

House Key Replacement Cost

Replacing a house key typically ranges from $50 to $100.

Locksmith Car Key Replacement Cost

ServiceAverage Cost
Non-Transponder Key Made (On-site)$70 – $220
Transponder Chip Key Made (On-site)$125 – $250
High-Security Laser-Cut Key Made & Programmed (On-site)$140 – $160
Keyless Entry Smart Key Remote$150 – $250
Remote-Entry Fob Clicker Alarm Transmitter$80 – $120
Program Pre-purchased Key or Car Remote$50 – $120
Car Key Duplication & Programming (At shop)$65 – $240
Laser Car Key Cutting (At shop)$50 – $85
Computer Re-flash (Toyota, Lexus & Acura)$250 – $350

Additional Locksmith Rates & Factors

Additional Locksmith Fees

Lock TypeAverage Cost
Filing Cabinet Locks$65+
Mailbox Lock$65+
Safe Lock$70 – $160
Safe Lock By Drilling$225 – $375
Safe Moving$80 – $150
Safe Installation$150 – $200
Bicycle Lock$55+
Motorcycle Key$96
Suitcase Key$45+
Combination Change (Hand or Electric Lock)$50 – $60

Safe Locksmith Cost

Safe-specific services range from minor combination changes at $50-$60 to more intensive tasks like safe lock drilling, which can cost between $225 and $375.

Commercial Locksmith Cost

ServiceAverage Cost
Service Fee$30 – $85
Business Lockout$70 – $200
New Lock Installation$130 – $250
High-Security Lock Install$120 – $400
Key Extraction$75 – $150
Change Lock$100 – $250
Rekey Lock or Tumbler Change$70 – $130
Exit Device Trims w/ Install$250 – $450
Push Bar Devices w/ Install$250 – $750
Keyed Entry Door Levers$95 – $250
Drilling, Wood or Metal Door$95 – $150
Door Frame Repair$125 – $300
Commercial Door Closer w/ Install$150 – $350

Tips For Hiring A Locksmith

DIY Before You Call?

For minor issues like key duplication or simple lock changes, consider a DIY approach to save money. Pre-purchased locks can cost as little as $5.25.

License And Identification

Always check for proper licensing and identification when hiring a locksmith. This ensures you are working with a qualified professional.

Hire A Locksmith

When in doubt, hiring a professional locksmith ensures quality service and secures your property effectively. Ensure to get a detailed estimate before work begins to avoid unexpected costs.

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