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How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost? (2024)

$5 – $20
Cost per Bush (2’ – 6’ tall)
$40 – $75
Average Cost per Hour
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Key Takeaways

Key PointsDetails
Cost per Bush (2’ – 6’ tall)$5 – $20
Cost per Bush (taller than 6’)$10 – $35
Average Cost per Hour$40 – $75
Average National Cost$200
Minimum Cost$60
Maximum Cost$700
Average Range$100 – $400
DIY Tools$5 – $250 depending on the tool
Trimming Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?
Trimming Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?

Shrub and bush trimming costs can vary depending on the size and amount you need trimming. This guide explores the typical costs associated with trimming your shrubs and bushes. Whether you’re looking to maintain the shape of your hedges, promote healthy growth, or enhance the overall appearance of your garden, understanding the expenses involved is crucial. We’ll break down the factors that affect pricing, such as the type and condition of the shrubs, the frequency of trimming, and any additional services required. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of what to expect when budgeting for professional shrub and bush trimming services.

Cost Per Bush (2’ – 6’ Tall)

For bushes and shrubs ranging from 2 to 6 feet in height, homeowners can expect to pay between $5 and $20 per bush.

Cost Per Bush (Taller Than 6′)

When dealing with taller bushes and shrubs that exceed 6 feet, the cost generally ranges from $10 to $35 per bush.

Average Cost Per Hour

The average rate for professional shrub and bush trimming services typically falls between $40 and $75 per hour. This rate may vary depending on the complexity of the job and geographical factors.

Shrub And Bush Trimming Cost Overview

The costs associated with trimming shrubs and bushes can depend on several factors. Below is a table summarizing the various charges:

Trimming ChargesAverage Cost
Per Hour$40 – $75
Per Bush or Shrub (2′ to 6′ Tall)$5 – $20
Per Bush or Shrub (Taller than 6′)$10 – $35
Per 10′ Hedge Length$25 – $60
Trimmed Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?
Trimmed Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?

Average Shrub and Bush Trimming Costs

The average cost to trim bushes varies widely depending on several factors such as the size of the bushes and the complexity of the work required.

National Average Cost$200
Minimum Cost$60
Maximum Cost$700
Average Range$100 to $400

Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost By Size

Bush size is a critical factor in determining the trimming cost. Below are the approximate costs based on bush size:

Bush SizeCost to Trim per Bush
Shorter than 2′$3 – $5
2′ – 4′$5 – $12
4′ – 6′$8 – $20
Taller than 6′$10 – $35

Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost By Amount

The total cost can also be determined by the number of shrubs being trimmed. Here is a summary:

Number of ShrubsTotal Cost to Trim
1$5 – $20
2$10 – $40
3$15 – $60
4$20 – $80
5$25 – $100
10$50 – $200
15$75 – $300
20$100 – $400
25$125 – $500
Shrubs and Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?
Shrubs and Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?

Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost Factors

Several factors influence the cost of trimming bushes and shrubs, including:

Pruning Cost Per Hour

Pruning is a critical aspect of maintaining the health and appearance of shrubs and bushes. It typically costs between $40 and $75 per hour.

Tree Trimming

If tree trimming is also required, it can add an additional $50 to $500 per tree, depending on the size and complexity of the tree.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming often costs between $25 and $60 per 10 feet of hedge. The price may vary based on the hedge height and density.

Extra Landscaping Services

Additional landscaping services may include mulching, fertilizing, and landscaping design, which can significantly add to the overall costs.

DIY Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost

DIY bush trimming is an option for those looking to save money. However, it requires specific tools and equipment. Here are the costs associated with common DIY bush trimming tools:

Safety Glasses$5 – $20
Work Gloves$5 – $25
Bypass Pruner$10 – $40
Tarp$10 – $50
Garden Shears$20 – $50
Hedge Trimmer$50 – $250
Trimming Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?
Trimming Bushes | How Much Does Shrub and Bush Trimming Cost?

Bush & Shrub Trimming FAQs

When To Trim Bushes And Shrubs

The best time to trim bushes and shrubs generally depends on the specific type of plant. However, late winter or early spring is often ideal for many shrubs, allowing them to recover and grow healthily during the growing season.

Can You Kill A Bush By Trimming It?

Improper trimming can indeed harm or even kill a bush. It’s vital to use the right tools and techniques, and when in doubt, consider hiring a professional.

What’s The Difference Between Trimming And Pruning?

Trimming typically refers to cutting back overgrown plants for aesthetic purposes, while pruning is a more precise method often used to remove dead or diseased branches to promote healthier growth.

Getting Quotes From Bush And Shrub Trimming Services

Questions To Ask

When seeking professional trimming services, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Consider inquiring about:

  1. Experience and Certification: Ask how long the company has been in business and whether their workers have any certifications.
  2. Insurance: Ensure the company has appropriate insurance coverage.
  3. References: Request references or read online reviews.
  4. Cost Estimates: Get a detailed estimate including any potential extra charges.
  5. Scheduled Maintenance Plans: Inquire if they offer scheduled trimming and maintenance services.

By understanding these costs and factors, homeowners can make informed decisions about maintaining their shrubs and bushes, ensuring they stay healthy and visually appealing.

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