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How Much Does Mulch Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Mulch Cost Per Yard: $15 – $65
Mulch Cost Per Yard (With Delivery + Install): $35 – $70
Average Mulch Installation Cost: $175
Where to Buy Mulch? Walmart, Menards, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.

Mulch Cost

Mulch costs can vary widely based on several factors such as type, quantity, and location. Here’s a detailed breakdown of different mulch costs:

Mulch Costs Installed

ProjectSquare FeetAverage Cost Installed
Vegetable Garden with Hardwood Mulch100 SF$70 – $120
Play Area with Playground Mulch250 SF$175 – $300
Flowerbed with Colored Mulch300 SF$150 – $250
Landscaping area with Wood Chips1,000 SF$350 – $600

Average Mulch Costs

National Average Cost$175
Minimum Cost$50
Maximum Cost$500
Average Range$140 to $290

Bulk Mulch Prices

Bulk mulch purchases can be more cost-effective, especially for larger projects. Prices decrease with larger quantities.

Bulk Mulch Prices

Number of YardsPrice Per Yard
1 Cubic Yard$60
1.5 Cubic Yards$50
2 – 5 Cubic Yards$40
6 – 11 Cubic Yards$25
11+ Cubic Yards$15

Mulch Prices Per Yard

Type of MulchPrice Per Yard
Economy Mulch$15 – $30
Colored or Hardwood Mulch$30 – $40
High-end Mulch$40 – $60

Mulch Prices By Type

Different types of mulch have varying costs depending on their properties and sources.

TypePer FootPer BagPer Yard
Wood Chips$0.89$1.78$24.00
Colored Mulch$1.30$2.60$35.00
Rubber Mulch$4.00$7.00$150.00
Cedar Mulch$3.70$7.40$100.00
Cypress Mulch$4.07$8.14$110.00
Hemlock Mulch$1.67$3.34$45.00
Shredded Hardwood Mulch$1.50$3.00$40
Double Shredded$1.60$3.20$43.00
Triple Shredded$0.96$1.92$26.00
Redwood or Gorilla Hair Mulch$2.22$4.44$60.00
Bark Mulch$3.44$6.88$93.00
Pine Bark$0.96$1.92$26.00
Pine Straw$1.50$3.00$40.00
Playground Mulch$3.26$6.52$88.00
Tea Tree Mulch$1.58$3.16$42.00

Cost to Deliver a Truck Load of Mulch

Delivery costs can vary substantially depending on the size of the project.

Project SizeCubic YardsDelivery TypeAverage Costs
250 Sqft.2.31Bags$75 – $150
500 Sqft.4.63Bags or Pallet$120 – $250
1,000 Sqft.9.26Pallets or loose load$150 – $350
2,000 Sqft.18.52Pallets or loose load$350 – $600
3,000 Sqft.27.77Pallets or loose load$420 – $750

Bag of Mulch Costs

TypeCost Per Bag
Red Mulch$3 – $10 per bag
Black Mulch$3 – $6 per bag
Dark Brown Mulch$2 – $10 per bag
Cedar Mulch$3 – $10 per bag
Pine Mulch$2 – $5 per bag
Rubber Mulch$7 – $15 per bag
Purple Mulch$4 – $10 per bag

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Mulch Cost Calculator

Calculating the amount of mulch needed depends on the area size and the depth of the mulch layer. For accurate measurement, use a mulch cost calculator.

Bag Mulch vs. Bulk

When choosing between bagged or bulk mulch, costs and convenience are factors to consider.

Bag Mulch vs. Bulk

TypeAverage Cost Per Yard
Bags$50 – $60
Bulk Load$15 – $25

Mulch Installation Costs

Mulch Installation Cost Breakdown

ItemCost Per Yard
Mulch & Delivery$15 – $65
Install Labor$20 – $45
Total Cost$35 – $110 per yard

Mulch Installation Costs By Size

Project SizeAverage Cost
250 SF$120 – $260
400 SF$160 – $400
700 SF$220 – $700
1,000 SF$320 – $1,000
2,000 SF$640 – $2,000

Mulch-Blowing Cost

Mulch-blowing is a professional installation method where mulch is sprayed evenly over the desired area. This service is often more expensive but ensures a uniform spread.

