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How Much Does A Palm Tree Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Average Cost for Small Palm Trees: $200 – $400 with installation
Average Cost for Fully-Grown Palm Trees: $1,000 – $3,000 with installation
Factors Affecting Costs: Size, type, location, and installation
Growth Rates: Vary significantly by type, from inches to several feet per year
Lifespan: Depends on species, generally from 70 to over 100 years

Palm trees are iconic and bring a distinctive tropical feel to any landscape. However, adding these trees to your property comes with various costs, which can vary based on multiple factors. In this guide, we’ll break down palm tree costs, factors affecting these costs, and essential information you need to know.

$200 – $400 Cost For A Small Palm Tree (With Installation)

Small palm trees up to four feet tall typically cost between $60 and $200, with total installation costs bringing the range to $200 to $400. Installation often includes planting and initial care guidelines.

$1,000 – $3,000 Cost For A Fully-Grown Palm Tree (With Installation)

Fully-grown palm trees exceeding six feet can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, including installation. These trees make a more immediate impact on the landscape but come at a significantly higher cost.

Average Palm Tree Cost

To provide a clearer picture, here is a detailed table showing average costs associated with different sizes of palm trees.

Palm Tree SizeAverage Cost for Palm OnlyAverage Total Cost with Installation
Indoor potted palm$30 – $100N/A
Small (up to 4 feet)$60 – $200$200 – $400
Large (4 to 6 feet)$200 – $800$450 – $1,300
Fully grown (> 6 feet)$450 – $2,000$1,000 – $3,000

Potted indoor palms are significantly cheaper due to their smaller size and the ease of them not requiring professional installation. For outdoor palms, as size increases, so does the cost.

Palm Tree Prices By Type

Different species of palm trees come with different costs. Here is a breakdown of average costs by type for both small and large palm trees.

Palm Tree TypeAverage Cost (Small Palm)Average Cost (Large or Fully-Grown Palm)
Areca palm$80 – $150$180 – $250
Bismarck palm$120 – $200$200 – $500
Bottle palm$100 – $200$200 – $400
Coconut palm$80 – $150$500 – $1,000
European Fan palm$120 – $300$600 – $1,500
Foxtail palm$60 – $100$100 – $350
King palm$60 – $350$400 – $950
Needle palm$120 – $340$750 – $950
Mexican Fan palm$80 – $150$100 – $400
Pygmy Date palm$60 – $150$150 – $450
Queen palm$60 – $150$150 – $400
Royal palm$60 – $150$450 – $650
Sabal palm$60 – $450$300 – $900
Sago palm$60 – $150$150 – $500

Each type of palm tree has its own unique requirements and growth characteristics, which influence their cost.

What Affects The Cost Of Palm Trees?

Several factors affect the cost of palm trees:

  1. Size: Larger trees cost more due to the additional resources required for growth and transportation.
  2. Type: Some species are more expensive due to rarity, growth rate, or specialized care needs.
  3. Location: Costs for transportation and installation can vary depending on the tree’s destination.
  4. Installation: Professional installation includes planting, initial watering, and sometimes even maintenance plans.

Palm Tree FAQs

Understanding more about palm trees can help in making informed purchasing decisions.

How Long Do Palm Trees Live?

Palm trees have varying lifespans based on species. Generally, palm trees can live between 70 and over 100 years. This long lifespan makes them a worthwhile investment for your landscape.

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow?

Palm tree growth rates can differ significantly among species. Here’s a table outlining average growth rates:

Palm Tree TypeAverage Growth Rate Per Year
Bismarck palm2 – 4 feet
Carpentaria palm3 – 6 feet
Coconut palm1 – 3 feet
Foxtail palm1 – 3 feet
King palm2 – 3 feet
Mexican Fan palm3 – 4 feet
Pygmy Date palm1 – 2 feet
Queen palm2 – 4 feet
Royal palm1 – 2 feet
Sabal palm1 – 2 feet
Areca palm6 – 10 inches
Dwarf palmetto4 – 6 inches
European Fan palm6 – 10 inches
Lady palm2 – 10 inches
Mediterranean palm5 – 7 inches
Needle palm4 – 6 inches
Sago palm1 – 2 inches
Windmill palm7 – 8 inches

Do Coconuts Grow On Palm Trees?

Yes, coconuts grow on coconut palm trees. These are large trees that can provide both aesthetic value and fruit. They, however, require a warm, tropical climate to thrive.

Do Palm Trees Need A Lot Of Water?

Palm trees generally require regular watering, especially when they are young and establishing root systems. The water requirements can vary based on the species and local climate conditions.

Are Palm Trees Poisonous To Dogs Or Cats?

Certain palm trees can pose risks to pets. For example, the Sago Palm is toxic to both dogs and cats if ingested. It is important to research the specific type of palm if you have pets at home.

Find The Best Palm Tree Planting Services

When considering planting palm trees, it’s advisable to seek professional services. Professionals ensure that trees are planted correctly and provide guidelines on caring for your new palms.

Questions To Ask Palm Tree Companies

When hiring a company for palm tree planting, consider asking the following questions:

  1. Experience: How long have you been planting palm trees?
  2. Services: Do you offer maintenance services after planting?
  3. Costs: What does your quote include? (e.g., tree, transportation, planting, initial care)
  4. Guarantees: Do you offer any warranty or guarantees on your services?
  5. References: Can you provide references or examples of previous work?

By asking these questions, you can ensure you hire a reputable company that will help you make the most of your investment in palm trees.

With these details in mind, you’re better prepared to decide on the best palm trees for your landscape and understand the associated costs and care requirements.

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