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How Much Does A Pole Barn House Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointSummary
Cost per Square Foot$50 – $150 (finished)
Average Total Cost$120,000 – $360,000 (2,400 SF)
Labor Cost$5 – $10 per SF
Material Cost$10 – $30 per SF
Finishing Cost$35 – $110 per SF
Building Shell Cost20% of total cost
Finishing Costs BreakdownSite prep, concrete slab, utilities, interior finishing, permits

$50 – $150 Cost Per Square Foot (Finished)

When considering the construction of a pole barn house, one of the most critical metrics is the cost per square foot. The average cost to construct a finished pole barn house ranges between $50 and $150 per square foot. This variance is due to several factors including the type of materials used, labor costs, and the level of interior finishing required.

$120,000 – $360,000 Average Total Cost To Build (2,400 SF)

For a standard-sized pole barn house measuring approximately 2,400 square feet, the total construction cost can range from $120,000 to $360,000. This total cost estimation includes all materials, labor, and finishing processes from inception to completion.

Pole Barn House Cost By Size

The table below illustrates the average cost of building a pole barn house based on different sizes.

Square FeetDimensionsAverage Cost Finished
1,00025×40$50,000 – $150,000
1,20030×40$60,000 – $180,000
1,50030×50$75,000 – $225,000
1,80030×60$90,000 – $270,000
2,00040×50$100,000 – $300,000
2,40040×60$120,000 – $360,000
3,20040×80$160,000 – $480,000
3,50050×70$175,000 – $525,000
4,00050×80$200,000 – $600,000
5,00050×100$250,000 – $750,000

Average Cost To Build A Pole Barn House

To better understand the cost structure, we break down the expenses into several categories:

FactorCost per Square Foot
Base kit materials & delivery$10 – $30
Kit assembly and installation$5 – $10
Finishing costs (site prep, foundation, utilities, and interior finishing)$35 – $110

Total Cost per Square Foot: $50 – $150

Pole Barn House Kits, Plans, And Prices

Pole barn house kits provide a convenient way to purchase all necessary materials in one package. These kits typically include pre-engineered building components, plans, and delivery. The cost of these kits varies depending on the size, quality, and customization options.

Labor Cost To Build A Pole Barn House

Labor costs can significantly impact the overall budget. Typically, labor costs range from $5 to $10 per square foot. This covers assembling the kit, installing the components, and ensuring that everything is built according to the provided plans.

Pole Barn House Prices Finished Breakdown

Understanding the breakdown of costs for finishing a pole barn house can help manage the budget effectively:

FactorPercentage of Total Cost
Building shell / kit20%
Site prep5% – 10%
Concrete slab5% – 10%
Finishing costs40%

Pole Barn Site Prep

Site preparation is a vital step that includes clearing the land, grading, and ensuring a solid foundation. The cost ranges from 5% to 10% of the total project cost and is crucial for the longevity and stability of the structure.

Pole Barn Plumbing, Electric, And HVAC

Utilities such as plumbing, electricity, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) account for approximately 15% of total costs. These utilities are essential for making the barn house habitable and functional.

Interior Finishing

Interior finishing is the most significant part of your expense, making up about 40% of the total cost. This includes everything from insulation, drywall, flooring, paint, fixtures, and cabinetry. High-end finishes will naturally push this cost higher.

Pole Barn House With Basement Cost

Adding a basement to your pole barn house can increase both the functionality and value of the property. However, it also adds to the cost. Generally, adding a basement could increase the total cost by 20% to 30%.

Adding Living Quarters To An Existing Pole Barn

If you have an existing pole barn and want to convert it into living quarters, the cost will vary based on the current structure and what modifications are necessary. Generally, this can cost $50 to $100 per square foot, depending on the level of finishing required.

Pole Barn Home FAQs

Are Pole Barn Houses Cheaper To Build?

Home TypeAverage Cost per Square Foot
Pole barn house$50 – $150
Traditional house$100 – $200

Yes, pole barn houses are typically cheaper to build compared to traditional houses. The primary reasons include the simplicity of the structure, cost-effective materials, and quicker assembly times.

How Long Do Pole Barn Houses Last?

A well-built pole barn house can last anywhere from 40 to 60 years or more if properly maintained. The lifespan depends on factors like quality of materials, craftsmanship, and environmental conditions.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Pole Barn House?

Construction time for a pole barn house can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on complexity, size, and weather conditions. Generally, a basic setup without extensive finishing can be completed in a shorter time frame.

What Does A Pole Barn House Include?

A standard pole barn house includes a simple shell structure with vertical support poles, horizontal beams, and metal or wooden siding. Additional features such as insulation, interior walls, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems can be added based on specific needs.

Can You Finance A Pole Barn House?

Yes, financing options are available for building a pole barn house. Various lenders offer construction loans, and some even specialize in financing for non-traditional housing structures. It is important to check the specific terms and interest rates to ensure they suit your budget.

Who Builds Pole Barn Houses?

Pole barn houses can be built by specialized construction companies that focus on this type of structure. It’s essential to choose experienced and reputable builders to ensure quality and durability.

Getting Estimates From Pole Barn House Builders

Questions To Ask

When getting estimates from potential builders, consider asking the following questions to ensure you make an informed decision:

  • What experience do you have with building pole barn houses?
  • Can you provide a detailed quote and timeline for my project?
  • Do you have references from previous clients?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What warranties or guarantees do you offer?

Choosing the right builder is crucial for ensuring your pole barn house is constructed efficiently, on budget, and to your satisfaction. Always compare multiple quotes and research builders thoroughly before making a final decision.

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