Mulching Sheet Prices

Mulching sheets help in preserving soil moisture and are a more structured approach to garden mulching, often adding another layer of cost.

Forestry Mulching Prices

Forestry mulching involves using machinery to shred vegetation and cover large areas, typically more costly due to the machinery and labor involved.

Types of Mulch

Mulch types come in various materials, colors, and costs, each suited to different landscaping needs.

Mulch Types & Prices

ColorCost Per Cubic FootCost Per Cubic Yard
Brown Mulch (Walnut)$1.11$29.97
Red Mulch (Color Scape)$1.29$34.95
Black Mulch (Hardwood)$1.48$39.95
Black Mulch (Rubber)$4.81$129.80
Brown Mulch (Rubber)$4.81$129.80
Red Mulch (Rubber)$5.18$139.80

Colored Mulch Prices

Colored mulches are often chosen for aesthetic purposes and generally cost more than regular mulch.

Cost of Wood Chips

Wood chips are an economical mulch option and are best for covering large areas.

Bark Mulch Prices

Bark mulch is durable and effective in retaining soil moisture but can be pricier than other wood-based mulch types.

Shredded Hardwood Mulch Costs

Shredded hardwood mulch is popular for garden beds and often comes in single, double, or triple shred varieties.

Cedar Mulch Prices

Cedar mulch is valued for its pest-repelling properties and longer lifespan, though it comes at a higher cost.

Cypress Mulch Prices

Cypress mulch is durable and has a pleasant aroma, suitable for various landscaping needs.

Pine Straw & Pine Bark Mulch Costs

Pine straw and pine bark are affordable mulch options, widely used for landscaping purposes.

Rubber Mulch Prices

Rubber mulch, made from recycled tires, lasts longer but is one of the more expensive mulch types available.

Redwood or Gorilla Hair Mulch Prices

Redwood or Gorilla Hair mulch is a premium mulch type with a unique texture and aesthetic appeal.

Hemlock Mulch Prices

Hemlock mulch is another aesthetic mulch option, made from hemlock tree bark.

Additional Types

There are several other mulch types such as tea tree mulch, nutshell mulch, and straw mulch, each with its own cost range and benefits.

Where is Mulch Typically Used?

Mulch is versatile and used in various applications including:

  • Garden beds
  • Play areas
  • Pathways
  • Around trees and shrubs
  • Erosion control

DIY Mulching Tips

For those who prefer handling landscaping tasks themselves, here are some tips:

  • Calculate the right amount of mulch
  • Remove weeds before applying mulch
  • Create a mulch barrier to prevent spreading
  • Water the area after mulching

Mulch Safety Issues

Be aware of potential mulch safety issues such as:

  • Mulch fires
  • Toxicity to pets in certain types of mulch
  • Mold growth in overly thick mulch layers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Tip For Mulch Delivery?

Tipping for mulch delivery is optional, but appreciated for good service.

How Many Bags of Mulch Are in a Yard?

Typically, 13.5 bags (2 cubic feet each) are equivalent to one cubic yard.

How Much Does a Bag of Mulch Weigh?

A bag of mulch can weigh around 20 to 50 pounds, depending on the type.

How Many Cubic Feet Are in a Yard of Mulch?

There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard of mulch.

Should I Remove Old Mulch?

It’s generally recommended to remove old mulch to avoid excessive buildup and potential mold issues.

How Do You Get Rid of Old Mulch?

Old mulch can be composted or used as garden soil amendment after ensuring it’s free of diseases.

Does Wood Mulch Attract Termites?

Wood mulch can attract termites, but certain types like cedar have natural repellents.

Can You Mulch After Rain?

Yes, mulching after rain can help retain soil moisture.

Can You Put Mulch Down in Fall or Winter?

Mulching in fall or winter helps protect plants from temperature extremes.

Can I Use Sawdust as Mulch or a Soil Amendment?

Sawdust can be used as mulch if it doesn’t come from treated wood, but may draw nitrogen from soil.

Can I Use Newspaper as Mulch?

Yes, a layer of newspaper can act as a weed barrier before applying traditional mulch.

Where to Buy Mulch?

Mulch can be purchased from various retail and specialty stores.

Where to Buy Mulch?

StoresLowest Price Per Bag
Home Depot$2.50
Tractor Supply$3.99
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