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How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?

$300 – $600
Labor Cost (installation only)
$700 – $2,400
Total Replacement Cost (door + installation)
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Key Takeaways

Key PointDetails
Labor Cost$300 – $600 (installation)
Total Replacement Cost$700 – $2,400 (door + installation)
Factors Affecting CostSize, material, quality, and manufacturer
Repair CostsVaries by components and tasks, e.g., door lock replacement: $40 – $200
Modern Sliding Glass Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?
Modern Sliding Glass Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?

Install Labor Costs Only

Sliding glass door costs of installation typically range from $300 to $600, depending on the complexity of the job and regional labor rates.

Total Sliding Glass Door Cost To Replace (Door + Installation)

The complete replacement cost for sliding glass doors, including both the door itself and the installation, ranges from $700 to $2,400.

Sliding Glass Door Cost To Replace Overview

Here’s a breakdown of the average costs associated with replacing sliding glass doors:

ItemAverage Cost
Removing Old Door$100 – $250
New Sliding Door$400 – $1,800
Install Labor$200 – $350
Total$700 – $2,400

Sliding Glass Door Cost By Size

The size of the sliding door significantly influences total replacement cost:

SizeAverage Door CostTotal Replacement Cost
5 Feet$400 – $800$700 – $1,400
6 Feet$600 – $900$900 – $1,500
8 Feet$700 – $1,000$1,100 – $1,600
9 Feet$800 – $1,100$1,200 – $1,700
10 Feet$950 – $1,200$1,350 – $1,900
12 Feet$950 – $1,300$1,400 – $2,000
15 Feet$1,300 – $1,600$1,800 – $2,500

Sliding Glass Door Cost Overview

The prices of sliding glass doors vary based on their quality and features:

QualityAverage CostFeatures
Basic$300 – $800Aluminum/vinyl, standard size, single-pane
Mid-range$800 – $2,000Wood/clad, double-pane, built-in blinds, low-E, Energy Star
High-End$2,000 – $5,000Mid-range + fiberglass, custom sizes, triple-pane, top brands, impact-resistant

Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Door Costs

PanelsDoor CostDoor + Install Cost
2 Panels (5 to 8 feet)$300 – $2,200$500 – $2,600
3 Panels (9 feet)$700 – $4,000$1,000 – $4,500
4 Panels (12 feet)$1,900 – $5,000$2,300 – $5,800
Wood Frame Sliding Glass Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?
Wood Frame Sliding Glass Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?

Sliding Glass Door Cost By Frame Material

Different materials come with unique pros and cons:

MaterialAverage CostProsCons
Solid Wood$1,000 – $2,200Superior performance, Natural beauty, InsulatingFrequent maintenance needed, Can be expensive
Clad Wood$800 – $2,800Little maintenance, Weather-resistantCan be expensive, Requires interior maintenance
Aluminum$250 – $1,600Strong, Easy to maintainDent-prone, May rust in humid climates

Sliding Glass Doors Cost By Glass Type

Different types of glass affect the overall cost:

TypeAverage Prices
Soundproof$1,200 – $4,000
Hurricane Proof / Impact$1,000 – $3,000
Double Pane$450 – $2,100
Triple Pane$2,000 – $6,000

Sliding Glass Door Cost By Manufacturer

Here are price ranges for various manufacturers:

ManufacturerAverage Prices
Andersen$800 – $3,500
Andersen 400 Series$1,500 – $3,500
Pella$350 – $2,400
Marvin$2,800 – $3,900
PGT$2,000 – $3,300
Milgard$1,000 – $3,500
Masterpiece$750 – $1,900
ThermaStar$350 – $1,400

Sliding Glass Door Cost Vs. French Door Cost

Comparison of sliding doors to French doors:

TypeAverage Cost
French Patio Doors$700 – $1,800
Sliding Glass Doors$800 – $2,400
Outdoor Sliding Glass Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?
Outdoor Sliding Glass Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?

Sliding Glass Door Cost To Install

ProjectAverage Cost
Replace Existing Sliding Door$800 – $2,000
Retrofit Existing Opening$1,100 – $2,600
Install New Door Into Wall$1,400 – $3,500

Additional Costs To Install Sliding Doors

ItemAverage Cost
Permits$75 – $500
Structural Engineer Fee$300 – $1,000
Retrofitting Existing Opening$400 – $800
Creating New Opening In Wall$400 – $1,500

Sliding Glass Door Cost To Install Into Wall

Expect higher costs for installation into a solid wall versus an existing opening due to additional structural work required.

Old Patio Door Removal Cost

Removing an old patio door typically costs between $100 and $250.

