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How Much Does A Ruud Air Conditioner Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Unit Cost$1,200 – $5,500 (unit only)
Installed Cost$3,000 – $8,500
Factors Affecting CostSize, Series, SEER Rating, Installation Complexity
Comparison With Other BrandsRuud offers competitive pricing among top brands
Saving TipsChoose the right size, look for rebates, and get multiple quotes

$1,200 – $5,500 Air Conditioner Cost (Unit Only)

The initial cost of a Ruud air conditioner unit alone ranges from $1,200 to $5,500. This cost depends on the AC model and its specifications.

$3,000 – $8,500 Average Total Installed Cost

When considering the total installed cost, including labor and other associated expenses, expect to pay between $3,000 and $8,500. Installation costs can vary significantly based on the complexity of the job and your location.

Ruud Air Conditioner Prices By Size

The size of the air conditioning unit you need depends on the size of your home. Below is a table outlining average costs based on unit size.

Ruud AC Unit Cost By Size

Unit SizeHome Size (Square Feet)Average Unit PriceAverage Installed Cost
1.5 ton600 – 900$1,200 – $3,200$3,000 – $6,200
2 ton900 – 1,200$1,400 – $3,600$3,200 – $6,600
2.5 ton1,200 – 1,500$1,500 – $3,700$3,300 – $6,700
3 ton1,500 – 1,800$1,600 – $4,200$3,400 – $7,200
3.5 ton1,800 – 2,100$1,700 – $4,500$3,500 – $7,500
4 ton2,100 – 2,400$1,800 – $4,700$3,600 – $7,700
5 ton2,400 – 3,000$2,400 – $5,500$4,200 – $8,500

Ruud AC Unit Cost By Series

Ruud offers various series of air conditioners, each with different features and price points.

Ruud Air Conditioner Cost By Series

SeriesAverage Installed CostModel NumbersDescription
Endeavor Ultra$6,000 – $8,500UA18AZPremium units with SEER2 ratings up to 20.5, featuring variable-speed technology
Endeavor Achiever Plus$4,000 – $6,000UA16AZ, UA17AZHigh-efficiency models with two-stage compressors and SEER2 ratings up to 18
Endeavor Achiever$3,000 – $4,000RA15AZ, RA14AZ, RA13NZEconomical series with single-stage compressors and SEER2 ratings up to 16
Endeavor Select*$2,500 – $3,500WA15AZ, WA14AZ, WA13AZEntry-level series with single-stage operation and SEER2 ratings up to 15

Ruud Air Conditioner Cost By SEER Rating

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating impacts both the cost and efficiency of the air conditioner. Higher SEER ratings generally mean higher upfront costs but can lead to long-term savings through reduced energy consumption.

Ruud Air Conditioner Prices By SEER Rating

SEER RatingSEER2 Rating*Average Installed Cost
Up to 1413.2 – 13.4$3,000 – $6,500
15 – 1614.1 – 14.7$3,500 – $7,500
17 – 1915.0 – 16.5$3,700 – $8,500
20 – 2218.0 – 20.5$4,000 – $9,000+

Ruud AC Installation Cost Factors

Several factors can impact the total cost of installing a Ruud air conditioner. These include:

  • Unit Size: Larger units cost more to purchase and install.
  • Installation Complexity: Difficult installations may require additional labor and materials, increasing the total cost.
  • Location: Prices vary by region due to differences in labor costs and climate conditions.
  • Additional Features: High-efficiency models and units with advanced features generally cost more.

Ruud Air Conditioner Prices Vs. Other Brands

Comparing Ruud air conditioners with other brands can help you gauge its competitiveness in terms of cost and efficiency.

Ruud AC Unit Cost Vs. Other Brands

BrandAverage Installed CostSEER2 Rating
Ruud AC unit cost$3,000 – $8,500Up to 20.5
Amana AC unit cost$2,800 – $7,500Up to 22.5
American Standard AC unit cost$3,500 – $8,000Up to 21.5
Bryant AC unit cost$2,300 – $7,000Up to 24.0
Carrier AC unit cost$3,000 – $15,000Up to 24.0
Goodman AC unit cost$3,200 – $6,500Up to 24.5
Heil AC unit cost$3,000 – $9,000+Up to 19.0
Lennox AC unit$3,500 – $10,000Up to 25.8
Rheem AC unit cost$3,000 – $8,500Up to 20.5
Trane AC unit cost$5,000 – $25,000Up to 21.5
York AC unit cost$3,400 – $10,500Up to 20.0

How To Save Money On A Ruud Air Conditioner

Saving money on a Ruud air conditioner involves making informed choices. Here are some tips:

  • Choose The Right Size: Ensuring you get the correctly sized unit can prevent unnecessary expenses and inefficiency.
  • Look For Rebates: Utility companies and government programs often offer rebates on energy-efficient models.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: Comparing quotes from different installers can help you find the best deal.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping your unit well-maintained can extend its lifespan and maintain its efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

Ruud Air Conditioner FAQs

Is Ruud A Good Air Conditioner Brand?

Yes, Ruud is known for offering reliable, high-quality air conditioners. They have a wide range of models to suit different needs and budgets, and they are backed by a solid warranty.

Who Makes Ruud Air Conditioners?

Ruud air conditioners are manufactured by Rheem Manufacturing Company, a well-regarded name in the HVAC industry known for its durable and energy-efficient products.

Where Are Ruud Air Conditioners Made?

Ruud air conditioners are primarily manufactured in the United States, ensuring they meet stringent quality control standards.

How Long Do Ruud Air Conditioners Last?

With proper maintenance, Ruud air conditioners can last between 15 to 20 years. Regular servicing is crucial to extend the lifespan and efficiency of the unit.

Getting Estimates From Ruud Air Conditioner Installers

When considering a Ruud air conditioner, getting estimates from multiple installers can help you secure the best deal.

Questions To Ask Your Ruud AC Installer

  • What size unit do I need for my home?
  • Can you provide a detailed cost breakdown?
  • Are there any rebates or discounts available?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • What is the warranty on the unit and the installation?

By asking these questions, you can ensure you receive a unit that meets your needs and budget. For additional guidance and resources, visit our website at

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