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How Much Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Cost?

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Key Takeaways
Average Cost: $125 – $500
National Average Cost: $280
Factors Impacting Cost: Access points, location of blockage, additional repairs
DIY Rental: $70 – $2,300 depending on rental period

$125 – $500: Average Cost of Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection generally costs between $125 and $500, depending on various factors such as the complexity of the job and the specific service provider.

Sewer And Plumbing Camera Inspection Cost

Understanding the costs associated with sewer and plumbing camera inspections is essential for homeowners. Here is a breakdown of the national average costs:

Sewer Camera Inspection Cost
National Average Cost
Minimum Cost
Maximum Cost
Average Range

Sewer Line Camera Inspection Costs

The cost of sewer line camera inspections can vary significantly based on several factors. Below is a table outlining the typical costs associated with different scenarios:

Sewer Line Inspection CostsAverage Cost
Home with cleanout access point$125 – $500
Home with no cleanout access point$175 – $750
Full home and sewer camera inspection$400 – $750

What’s Not Included In The Cost Of A Drain Camera Inspection

It is crucial to note that the initial cost of a drain camera inspection may not cover additional services such as cleaning, repairs, or replacement of damaged pipes. Any obstructive objects removed or extra labor required can also increase the overall cost.

Roto-Rooter Video Camera Inspection Cost

Roto-Rooter is a well-known service provider in the plumbing industry. Their video camera inspection costs are generally in line with the national average but may vary slightly based on the region and specific circumstances of the inspection.

CCTV Sewer Camera Prices

CCTV sewer cameras are commonly used for detailed inspections of drainage systems. The cost for these inspections typically falls within the same range as traditional sewer inspections, but prices may vary depending on the required equipment and the scope of the inspection.

Drain Camera Rental Cost For A DIY Scope

For those considering a DIY approach, renting a drain camera can be a cost-effective alternative. Here are the typical rental costs:

Sewer Camera Rental Cost
Rental Period
4 hours

Reasons For A Sewer Scope Inspection

There are several reasons why a homeowner might need a sewer scope inspection. Identifying problems early can save significant costs and prevent more severe issues down the line.

Signs You Need A Sewer Camera Inspection

Certain signs indicate when a sewer camera inspection may be necessary:

  • Slow drainage or frequent clogs
  • Backed-up toilets or drains
  • Strange odors emanating from drains

Clogged Drain Line

Clogged drain lines are a common issue that a sewer camera inspection can help diagnose accurately, pinpointing the exact location of the blockage.

Broken Or Damaged Plumbing Pipes

Inspecting broken or damaged plumbing pipes is essential to avoid leaks and potential water damage to your property.

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots can intrude into sewer lines, causing blockages and damage. Identifying such problems early through a camera inspection can prevent extensive repairs.

Object Retrieval

Sometimes, foreign objects can accidentally get lodged in the sewer lines. A camera inspection can help retrieve these items.

Part Of A Real Estate Home Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are often part of a comprehensive real estate inspection to ensure that potential buyers are aware of any underlying issues with the plumbing system.

Health Risks From Sewage Exposure

Unchecked sewer issues can lead to health risks from sewage exposure, which makes timely inspections crucial for maintaining a safe living environment.

Sewer Lateral Inspection vs. Main Line Scope

Understanding the difference between a sewer lateral inspection and a main line scope can help homeowners decide on the appropriate service. A lateral inspection focuses on the pipe that connects the home’s plumbing to the main sewer line, while a main line scope inspects the primary sewer line extending beyond the property.

What Is A Sewer Video Inspection?

A sewer video inspection involves using a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible rod. This camera is inserted into the sewer lines to provide a real-time view of their condition.

How Much Does A Sewer Scope Inspection Cost?

The cost for a sewer scope inspection typically ranges from $125 to $500, depending on the factors discussed earlier.

How Is A Sewer Camera Inspection Performed?

A technician will insert a specialized camera into the sewer line via an access point or cleanout. As it travels through the line, it transmits video data to a monitor, allowing the technician to identify any issues such as clogs, breaks, or intrusions.

What Can I Expect To See From The Sewer Video Inspection?

During the inspection, you can expect to see the interior condition of your sewer lines. This includes any blockages, cracks, root intrusions, or other types of damage.

How Far Will The Drain Camera Inspection Go?

The camera can typically travel up to 100 feet or more, depending on the specifics of the equipment used and the condition of the sewer lines.

How Long Does A Sewer Inspection Take?

A typical sewer inspection can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the system and the issues encountered.

Hiring A Plumber Or Sewer Scope Inspector

When hiring a professional, it’s important to choose a qualified and reputable inspector.

Questions To Ask

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How long have you been performing sewer inspections?
  • Can you provide an itemized estimate of the inspection cost?
  • Do you offer any guarantees on your work?
  • What additional services do you offer if issues are found?

Hiring the right expert ensures that the job is done correctly and that you receive a clear understanding of the state of your sewer lines.

By comprehending the various costs and reasons for a sewer camera inspection, homeowners can make informed decisions about their plumbing systems, ensuring long-term functionality and peace of mind.

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