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How Much Do Rheem And Ruud Furnaces Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointDescription
Furnace Price (Unit Only)$850 – $4,100
Total Installed Cost$2,500 – $7,800
Minimum Efficiency Rating (AFUE)80%
Maximum Efficiency Rating (AFUE)98%
Comparison With Other BrandsRheem/Ruud offer competitive pricing and high efficiency

$850 – $4,100 Furnace Price (Unit Only)

Furnaces from Rheem and Ruud range between $850 to $4,100 for the unit alone. This price varies depending on the model, series, and efficiency rating of the furnace.

$2,500 – $7,800 Total Installed Cost

When considering the total installed cost, which includes the unit price and labor for installation, expect to pay between $2,500 and $7,800. Installation costs can vary based on the complexity of the installation and the region.

Rheem And Ruud Furnace Prices

Rheem and Ruud offer several furnace series with different price ranges and efficiency ratings.

Rheem / Ruud Furnace Prices Table

SeriesAverage Installed CostEfficiency Rating (AFUE)
Classic / Achiever$2,500 – $4,50080% – 92%
Classic Plus / Achiever Plus$3,100 – $5,50080% – 96%
Prestige / Ultra$3,700 – $7,80080% – 98%

Classic / Achiever Series

The Classic / Achiever series offers reliable performance with an efficiency rating ranging from 80% to 92%. These models are typically more affordable and are a great option for those looking to balance cost and functionality.

Classic Plus / Achiever Plus Series

The Classic Plus / Achiever Plus series features enhanced performance with an efficiency rating ranging from 80% to 96%. These models are slightly more expensive but offer additional features and improved energy savings.

Prestige / Ultra Series

The Prestige / Ultra series represents the highest tier offered by Rheem and Ruud, boasting an efficiency rating of up to 98%. These furnaces come with advanced features and top-tier performance, making them the most expensive option.

Rheem And Ruud Furnace Prices By Fuel Type

Prices vary not only by series but also by the type of fuel the furnace uses.

Rheem / Ruud Furnace Prices By Fuel Type Table

Fuel TypeAverage Price (Unit Only)Average Installed Cost
Gas$850 – $4,100$2,500 – $7,800
Oil$1,400 – $4,000$3,000 – $7,700

Ruud / Rheem Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are a popular choice and range from $850 to $4,100 for the unit only. The total installed cost ranges between $2,500 and $7,800, making them a cost-effective and efficient option.

Ruud / Rheem Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces tend to be slightly more expensive, with unit prices ranging from $1,400 to $4,000, and total installed costs between $3,000 and $7,700. These are typically used in areas where gas is less accessible.

Rheem Or Ruud Furnaces Cost Calculator

To help calculate the cost of a furnace, consider the unit price and labor costs.

Rheem / Ruud Furnaces Cost Calculator Table

FactorAverage Cost
Unit$850 – $4,100
Labor$1,600 – $3,700

Total Cost: $2,500 – $7,800


Labor costs for installation can vary quite significantly based on the complexity of the job and the region. Expect labor costs to range from $1,600 to $3,700.

Rheem Or Ruud Prices Vs. Other Furnace Brands

Rheem and Ruud are often compared to other leading brands. Here’s a comparison of the average installed costs and efficiency ratings.

Rheem And Ruud Prices Vs. Other Furnace Brands Table

BrandAverage Installed CostEfficiency Rating (AFUE)
Amana Furnace Prices$2,100 – $8,20080.0% – 98.0%
American Standard Furnace Prices$2,700 – $9,00080.0% – 97.3%
Bryant Furnace Prices$2,300 – $7,00080.0% – 98.3%
Carrier Furnace Prices$2,400 – $8,00080.0% – 98.5%
Goodman Furnace Prices$2,100 – $6,30080.0% – 98.0%
Heil Furnace Prices$2,400 – $6,40080.0% – 98.0%
Lennox Furnace Prices$3,000 – $9,50080.0% – 99.0%
Rheem / Ruud Furnace Prices$2,500 – $7,80080.0% – 98.0%
York Furnace Prices$2,300 – $10,00080.0% – 98.0%

Overall, Rheem and Ruud offer competitive pricing in line with other top brands, while offering high-efficiency ratings up to 98%.

How To Save Money On A Rheem Or Ruud Furnace

Tips To Save On A Rheem Or Ruud Furnace

  • Look for Seasonal Discounts: Buying a furnace during off-peak seasons can save you money.
  • Tax Credits and Rebates: Check for any available tax credits and manufacturer rebates.
  • Proper Maintenance: Regular maintenance can extend the life of your furnace and prevent costly repairs.
  • Energy-Efficient Models: Investing in a more energy-efficient model can save you money in the long run due to lower energy bills.

Rheem Or Ruud Furnace FAQs

Are Rheem And Ruud Good Furnace Brands?

Yes, Rheem and Ruud are well-known and reputable brands in the HVAC industry. They offer a range of furnaces that combine reliability, efficiency, and affordability.

How Long Do Rheem Or Ruud Furnaces Last?

With proper maintenance, Rheem and Ruud furnaces can last between 15 to 20 years. Regular servicing and timely repairs can help extend the lifespan of your furnace.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Replace A Furnace?

The best time to replace a furnace is typically during the off-peak seasons, such as late spring or early fall. During these times, HVAC companies may offer discounts and have more availability.

Who Sells Rheem Or Ruud Furnaces?

Rheem and Ruud furnaces can be purchased from authorized dealers, HVAC contractors, and some home improvement stores. It is recommended to buy from authorized dealers to ensure product authenticity and warranty support.

Getting Estimates From Rheem Or Ruud Furnace Installers

Questions To Ask Rheem Or Ruud Furnace Installers

  • Are you licensed and insured? It’s crucial to hire a certified professional.
  • What is included in the installation cost? Understanding what is covered can prevent unexpected expenses.
  • Do you offer any warranties or guarantees? Knowing the terms can provide peace of mind.
  • Can you provide references? Checking past work can give insight into their reliability and quality.

Understanding the costs, series options, and additional details about Rheem and Ruud furnaces can help you make an informed decision. For specific pricing and installation services, we recommend contacting local HVAC professionals for accurate estimates.

By taking these steps, you can ensure you select the right furnace that fits your needs and budget.

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