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How Much Does A Propane Tank Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointsInformation
Average Cost$1,400
Cost Range$600 – $2,500
Minimum Cost$35
Maximum Cost$4,500
Propane Tank SizesRange from 100 lbs. to 1,000 gallons
PurposeHome heating, cooking, industrial usage, etc.
Rent vs. PurchaseRenting ranges from $50 to $200 per year
New vs. UsedNew tanks generally cost more than used tanks
Installation TypesAbove-ground vs. underground

Propane Tank Cost

Propane tanks serve a variety of purposes in both residential and commercial settings. Understanding the cost of acquiring and maintaining a propane tank is crucial for effective budgeting and planning.

National Average Cost of Propane Tanks

National Average$1,400
Minimum Cost$35
Maximum Cost$4,500
Average Range$600 – $2,500

Propane Tank Prices By Size

Gallon Propane Tank Costs

Different sizes of propane tanks cater to various needs, from small residential use to larger commercial applications.

Tank SizesAbove-Ground TankUnderground Tank
100 Gallon$380 – $650
120 Gallon$630 – $700
250 Gallon$1,200
330 Gallon$1,400
500 Gallon$1,630 – $1,700$1,870
1,000 Gallon$2,500 – $2,580$2,850

Average Prices By Pound

Propane tanks can also be categorized by weight, which is often more convenient for specific uses like home heating or cooking.

Tank WeightSuitable forCapacity when filled to 80%Tank Price
100 lb.Home fireplaces, cooking, dryers, barbecues25 gallons$150
420 lb.Home heating, hot water, dryers, fireplaces, pool heat100 gallons$700
500 lb.Small whole-home systems, generators, pool heat400 gallons$1,500
1,000 lb.Large whole-home systems, small business systems800 gallons$2,500

Price for Large Propane Tanks

Large propane tanks are usually used for substantial commercial needs or for large homes.

Cost of Small Propane Tanks for Grills

Small propane tanks are perfect for grills or portable camping stoves. Here is a breakdown of their costs:

Capacity (Lbs.)Cost Empty
11$50 – $60
30$50 – $70
40$90 – $100
100$140 – $165

Small Propane Tank Sizes

CapacityWeight EmptyWeight Full
4.7 gal18 lbs.38 lbs.
7.1 gal24 lbs.54 lbs.
9.4 gal29 lbs.70 lbs.
11.4 gal42 lbs.92 lbs.
23.6 gal68 lbs.170 lbs.

Cost to Rent a Propane Tank

For those not interested in purchasing a tank, renting is a viable option. Renting costs may vary based on the size of the tank.

Tank sizeYearly cost
250-gallon$50 – $75
500-gallon$60 – $180
1,000-gallon$90 – $200

Costs of Propane Tanks for the Home

Underground Buried Propane Tank Cost

Underground propane tanks offer aesthetic and safety benefits. However, they come with additional costs for excavation and trenching.

Excavation and Trenching Labor Cost

The labor cost for excavation and trenching is a significant part of the installation expense for underground propane tanks. This depends on the complexity of the job and local labor rates.

Reasons To Install Your Propane Tank Underground

  1. Aesthetics: By placing the tank underground, it does not disrupt the landscape.
  2. Safety: Underground tanks are less vulnerable to damage from environmental factors or vandalism.
  3. Temperature Stability: Earth insulates the tank, maintaining a more stable temperature, which can be beneficial for the longevity and efficiency of the tank.

Above-Ground Propane Tank Price

Above-ground propane tanks are easier and cheaper to install compared to underground tanks. Maintenance and inspections are also simpler. However, they are more exposed to weather conditions.

Propane Prices Per Gallon

The price of propane varies by region and market conditions. Monitoring the local propane price trends helps in budgeting for future costs.

Propane Cost Per Pound

Understanding the cost per pound helps in estimating expenses, especially for smaller propane tanks used for non-commercial purposes.

Propane Usage Estimator

Estimating your propane usage can help in budgeting and determining the appropriate tank size for your needs.

ApplianceFuel Used
Furnace1 gallon/hour
Fireplace1 gallon/3 hours
Water Heater1 gallon/day
Hot Tub4 gallons/hour
Cooktop5 gallons/month
Dryer5 gallons/month

Should I Buy Or Lease A Propane Tank?

Choosing between buying and leasing a propane tank depends on your long-term needs and financial situation.

Buying New vs. Used Propane Tanks

New tanks are generally more expensive but come with longer warranties and the latest safety features. Used tanks can be cost-effective but may require more frequent inspections and maintenance.

Tank SizesUsed PriceCost NewCost New Underground Tank
1,000 gallon$1,850$2,500$3,000
500 gallon$950$1,700$2,000
330 gallon$800$1,400
250 gallon$650$1,200
120 gallon vertical$550$700
120 gallon horizontal$450None

Purchasing Full vs. Empty

Buying a tank can either be done full or empty based on your convenience and immediate need for usage. Fully purchasing a tank often comes with an initial fill-up, making it slightly more expensive upfront but convenient.

Local Propane Tank Prices and Companies

Pricing may vary significantly based on your geographic location and local suppliers. Always compare local quotes to get the best deal.

What You Need To Know About Propane Tanks

Familiarize yourself with the basic safety tips, maintenance requirements, and legal regulations associated with propane tanks. This knowledge ensures safe and cost-effective usage.

Propane Tank FAQs

How Do Blue Rhino vs. AmeriGas Tank Prices Compare?

Blue Rhino and AmeriGas are two popular propane tank providers. Prices and services between these companies can vary. Generally, comparing the refill and exchange rates as well as any promotional offers is advisable.

Is it Better to Purchase or Rent a Tank?

Choosing to purchase or rent depends on your long-term needs. Owning a tank can be more cost-effective in the long run, while renting offers flexibility and less upfront cost.

How to Tell How Much Propane Your Tank Has Left

Using a propane tank gauge is the most accurate method. Alternatively, calculating based on weight or performing a hot water test can give approximate readings.

What is the Price of Actual Propane/Cost to Refill Your Tank?

Refill costs may vary by region and size of the tank. On average, it costs around $3 to $5 per gallon to refill a propane tank.

Should I Exchange or Refill My Old Tank?

Exchanging offers convenience but is slightly more expensive. Refilling your tank is usually cheaper but requires finding a refill station.

How Much Does Propane Tank Recertification Cost?

Recertification is necessary for safety and legal compliance. The cost is typically between $40 and $60.

What is the Difference Between Propane and Liquid Propane?

Both refer to the same substance; however, “liquid propane” is the liquid form stored under pressure in tanks, and “propane” is commonly referred to in its gaseous state used in applications.

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