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How Much Does Metal Siding Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Main PointsDetails
Steel Siding Cost$7 – $16 per sq. ft. installed
Aluminum Siding Cost$6 – $10 per sq. ft. installed
Average Total Cost$14,000 – $32,000 for a 2,000 sq. ft. house
Initial Investment vs. LongevityHigh initial cost, but durable and low-maintenance

$7 – $16 Cost Per Square Foot Installed (Steel Siding)

Steel siding is a robust and long-lasting choice. On average, it costs between $7 and $16 per square foot when installed. The wide range accounts for various factors including installation complexity and geographical location.

$6 – $10 Cost Per Square Foot Installed (Aluminum Siding)

Aluminum siding is slightly less expensive than steel, ranging from $6 to $10 per square foot installed. It’s lightweight and resistant to rust, making it a popular option in many regions.

$14,000 – $32,000 Average Total Cost Installed (2,000 SF House)

For an average 2,000 square foot house, you can expect the total cost of metal siding installation to range from $14,000 to $32,000. This includes both materials and labor.

Metal Siding Cost By House Size

Home Size (square feet)Average Cost Installed (Steel)Average Cost Installed (Aluminum)
900$6,300 – $14,400$5,400 – $9,000
1,000$7,000 – $16,000$6,000 – $10,000
1,200$8,400 – $19,200$7,200 – $12,000
1,500$10,500 – $24,000$9,000 – $15,000
1,800$12,600 – $28,800$10,800 – $18,000
2,000$14,000 – $32,000$12,000 – $20,000
2,500$17,500 – $40,000$15,000 – $25,000
3,000$21,000 – $48,000$18,000 – $30,000
3,500$24,500 – $56,000$21,000 – $35,000
4,000$28,000 – $64,000$24,000 – $40,000

Average Cost To Install Metal Siding

National Average$23,000
Minimum Cost$8,000
Maximum Cost$48,000
Average Range$14,000 – $32,000

Metal Siding Prices By Type

Metal Siding TypeCost Per Square Foot Installed
Aluminum (corrugated panels)$4 – $7
Aluminum (smooth boards)$6 – $10
Steel (exposed fastener panels)$7 – $12
Steel (concealed fastener panels)$10 – $16
Copper$30 – $45
Tin$2 – $5
Zinc$25 – $40

Metal Siding Installation Cost Factors

Material and labor are the primary cost factors for metal siding installation. Below is a detailed cost calculator.

FactorCost per square foot (Steel)Cost per square foot (Aluminum)
Materials & Supplies$4 – $6$3 – $4
Labor$3 – $10$3 – $6
Total Installed Cost$7 – $16$6 – $10

Metal Siding Paint-Finish Options

The paint finish on metal siding can significantly affect its durability and aesthetic appeal. Common options include baked enamel, fluoropolymer coatings, and powder coatings. Each has its own cost and longevity considerations.

Labor Cost To Install Metal Siding

The labor cost for installing metal siding ranges from $3 to $10 per square foot for steel and $3 to $6 for aluminum. The variability generally reflects the complexity of the job and regional labor rates.

Metal Siding Cost Vs. Other Siding Types

MaterialCost per Square Foot InstalledAverage Total Cost (2,000 SF House)
Aluminum Siding$6 – $10$12,000 – $20,000
Steel Siding$7 – $16$14,000 – $32,000
Brick Siding$8 – $18$16,000 – $36,000
Cedar Shake Siding$7 – $16$14,000 – $32,000
Engineered Wood Siding$7 – $13$14,000 – $26,000
Fiber Cement Siding$6 – $15$12,000 – $30,000
Log Siding$5 – $15$10,000 – $32,000
Stone Siding$10 – $45$20,000 – $90,000
Stucco$7 – $17$14,000 – $34,000
Vinyl Siding$4 – $12$8,000 – $24,000

Metal Siding Pros & Cons

Extremely DurableMore Expensive Than Vinyl Siding
Long-lastingMay Corrode In Coastal Areas
Low MaintenanceDifficult For DIYers To Install
Many Colors To Choose FromProne To Scratches And Dents
Insect-proofNot Easy To Replace Small Sections For Repairs
Fire Resistant

Metal Siding FAQs

Is Metal Siding Worth It?

Given its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to weather and insects, many homeowners find metal siding to be a worthwhile investment despite its higher upfront cost.

How Long Does Metal Siding Last?

Metal siding can last between 40 to 70 years, depending on the type of metal and the quality of installation and maintenance.

What Is The Difference Between Aluminum And Steel Siding?

Aluminum is typically lighter and more resistant to rust but can dent more easily. Steel is sturdier but may be prone to rust in coastal areas if not properly treated.

Can You Paint Metal Siding?

Yes, metal siding can be painted. Choosing a high-quality exterior paint designed for metal surfaces will ensure the finish lasts longer. Proper surface preparation is essential for a durable paint job.

Is Metal Siding Fireproof?

Metal siding is fire-resistant and can help protect your home from fire damage. However, it is not entirely fireproof.

Does Metal Siding Make Your House Hotter?

Metal siding can reflect sunlight, which helps in keeping the house cooler in hot climates. Proper insulation between the siding and the home can further regulate the indoor temperature.

Getting Estimates From Metal Siding Installers

Questions To Ask

When seeking estimates from metal siding contractors, consider asking the following questions:

  • What types of metal siding do you recommend for my climate?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • Do you offer warranties on both materials and labor?
  • Can you provide references or examples of past work?
  • What kind of maintenance will be required after installation?

These questions will help you choose a contractor that meets your needs and ensures a successful installation.

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