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How Much Do Recycled Glass Countertops Cost?

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Key Takeaways

  • Cost Range Per Square Foot Installed: $60 – $250
  • Average Total Cost for Installation (30 – 40 SF): $1,800 – $10,000
  • Type-Specific Costs: Crushed glass, sea glass, white glass, and tempered glass vary in price.
  • Factors Affecting Cost: Material type, labor, fabrication, and brand.
  • Comparison to Other Materials: Costs can be higher or lower compared to granite and quartz.

$60 – $250 Cost Per Square Foot Installed

Recycled glass countertops typically cost between $60 and $250 per square foot, including installation. This price range is influenced by factors such as the specific type of glass, labor costs, and additional fabrication needs.

$1,800 – $10,000 Average Total Cost Installed (30 – 40 SF)

For an average kitchen with countertops of around 30 to 40 square feet, homeowners can expect to pay between $1,800 and $10,000 in total for materials and installation.

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost

The cost of recycled glass countertops can vary significantly based on the size of the kitchen:

Kitchen SizeCountertops Square FootageAverage Cost Installed
Small Kitchen (70 – 100 SF)20 – 30$1,200 – $7,500
Average Kitchen (100 – 200 SF)30 – 40$1,800 – $10,000
Large Kitchen (200+ SF)40 – 60$2,400 – $15,000
Kitchen Island or Bar Top4 – 20$240 – $5,000

Glass Countertops Cost Per Square Foot By Type

Different types of glass countertops come with varying costs:

Recycled Glass TypeCost Per Square Foot Installed
Crushed Glass Countertops$50 – $150
Sea Glass Countertops$100 – $250
White Glass Countertops$150 – $250
Tempered Glass Countertops$80 – $150

Sea Glass Countertops Cost

Sea glass countertops range in price from $100 to $250 per square foot. These are often more expensive due to the aesthetic and rarity of the materials used.

Crushed Glass Countertop Prices

Crushed glass countertops are typically more affordable, costing between $50 and $150 per square foot.

Tempered Glass Countertop Prices

Tempered glass countertops are priced between $80 and $150 per square foot. They provide enhanced durability and can be customized to suit various tastes.

Annealed Glass Countertop Costs

The costs for annealed glass countertops weren’t specified, but they generally fall within the same range as tempered glass, as they undergo similar manufacturing processes, albeit with slight differences in durability.

Recycled Glass Countertop Installation Cost Factors

Several factors can influence the overall cost of installing recycled glass countertops:

ItemCost Per Square FootAverage Cost (30 – 40 SF)
Materials$50 – $200$1,500 – $8,000
Labor to Fabricate & Install$10 – $50$300 – $2,000
Total Cost to Install$60 – $250$1,800 – $10,000

Labor Cost to Install Recycled Glass Countertops

Labor costs for the installation of recycled glass countertops range from $10 to $50 per square foot. This includes custom fabrication and precise fitting.

Tile vs. Slab Glass Countertops Cost

The cost difference between tile and slab glass countertops can be quite significant. Tiles are generally less expensive but might require more maintenance due to the presence of grout lines. Slabs, on the other hand, offer a more seamless appearance but come at a higher upfront cost.

Cost of Recycled Glass Countertops By Brand

Different brands of recycled glass countertops vary in both price and features:

ManufacturerMaterial Prices Per Square FootDetails
Bio-Glass$100 – $150Melted into a solid sheet; multiple colors and styles
Curava$50 – $100Glass, quartz, and resin composite
ECO by Cosentino$70 – $120Doesn’t require surface sealing
Environite$70 – $200Combines glass, epoxy, and other recycled materials
GEOS Recycled Glass Counters$60 – $150Glass with a resin binder
IceStone$50 – $100Glass, cement, and pigments
ThinkGlass$200 – $400Melted into a solid sheet; backlighting options
Vetrazzo$100 – $200Makes 16 handmade slabs per month
Vetrostone$100 – $150Blends glass, quartz, and sometimes seashells

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost vs. Granite & Quartz

Comparing recycled glass countertops with other popular materials shows:

MaterialAverage Cost Per Square Foot Installed
Recycled Glass Countertops$60 – $250
Granite Countertops Cost$80 – $150
Quartz Countertops Cost$50 – $200
Quartzite Countertops Cost$65 – $150
Marble Countertops Cost$40 – $150

Pros & Cons of Recycled Glass Countertops

When considering recycled glass countertops, it’s important to weigh their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Often heat-resistant
  • Unique color options
  • Expensive
  • Some types require sealing
  • Some types are prone to chipping or cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Recycled Glass Countertops?

Recycled glass countertops are made from recycled glass and a binder such as epoxy or cement. They come in a variety of colors and styles, often combining small glass pieces to create unique mosaic-like surfaces.

Are Recycled Glass Countertops Durable or Do They Chip?

Recycled glass countertops are fairly durable but can be prone to chipping under heavy impact. Choosing a stronger resin binder can mitigate some of these issues.

Where to Buy Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops can be purchased from various home improvement stores, specialized countertop retailers, and directly from manufacturers. Popular brands include Bio-Glass, Curava, and Vetrazzo.

Getting Estimates From Recycled Glass Countertop Installers

When seeking out estimates for installing recycled glass countertops, consider asking the following questions to ensure you receive the best value and expertise:

Questions to Ask

  1. What is the turnaround time for installation?
  2. Are there additional costs for custom edges or finishes?
  3. What kind of warranty is included with the installation?
  4. How should I care for and maintain the countertops post-installation?
  5. Can I see samples or visit locations with your previous work?

These queries will help ensure you are well-informed and choose the best professional for your project.

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