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How Much Does A Mobile Home HVAC System Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Mobile home HVAC systems cost between $4,000 and $9,000 for a full replacement.
AC units alone range from $2,500 to $5,300, while furnaces cost between $1,200 and $3,700.
Installation costs and other factors significantly influence the total price.

$4,000 – $9,000 HVAC System Replacement Cost

Replacing an entire HVAC system in a mobile home typically costs between $4,000 and $9,000. These figures cover the installation of both heating and cooling systems and may vary based on the complexity of the installation, the type of system chosen, and additional features.

$2,500 – $5,300 AC Replacement Cost

The cost to replace just the air conditioning unit in a mobile home falls between $2,500 and $5,300. This includes the unit itself and the installation work. The price can fluctuate depending on the efficiency rating of the unit and the size of the mobile home.

$1,200 – $3,700 Furnace Replacement Cost

For furnace replacement, you can expect to pay between $1,200 and $3,700. Electric furnaces are usually less expensive, while gas furnaces tend to cost more due to the complexities and added components.

Mobile Home HVAC System Prices

System TypeAverage Cost Installed
Air Conditioner Replacement$2,400 – $5,300
Ductless Mini-Split$2,000 – $6,000
Furnace & AC Combo Package$4,000 – $9,000
Furnace Replacement$1,200 – $3,700
Heat Pump Replacement$2,000 – $6,500
Window AC Unit$300 – $1,100

Mobile Home Furnace & AC Combo System Costs

Unit Size (Tonnage)Average Unit PriceAverage Cost Installed
2$3,000 – $5,300$4,000 – $8,300
2.5$3,100 – $5,400$4,100 – $8,400
3$3,500 – $5,500$4,500 – $8,500
3.5$3,800 – $5,600$4,800 – $8,600
4$4,000 – $6,000$5,000 – $9,000

Mobile Home HVAC Package Unit Cost

Packaged Unit TypeAverage Unit PriceAverage Installed CostDescription
Packaged AC Unit$2,800 – $4,000$3,800 – $6,500A compressor, coils, and air handler, with electrical strip heating, all housed in a single-boxed cabinet
Packaged Dual Fuel Unit$3,400 – $4,500$4,400 – $7,000An electric heat pump for heating and cooling, with a gas furnace for secondary heat
Packaged Furnace / AC$2,800 – $3,500$3,800 – $6,000A gas or electric furnace housed in the same cabinet with an air conditioner
Packaged Heat Pump$3,000 – $4,000$4,000 – $6,500An electric heat pump which heats and cools the home

Mobile Home AC Unit Cost

Mobile Home SizeRecommended Unit SizeAverage Unit PriceAverage Cost Installed
600 – 1,000 sq. ft.1.5 tons (18,000 BTU)$1,400 – $1,700$2,400 – $4,200
900 – 1,300 sq. ft.2 tons (24,000 BTU)$1,500 – $1,800$2,500 – $4,300
1,200 – 1,600 sq. ft.2.5 tons (30,000 BTU)$1,500 – $2,200$2,500 – $4,700
1,500 – 1,900 sq. ft.3 tons (36,000 BTU)$1,600 – $2,300$2,600 – $4,800
1,800 – 2,200 sq. ft.3.5 tons (42,000 BTU)$1,700 – $2,400$2,700 – $4,900
2,100 – 2,600 sq. ft.4 tons (48,000 BTU)$1,900 – $2,800$2,900 – $5,300

Window AC Units For Mobile Homes Prices

Window air conditioning units offer an affordable and easy-to-install option for mobile homes. The cost typically ranges from $300 to $1,100, depending on the unit’s capacity and features.

Mobile Home Ductless Split System Replacement Costs

ZonesAverage Cost Installed
1$2,000 – $6,000
2$2,500 – $8,000
3$3,200 – $10,500
4$4,000 – $11,500
5$5,500 – $13,000+

Mobile Home Heat Pump Costs

SizeMobile Home Size (Sq. Ft.)Average Cost Installed
1.5 ton600 – 1,100$2,000 – $3,500
2.0 ton900 – 1,400$3,000 – $5,500
2.5 ton1,200 – 1,650$3,200 – $6,000
3.0 ton1,500 – 2,100$3,500 – $6,500

New Furnace For A Mobile Home Cost

Furnace TypeAverage Unit PriceAverage Cost Installed
Electric Furnace$900 – $1,300$1,200 – $2,500
Gas Furnace$1,400 – $2,500$1,700 – $3,700
Oil Furnace$1,500 – $2,000$1,800 – $3,200

Mobile Home HVAC System Installation Cost Factors

FactorAverage Cost
HVAC Unit$3,000 – $6,000
Installation Labor$1,000 – $3,000
Ductwork*$1,000 – $3,300
Total Cost$5,000 – $12,300

(*) Note: Ductwork is often an additional cost, especially in older mobile homes that may require new or repaired ducts.

Mobile Home Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost

Replacing the evaporator coil in a mobile home typically costs between $600 and $2,100. The price depends on the type and complexity of the system.

Mobile Home HVAC System FAQs

Can You Replace An HVAC System In A Mobile Home?

Yes, replacing an HVAC system in a mobile home is possible and common. Factors to consider include the size of the home, current system layout, and compatibility with new units.

Can You Install A Regular Furnace Or AC Unit In A Mobile Home?

Installing a regular, or “stick-built,” furnace or AC unit in a mobile home can sometimes be done, but it often requires adjustments. Mobile homes have different space and ductwork requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Install An HVAC System In A Mobile Home?

A typical installation takes between 1 and 3 days, depending on the complexity and scope of the work involved, including potential ductwork modifications.

What Size System Do I Need For My Mobile Home?

The size needed depends on several factors, such as the total square footage of the home, insulation levels, and climate. Consultation with an HVAC professional ensures the correct system size is chosen.

Getting Quotes For Mobile Home HVAC Systems

Questions To Ask

When getting quotes for a mobile home HVAC system, consider asking:

  • How many years of experience do you have with mobile home HVAC installations?
  • Are there any additional costs not included in the quote?
  • What warranties or guarantees are offered on the installation and equipment?
  • Can you provide references from previous mobile home HVAC clients?

Confirming these aspects ensures a smooth installation process and a system that meets your specific needs.

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