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Key Takeaways

Key InformationDetails
Average Cost per Foot$0.40 – $2.25 (size #3 – #5)
Average Cost per Ton$1,300 – $2,000 (2,000 lbs.)
Average Cost per Pound$0.65 – $1.00
Influencing FactorsSize, type, and grade of rebar, and project scope
Labor Costs$1.00 – $1.75 per square foot for installation
Types of RebarSteel, stainless steel, galvanized, fiberglass
Additional CostsDelivery, special coatings, etc.

Rebar Prices Per Foot & Ton

Rebar, short for reinforcing bar, is used extensively in construction to reinforce concrete structures. Prices can vary widely based on the size and type of rebar. Below, we provide a detailed table outlining the average costs for different sizes of rebar per foot and per ton, along with typical use cases.

Size (mm)Diameter (inches)Price per FootPrice per TonUsage
#3 (10)3/8″$0.40 – $1.25$1,450 – $2,000Patio, Sidewalk, Walkway, Basic Driveway, Pool Deck Border, Pool Walls
#4 (13)1/2″$0.50 – $1.75$1,350 – $1,700Concrete Retaining Wall, Small Footings, Driveway for Large Vehicles, Small Columns
#5 (16)5/8″$0.70 – $2.25$1,300 – $1,800Foundations, Footings, Extra-Large Walls & Columns, Small Beams, Large Swimming Pool Base
#6 (19)3/4″$0.90 – $2.75$1,200 – $1,700Retaining Walls, Roads & Highways, Long Ceiling Beams
#7 (22)7/8″$1.00 – $3.00$1,000 – $1,400Multi-Story Parking Garages, Bridges
#8 (25)1″$1.25 – $4.50$1,000 – $1,400Heavy Commercial Applications, Seawalls

Residential Rebar Costs by Project

The cost of rebar in residential projects depends on the size of the project and the total linear feet of rebar required. Below is a breakdown of rebar costs for various common residential projects.

Project SizeTotal Linear Feet of Rebar*Rebar Material Prices
10′ x 10′ Patio (100 SF)120 – 150$50 – $200
10′ x 20′ Patio (200 SF)250 – 290$100 – $360
20′ x 20′ Patio (400 SF)500 – 550$200 – $700
4′ x 50′ Sidewalk or Walkway (200 SF)230 – 320$90 – $400
4′ Pool Deck Border (360 SF)420 – 570$170 – $700
25′ x 3′ Concrete Retaining Wall (75 SF)80 – 120$40 – $200
25′ x 6′ Concrete Retaining Wall (150 SF)180 – 220$90 – $380
12′ x 24′ Size 1-Car Driveway (288 SF)360 – 400$150 – $500
24′ x 24′ Size 2-Car Driveway (576 SF)740 – 800$300 – $1,000
24′ x 36′ Size 3-Car Driveway (864 SF)1,100 – 1,200$440 – $1,500
30′ x 40′ Foundation (1,200 SF)1,550 – 1,650$1,100 – $3,700
30′ x 60′ Foundation (1,800 SF)2,350 – 2,550$1,650 – $5,700
40′ x 60′ Foundation (2,400 SF)3,100 – 3,300$2,200 – $7,400

*Note: Total linear feet of rebar is an approximation and actual measurements may vary.

Prices for Rebar by Type

Rebar comes in different types to suit various construction needs. Each type has its own specific attributes and cost considerations.

Rebar TypeAverage Cost per Linear Foot*Details
Steel$0.40 – $1.25Basic untreated steel, weldable, corrodes easily
Stainless Steel$4.50 – $9.00Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, good in saltwater areas, not suitable near chlorinated water, more challenging to weld
Galvanized$1.20 – $1.60Zinc-coated surface, resists corrosion and abrasion, not ideal in saltwater areas
Fiberglass$0.65 – $2.50Lighter than steel, corrosion-resistant, some types stronger than steel, thermally non-conductive

Rebar Grades

Rebar is available in various grades that indicate the strength of the steel material used. Here we list the most commonly used grades and their corresponding strengths.

Rebar Rating TypeMinimum Yield StrengthMinimum Tensile Strength
Grade 4040,000 PSI (40 KSI)60,000 PSI (60 KSI)
Grade 6060,000 PSI (60 KSI)90,000 PSI (90 KSI)

Rebar Stirrups Cost

Rebar stirrups are used for reinforcing columns and beams. The cost of rebar stirrups varies depending on the size and type of rebar used. Custom-shaped stirrups typically cost more due to the additional labor involved in shaping the rebar.

Labor Cost to Install Rebar

Labor costs for installing rebar can be significant, especially for large projects. It involves skilled labor, precise measurements, and proper placement. The following table provides an estimate for installation costs.

FactorCost per Square Foot
Rebar Materials$0.40 – $2.25
Installation Labor$1.00 – $1.75

| Total Cost to Install | $1.40 – $4.00 |

Rebar FAQs

What is Rebar Used For?

Rebar is used to reinforce concrete structures, making them stronger and more resistant to stress and load. It is commonly used in building foundations, walls, beams, columns, and various other structural elements.

How Much Rebar Do I Need?

The amount of rebar needed depends on the specific requirements of your project. Calculations should consider the size, type, and spacing of the rebar. Consulting a structural engineer for precise requirements is recommended.

How Many Pieces of Rebar Are in a Bundle?

The number of pieces in a bundle varies based on the size and length of the rebar. Typically, smaller rebar (#3 and #4) may have more pieces per bundle compared to larger rebar (#5 and above).

Is Wire Mesh Better Than Rebar?

Wire mesh and rebar serve different purposes. Wire mesh is often used for slab-on-grade construction to control cracking, while rebar provides greater reinforcement strength for structural elements like beams and columns. The choice depends on the specific needs of the project.

Where to Buy Rebar?

Rebar can be purchased from various suppliers including home improvement stores, specialized construction material suppliers, and online retailers. It’s important to compare prices and ensure the quality meets project specifications.

Getting Estimates from Rebar & Concrete Contractors

To ensure you are getting the best value for your rebar installation, it is crucial to obtain multiple estimates from reputable contractors. Here are some tips on what to consider and questions to ask during the hiring process.

Questions to Ask

  1. Can you provide a detailed estimate?
  2. What is the timeline for the project?
  3. Do you have references from similar projects?
  4. What type and grade of rebar do you recommend for my project?
  5. Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?
  6. What measures do you take to ensure safety and quality?

By asking these questions, you can gain a better understanding of the contractor’s experience and ensure that the project will be completed to your satisfaction.

Understanding rebar prices and related costs can help you budget effectively for your construction needs. With the right information, you can make informed decisions and ensure the structural integrity of your project.

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