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How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?

$50 – $250
Per Wireless Camera
$80 – $200
Labor Cost Per Camera
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Key Takeaways

Main PointsDetails
Cost Per Camera$125 – $450
Cost to Install a 4-Camera System$500 – $1,600
Wired Installation$150 – $500 per camera
Wireless Installation$130 – $400 per camera
Labor Costs$80 – $200 per camera (depending on type)
Popular Camera TypesCCTV, IP, Dome, Bullet, Smart Home, Hidden, Doorbell, PTZ
Additional CostsCloud Storage fees ($3-$30 per month), Remote Monitoring
Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?
Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?

Security Camera Cost

Installing security cameras typically involves purchasing the cameras themselves and paying for professional installation services. Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Security Camera Cost of Installation Breakdown

TypeCost Per Camera4-Camera System
CCTV$150 – $450$600 – $1,600
IP$125 – $400$500 – $1,500

Security camera costs can vary significantly based on the type of camera, quality, features, and whether they are part of a larger home security system.

Average Cost to Install 4 Security Cameras

National Average Cost$830
Minimum Cost$100
Maximum Cost$4,000
Average Range$500 – $1,600

The national average to install four security cameras is around $830, though prices can range from as low as $100 to as high as $4,000 depending on various factors.

Home Security Camera Cost to Install System

Home Security Camera Cost to Install System

TypeCost Per Camera4-Camera System
Wired$150 – $500$600 – $2,000
Wireless$130 – $400$500 – $1,500
Wire-free$70 – $350$250 – $1,200

Home Security Camera Cost – Wired Security Cameras

ItemAverage Cost
Camera$50 – $350
Labor$100 – $200
Total Per Camera$150 – $500

Wired installations are generally more expensive due to the labor involved in running the cables through walls and ceilings.

Security Camera Cost – Wireless Security Cameras

ItemAverage Cost
Camera$50 – $250
Labor$80 – $150
Total Per Camera$130 – $400

Wireless cameras are easier to install but may still require some professional assistance.

Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?
Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?

Security Camera Cost of Installation – Labor

TypeInstallation Cost
Wired$100 – $200
Wireless$80 – $150
Wire-free$0 – $40

Labor costs vary depending on the complexity of the installation process.

Security Camera Setup & Installation Process

Installation typically involves placement of the cameras in strategic locations, setting up wiring if necessary, configuring the system, and syncing it with a monitoring service or app.

Security Camera Cost By Type

Security Camera Cost By Type

Fake Camera$10 – $20Appears real, acts as a deterrent
Bullet Camera$50 – $250Traditional exterior camera
Smart Home Camera$30 – $400Integrates with smart home systems
Hidden / Mini Camera$20 – $350Disguised as everyday objects
Analog CCTV Camera$25 – $300Connects to DVR for recording
IP Camera$35 – $350Connects to network/NVR via Wi-Fi
Dome Camera$80 – $350Ceiling mounted, wide field of view
Doorbell Camera$100 – $250View and interact with visitors
Box / C-Mount Camera$100 – $500Commercial uses, interchangeable lens
PTZ Camera$100 – $300Remote-controlled, pan-tilt-zoom functions
License Plate Recognition$140 – $900Captures license plate details
Underwater Camera$170 – $600Submersible for pool use
Thermal (FLIR) Camera$1,400 – $3,000Infrared, sees through smoke/fog/darkness

CCTV Security Camera Cost of Installation

SystemAverage Cost
Per Camera$150 – $450
2-Camera System$300 – $900
4-Camera System$600 – $1,600

CCTV Analog vs. IP Camera Systems

Cost$25 – $300 per camera$35 – $350 per camera
Install Labor$100 – $200 per camera$80 – $150 per camera
ProsEasy to configure
24/7 recording
Less impact on network
Less hacking risk
Reliable history
Encrypted video
Up to 4K resolution
Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
Smartphone control
Great for DIY Installation
ConsLimited to 1080p
No encryption
Difficult coax installation
Limited remote access
Fewer audio inputs
Requires internet
More storage needed
Longer setup time
Susceptible to hacking

IP Camera Installation Charges

SystemAverage Cost
Per Camera$125 – $400
2-Camera System$250 – $800
4-Camera System$500 – $1,500

PTZ Security Camera Cost

Remote-controlled Pan, Tilt, and Zoom security cameras typically cost between $100 and $300 per camera, depending on features such as zoom capabilities and resolution.

Mini Home Security Camera Prices

A mini home security camera costs between $20 and $350 per camera. These cameras are often hidden in common objects and used for discreet surveillance.

Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?
Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?

Surveillance Camera Installation Cost Factors

Several factors influence the total cost of installing a security camera system.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Security Cameras

Indoor security cameras are generally cheaper due to the need for less rugged construction compared to outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras require weatherproofing and better protection from potential tampering.

Adding More Security Cameras to a House

The cost per additional camera typically decreases when more cameras are added to a security system. Bulk installation can offer a lower average price per unit due to reduced labor costs.