Sliding Patio Door Cost To Install Upgrades

ItemAverage Cost
Automatic Sliding Doors Kit$400 – $1,300
Commercial Automatic Sliding Doors$5,000 – $7,000
Screen Doors$170 – $350
Vertical Blinds$20 – $150
Plantation Shutters$700 – $1,500
Pet Panel$130 – $400
Window Tinting$170 – $340

Sliding Screen Doors Cost

Comparison between sliding screen doors and retractable options:

Materials$40 – $200$100 – $450
Materials + Install$130 – $350$190 – $550

Installing Shutters And Blinds

Installing shutters and blinds on your sliding glass doors can add privacy and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. The cost of installing shutters and blinds varies based on the type and material chosen. Plantation shutters, for instance, are popular due to their durability and classic look, with costs ranging from $700 to $1,500 per door. Vertical blinds are a more budget-friendly option, typically costing between $20 and $150 per door. Both options provide effective light control and can complement the overall decor of your space.

Patio Doors With Built-In Blinds Cost

Patio doors with built-in blinds offer a sleek and modern solution for light control and privacy. These integrated blinds are housed between the glass panes, providing a clutter-free look and eliminating the need for external window treatments. The cost of patio doors with built-in blinds ranges from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the size, material, and brand. This option is convenient and low-maintenance, as the blinds are protected from dust and damage.

Sliding Door Locks & Security

Ensuring your sliding glass doors are secure is essential for home safety. Upgrading the locks can significantly enhance security. Standard sliding door locks cost between $40 and $200, depending on the complexity and quality of the lock system. For added security, consider installing additional security bars or foot locks, which can provide extra protection against forced entry. High-security lock systems, including smart locks, may cost more but offer advanced features like remote access and monitoring.

Cost To Install Pet Panel

Pet panels for sliding glass doors allow your pets to move in and out freely while maintaining the security and insulation of your home. The cost to install a pet panel ranges from $130 to $400. This cost includes the pet panel itself, which is designed to fit within the sliding door track, and the installation labor. Pet panels are available in various sizes to accommodate different pet breeds and can be a convenient addition for pet owners.

White Sliding Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?
White Sliding Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?

Cost To Tint Sliding Glass Doors

Tinting your sliding glass doors can improve privacy, reduce glare, and enhance energy efficiency by blocking UV rays. The cost to tint sliding glass doors typically ranges from $170 to $340, depending on the size of the doors and the quality of the tint film. Professional installation ensures a smooth, bubble-free application and maximizes the effectiveness of the tint. Tinting can also protect your furniture and flooring from fading due to sun exposure.

Sidelights And Transoms

Adding sidelights and transoms to your sliding glass doors can enhance natural light and add architectural interest to your home. Sidelights are narrow windows placed on either side of the door, while transoms are horizontal windows installed above the door. The cost of installing sidelights ranges from $300 to $700 per window, and transoms can cost between $200 and $600. These additions not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your entryway but also improve the overall lighting in your living space.

Sliding Glass Door Cost to Repair

AreaAverage Cost
Door Lock Replacement$40 – $200
Complete Screen Door Replacement$70 – $225
Screen Repair Kit (DIY)$5 – $20
Door Frame Replacement$130 – $380

Potential Hidden Repair Costs

ItemAverage Cost
Flooring Repair$6 – $10 per square foot
Siding Repair$3 – $11 per square foot
Concrete Patio Repair$1 – $3 per square foot

Sliding Glass Door Cost of Maintenance

Regular maintenance of sliding glass doors is crucial to ensure their longevity and smooth operation. Maintenance tasks include cleaning the glass and tracks, lubricating the rollers, and inspecting the seals for any signs of wear or damage. Annual professional maintenance checks can help address potential issues early and extend the life of your doors. Typical maintenance costs range from $75 to $150 per visit. Keeping your sliding doors well-maintained ensures they remain functional and secure, providing years of reliable use.

Sliding Glass Doors FAQs

Who Installs Sliding Glass Doors?

Professional contractors or specialized door installers typically handle the installation of sliding glass doors.

Do Sliding Doors Come With A Warranty?

Yes, most sliding glass doors come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which typically covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period.

Black Sliding Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?
Black Sliding Door | How Much Does A Sliding Glass Door Cost?

DIY Sliding Door Replacement Cost

DIY replacement of sliding doors can be more cost-effective but requires proper tools and expertise:

ItemAverage Cost
Utility Knives$10 – $20
Power Drill$50 – $150
Siding Trim$20 – $60
Wood Screws$5 – $10

How To Install Sliding Glass Door

  1. Measure And Pick The Right Sliding Door.
  2. Remove The Old Door.
  3. Prepare The Opening.
  4. Position And Secure The New Sliding Door.
  5. Add Finishing Touches.

Hiring A Sliding Glass Door Installer

Questions To Ask Pros

When hiring a professional, inquire about their experience, warranty coverage, insurance, and detailed quotes.

In summary, planning and budgeting for a sliding glass door project involves understanding various cost factors, from the door material and size to installation labor. Homeowners should carefully consider their options and potentially consult professionals to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

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