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How Much Do Roof Trusses Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Cost Per Truss (Material Only): $60 – $500
Cost Per Square Foot of Roofing Area (Installed): $5 – $14
Average Cost to Frame a Roof With Trusses: $7,500 – $35,000

Roof Truss Prices

Roof trusses are an essential component for many roofing projects. They provide the structural support needed to bear the weight of the roof. The cost can vary widely based on the size, material, and complexity of the truss system. Below are some average costs associated with different projects.

ProjectAverage Cost To Install or Replace
2-car garage$1,900 – $10,800
3-car garage$4,300 – $21,200
1,500 SF roof$7,500 – $21,000
2,000 SF roof$10,000 – $28,000
2,500 SF roof$12,500 – $35,000
3,000 SF roof$15,000 – $42,000
20×20 pole barn$2,500 – $7,100
30×30 pole barn$5,300 – $15,000
40×40 pole barn$9,200 – $25,700
40×60 pole barn$13,500 – $37,800
60×90 pole barn$29,500 – $82,700

Roof Truss Cost Calculator By Size And Pitch

The size and pitch of your roof trusses play a significant role in determining the cost. Below is a guide to help you calculate the cost based on the size and pitch of the truss.

Span (in feet)Average Price (Per Truss)
10$55 – $70
12$60 – $100
14$70 – $150
16$80 – $160
18$90 – $200
20$90 – $250
24$100 – $300
30$120 – $330
32$200 – $350
36$250 – $400
40$280 – $500
50$300 – $790
60$320 – $850

Roof Truss Price Estimator By Material

The material used for roof trusses also impacts cost. Wood and steel are the most common materials used.

MaterialPrice Per Truss
Wood truss$60 – $500
Steel truss$150 – $700

Wood Truss Prices

Wood trusses are affordable and commonly used in residential projects. They provide good structural support and are customizable.

Steel Truss Prices

Steel trusses are stronger and more durable but come with a higher price tag. They are often used in commercial projects or buildings requiring more robust supports.

Prefab, Premade, And Engineered Trusses Cost By Type

Prefab and premade trusses save on labor costs and provide uniformity. Here are the costs associated with different types of pre-engineered trusses.

TypeAverage Price Per Truss
Attic roof truss$100 – $400
Cathedral$250 – $550
Fink truss$120 – $260
Flat / parallel chord$75 – $250
Gable / end truss$80 – $800
Gambrel$100 – $660
Hip truss$100 – $250
King post truss$60 – $160
Mono / half truss$60 – $450
Raised heel / energy truss$70 – $580
Scissor / vaulted$120 – $500

Roof Truss Shapes And Pitches

The shape and pitch of a roof truss can influence both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of a building. Here are popular truss shapes and their details.

Truss TypeDetails
Standard / common– Symmetrical; triangle-shaped
– Most common truss type
– Includes king post, queen post, fink, fan, and howe trusses
Scissor / vaulted– Angled bottom chord
– Used for vaulted ceilings
Gambrel– Two slopes on each side
– Popular truss for barns
Flat / parallel chord– Bottom and top chords are parallel
– Used for flat roofs and floors
Mono / half– Right-angled triangle shape
– One slope
– Common for cabins, garages, and sheds
Hip– Standard truss with a flat top
– Creates a flat roof section between slopes
– Used in combination with standard trusses to form a hip roof

Roof Truss Webbing Styles

Different webbing styles affect the strength and application of trusses. Consider the functionality when choosing a webbing style.

Vaulted Ceiling Truss / Scissor Truss Cost

Scissor trusses are ideal for creating vaulted ceilings while maintaining structural integrity. They generally cost between $120 and $500 per truss.

Cathedral Roof Truss Prices

Cathedral roof trusses create a grand, spacious interior. Their cost ranges from $250 to $550 per truss.

King Post Truss Cost

King post trusses are simple and cost-effective, making them suitable for a variety of structures. They typically cost between $60 and $160 per truss.

Attic Roof Trusses Cost

Attic trusses provide additional storage or living space. They usually cost between $100 and $400 per truss.

Gable / End Truss Cost

Gable trusses, used at the ends of roofs, are typically priced from $80 to $800 per truss.

Cost To Frame A Roof

Framing a roof involves installing the trusses and other structural elements. The roof type significantly impacts the overall cost.

Roof TypeDetails
Gable– Simple, triangular shape
– Common U.S. roof style
– Cost-effective; easily constructed
– Requires extra bracing in high-wind and hurricane-prone regions
Gambrel– Two slopes; common on barns
– Better wind and load protection than gable roofs
– Requires more material, labor, and safety measure than a gable roof
Mansard– Four-sided, double sloped roof
– Maximizes interior space
– Most expensive roof style
Flat– Flat appearance with a low slope for water drainage
– Requires fewer building materials than a pitched roof
– Common on commercial buildings
Lean-to / skillion– Single-slope design
– Ideal for snowy and rainy climates (high-pitched styles)
– Common on sheds, porches, and home additions
A-Frame– Steeply sloped roof extends to the foundation line, creating an “A” shaped structure
– Requires significantly more materials than other roof types
– Simple design reduces labor time

House Roof Trusses Cost

Residential roofs typically have gable or hip trusses. Costs vary based on size and type of truss used.

Garage Roof Trusses Cost

Garages require robust trusses, generally costing between $1,900 and $21,200 depending on size and complexity.

Pole Barn Roof Trusses Cost

Pole barns use specialized trusses to support larger spans. Costs range from $2,500 to $82,700 depending on size.

Lean-To Roof Cost

Lean-to roofs are relatively simple and inexpensive, with costs depending on size and material.

Cost To Install Or Replace Roof Trusses

The installation or replacement of roof trusses involves several factors: material costs, labor, equipment, and disposal fees.

Truss material (wood)$60 – $500 per truss
Labor cost to set and install$40 – $60 per truss
Remove old trusses$30 – $50 per truss
Equipment and crane rental$200 – $700 per day
Disposal fees$100 – $1,000

Labor Cost To Set And Install Roof Trusses

Setting and installing roof trusses require professional expertise. Labor costs typically range from $40 to $60 per truss.

Cost To Remove Old Trusses

Removing old trusses involves careful dismantling and disposal, usually costing $30 to $50 per truss.

Truss Repair Cost

Repairing trusses can be cost-effective if the damage is not severe. Costs will vary based on the extent of repairs needed.

Roof Trusses FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own Trusses?

Building your own trusses can save money, but it requires skill and proper tools. The cost of materials will range based on the type and size of truss you’re building.

What Is The Cheapest Roof Truss Design?

King post trusses are the most affordable, costing between $60 and $160 per truss.

How Long Does It Take To Install Roof Trusses?

Installation time depends on the size and complexity of the project. Typically, it takes 1-2 days to install roof trusses for an average house.

What Size Roof Trusses Do I Need?

The size depends on the span and load requirements of your roof. Consulting with a structural engineer can provide precise specifications.

How Many Roof Trusses Do I Need?

The number of trusses required depends on the roofing area and spacing between trusses. Usually, trusses are spaced 2 feet apart.

Where To Buy Roof Trusses?

Roof trusses can be purchased from building supply stores, truss manufacturers, or online marketplaces.

Finding And Hiring A Framing Carpenter

Hiring a qualified carpenter is crucial for proper installation.

Questions To Ask

When hiring a carpenter, consider asking the following:

  • Do you have references from past projects?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is your experience with similar projects?
  • How long will the project take to complete?
  • What is the estimated total cost?

Ensuring that you hire a competent professional will save time and cost in the long run.

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