Camera Resolution

FeatureLow ResolutionHigh Resolution
Cost$45 – $250 each$60 – $350 each
ResolutionBelow 1080p, HD, 1920 x 1080At or above 1080p, 4K
SpecsLess detail, Pixellates when enlarged, General purposesClearer images, Facial recognition, Requires more bandwidth, storage

FPS or Frame Rate

Higher frame rates result in smoother video footage but require more storage. Cameras with adjustable frame rates allow for optimizing storage and video quality needs.

Field of View

Wider field cameras can cover larger areas but may require higher installation points and careful placement.

Motion Detection

Motion detection features can reduce storage needs by only recording when movement is detected, enhancing security by focusing on relevant footage.

Night Vision & Infrared Illuminator

Night vision capability is critical for surveillance after dark. Cameras with infrared illuminators enhance visibility in low-light and dark environments.

Remote Monitoring Service Prices

Remote monitoring services can be added to a security system, typically costing between $15 and $50 per month, depending on the service provider and features included such as cloud storage and emergency response.

Video Storage

Local Storage

Pros– More Secure
– Higher Resolutions
– Data and Power in one cable
– Remote control via phone app
– Easy to Install
– No Network impact
– Cheaper
– Longer camera range
– Proven reliability
Cons– Slightly more expensive
– Network speed impact
– More storage needed
– Longer to configure
– Lower video quality
– Less secure
– Difficult coax install
– Fewer phone apps
– Multiple cables needed for analog cameras

Cloud Storage

BrandMonthlyYearlyDays of Storage
Google Nest Aware$5 – $30$50 – $3005 – 30
Amazon Cloud Cam$7 – $20$70 – $2007 – 30
Arlo$3 – $15$30 – $15030 – 60
Ring$3 – $10$30 – $10060

Additional Camera Features

Security cameras can come with various additional features such as facial recognition, two-way audio, smart alerts, and integration with other smart home devices.

Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?
Security Camera Installed | How Much Does Security Camera Cost to Install?

Best Home Security Cameras

Best Home Security Cameras

CameraCNetTech HivePCMAGToms GuideSafewise
Arlo Pro 3
Arlo Ultra
Deep Sentinel
Reolink Argus 2
Ring Spotlight Cam
TP-Link Kasa KC200
Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
Wyze Cam Pan

Security Cameras With Unique Features

BrandUnique Features
RingSecurity light option, shared events notifications from nearby users
Deep SentinelProfessional monitoring
Arlo GoUses LTE SIM, E911 for emergency contact
Google NestFacial recognition
Amaryllo ZeusHeat maps, fire recognition
Amaryllo AthenaVoice recognition for homeowners
Canary ProDetects various gases and smoke
Furbo Dog CameraDog bark alerts, remote treat dispenser

Security Camera Installation FAQs

Who Installs Security Cameras in a Home?

Security cameras can be installed by professional security companies, electricians, or handymen with experience in installing such systems.

How Much Does a Home Alarm System Cost?

A basic home alarm system can cost between $200 and $1,000, while more advanced systems with multiple cameras, sensors, and monitoring services can cost significantly more.

Difference between Surveillance and Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are generally used for continuous monitoring and recording, often part of a larger security system. Security cameras may include additional features like motion detection, alarms, and integration with other security devices.

How Much Does a Business or Commercial Security System Cost?

Commercial security camera systems cost $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the complexity and scale of the system.

How Much Does a Network Camera Cost?

Network cameras can range from $50 to $500 depending on resolution, features, and brand.

How Much Does a Doorbell Camera Cost?

Doorbell security cameras cost between $100 and $250.

Which Security Cameras Work with a Smart Home?

Smart home-compatible cameras include those from brands like Google Nest, Amazon Ring, and Arlo, which integrate with smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

How Much Does Having a Security System Save on Insurance?

Having a security system can save between 5% and 20% on home insurance premiums, depending on the provider and the system’s features.

DIY Home Security Camera Systems

How to Install Security Cameras

Install cameras 8-10 feet from the groundUse room corners when possible
Avoid pointing cameras at the sun or lightsAvoid directing cameras at windows
Decide on camera visibilityDecide on camera visibility
Protect cameras from elements, use rated cameras for your climateAngle cameras to avoid indirect light

Where to Install Security Cameras?

Location% of Burglaries
Front Door34%
First Floor Windows23%
Back Door22%

How Easy Is It to Install CCTV at Home?

Installing CCTV at home can be straightforward for those with technical skills, particularly with wireless or wire-free systems. Wired systems may require professional assistance.

Hiring a Security Camera Company

When hiring a security camera company, ensure they are licensed, insured, and have good reviews. It’s also advisable to get multiple quotes and verify the scope of work and warranty offered.

In summary, the cost of installing security cameras varies based on the type, quality, and additional features of the cameras, as well as labor costs. Whether installing a basic system for general monitoring or a comprehensive security network, understanding the different options and their costs can help homeowners make informed decisions.

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