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How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?

$250 – $2,000
Shed Removal Cost
$1,200 – $3,500
Shed & Concrete Pad Removal Cost
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Key Takeaways

Key PointsSummary
Cost Range$250 – $2,000 for shed removal only; $1,200 – $3,500, including concrete pad
FactorsMaterial, Location, Condition, Labor, Foundation, Utility Disconnection, Contents
PermitVaries by location, often required for larger structures
TimeTypically one to two days
EstimatesGet multiple quotes, ask specific questions about the service
Old Shed | How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?
Old Shed | How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?

Average Shed Removal Cost

The average cost for just removing a shed typically ranges between $250 and $2,000. This wide range depends on multiple factors like the size and material of the shed, its condition, and how easily accessible it is.

Average Shed & Concrete Pad Removal Cost

For removing a shed along with its concrete pad, the costs are generally higher, ranging from $1,200 to $3,500. This is due to the extra labor and complexity involved in demolishing and removing the concrete foundation.

Shed Removal Cost

Demolition and Shed Removal Cost

Shed SizeAverage Demo & Removal Cost
8′ x 6′$250 – $1,200
8′ x 12′$400 – $1,800
10′ x 12′$600 – $2,200
10′ x 16′$800 – $2,800
12′ x 20′$1,000 – $3,200
12′ x 24′$1,200 – $3,500
Red Shed on Backyard | How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?
Red Shed on Backyard | How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?

Shed Removal Cost Factors

Shed Material

The material of the shed significantly affects the removal cost. Wooden sheds are usually cheaper to remove than metal or vinyl sheds due to the weight and handling differences.

Shed Location & Accessibility

If your shed is in a hard-to-reach area, such as a backyard with no direct vehicle access, the removal cost may increase. Ease of access can reduce labor time and expenses.

Shed Condition

A well-maintained shed may be easier and cheaper to dismantle compared to one that is dilapidated or has structural damage. Dealing with unstable structures can take more time and labor.

Shed Demolition & Removal Labor

Labor costs vary from one region to another. The complexity of the demolition process and the number of workers required also influence costs.


Removing a shed with a concrete foundation incurs additional costs. This is because the concrete pad itself needs to be broken up and disposed of, which is more labor-intensive than removing just the shed.

Utility Disconnection

If your shed has electricity, plumbing, or other utilities connected, you may need specialized services to disconnect these utilities safely before demolition.

Shed Contents

If your shed is filled with belongings, you may either need to clear it out yourself or pay additional fees for the removal service to handle the contents.

Shed on Backyard | How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?
Shed on Backyard | How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?

Shed Removal FAQs

Do I Need A Permit To Remove A Shed?

A permit may be required for shed removal, especially for larger structures. We recommend checking your local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance.

How Long Does It Take To Tear Down And Remove A Shed?

Typically, shed removal can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the size and complexity of the removal process.

When Should A Shed Be Removed?

A shed should be removed when it no longer serves a purpose, becomes unsafe, or requires more in maintenance than it is worth. Factors like structural damage, water leaks, and pest infestations are signs that removal may be necessary.

Getting Estimates For Shed Removal

Obtaining multiple estimates is crucial to ensure you get the best deal. Prices can vary widely between different companies and locations. Make sure to ask for a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

Questions To Ask Shed Demolition And Removal Companies

  • What is included in your estimate?
  • Do you handle utility disconnections?
  • Will you clean up the site after removal?
  • Do you have insurance and the necessary permits?
  • How long will the removal process take?

Shed removal costs can vary significantly depending on several factors. It’s important to understand these variables, seek multiple estimates, and ask the right questions to ensure a smooth and cost-effective shed removal.

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