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How Much Does Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost?

$65 – $90
Professional Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost Per Head
$2 – $12
DIY Material Cost Per Head
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Key Takeaways

Main Points
Average cost to hire a pro: $65 – $90 per head
DIY material cost per head: $2 – $12
Type of sprinkler head affects costs
Repair costs vary based on issue severity
Regular maintenance can prolong the life of sprinkler heads
Sprinkler system installed | How Much Does It Cost To Winterize Sprinkler System?
How Much Does Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost?

Cost To Replace Each Head (Hiring A Pro)

When you hire a professional, the typical sprinkler head replacement cost generally falls between $65 and $90 for each head. This encompasses both parts and labor, ensuring a functioning and properly adjusted sprinkler system.

Price Per Head (DIY Materials)

If you decide to replace the sprinkler heads yourself, the cost for materials ranges from $2 to $12 per head. This approach can save you money but requires some handyman skills and understanding of your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost

Replacing a sprinkler head entails variable costs. Let’s break down these costs:

Sprinkler Head Replacement CostCost
National Average Cost$65
Minimum Cost$2
Maximum Cost$90
Average Range$65 – $90

Average Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost

The average sprinkler head replacement cost encompasses factors like the type of sprinkler and whether you opt for professional services or a DIY approach. For those leaning towards DIY, it’s essential to understand the range of prices for various sprinkler head types.

Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost by Type

We compiled a table listing different types of sprinkler heads along with their part and replacement costs. This will help in understanding the price variance:

Head TypePart CostReplacement Cost
Pop-Up 2″$3 – $4$8 – $11
Pop-Up 4″–6″$2 – $5$8 – $11
Pop-Up 8″–12″$10 – $12$19 – $21
Fixed$7 – $11$12 – $16
Rotating-Gear Driven$7$16
Bubbler$1$6 – $8
Sprinkler Head | How Much Does Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost?
Sprinkler Head | How Much Does Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost?

Sprinkler Head Types

Choosing the right type of sprinkler head is often dependent on the lawn or garden requirements. Here are the main types:

Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

Pop-up sprinkler heads are common in residential lawns because they retract back into the ground, making them less prone to damage. They are efficient for even water distribution.

Fixed-Spray Sprinkler Heads

Fixed-spray heads deliver a specific pattern of water spray and are typically used for small to medium-sized areas. They offer consistent coverage but need proper spacing.

Gear-Driven Sprinkler Heads

These heads rotate slowly to distribute water over a large area, making them ideal for expansive lawns. They are quieter and more water-efficient compared to impact sprinklers.

Flood Sprinkler Heads

Flood sprinkler heads are meant for larger, open areas and can deliver higher water volumes, making them suitable for agriculture or extensive gardens.

Shrub Sprinkler Heads

Specifically designed for watering shrubs and garden beds, these heads can be adjusted to various heights and angles to ensure adequate coverage.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

Rotary heads rotate streams of water over long distances, ensuring even distribution in larger areas. They are highly efficient and suitable for diverse landscaping needs.

Sprinkler Head Repair Costs

Repairing an existing sprinkler head can be a more cost-effective solution than replacement, depending on the issue.

How Much Does Sprinkler Repair Cost?

The cost of repairing a sprinkler head can vary significantly based on the problem and the type of head. Minor repairs may cost as little as $50, while more extensive repairs can go up to $200 or more.

Best Sprinkler System Head Types

Choosing the best sprinkler system head depends on various factors like lawn size, water pressure, and specific watering needs.

How To Replace A Sprinkler Head

Replacing a sprinkler head involves several steps to ensure proper function. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Identify the Malfunctioning Head: Locate the sprinkler head that requires replacement.
  2. Shut Off Water Supply: Turn off the irrigation system and water supply to the specific zone.
  3. Remove the Old Head: Unscrew and remove the damaged sprinkler head.
  4. Install the New Head: Screw in the new sprinkler head, ensuring it matches the previous head’s type and specifications.
  5. Adjust the Sprinkler Head: Ensure it’s level and spray pattern is correct.
  6. Test the System: Turn the water back on and check for proper operation and leaks.
Sprinkler Head | How Much Does Sprinkler Head Replacement Cost?

How To Adjust Sprinkler Heads

Adjusting sprinkler heads is crucial for optimal water coverage and efficiency. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate Adjustment Screw: Most sprinkler heads have an adjustment screw on top.
  2. Adjust Spray Pattern: Use a flat-head screwdriver to change the spray pattern or distance as needed.
  3. Check Water Pressure: Adjust the water pressure at the valve if necessary.
  4. Test Coverage: Turn on the system and ensure even distribution of water.

Sprinkler Head Replacement FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Fire Sprinkler Heads?

Replacing a fire sprinkler head can cost between $50 and $100 per head, including parts and labor. This cost can increase for specialized or high-end sprinkler systems.

How Long Do Sprinkler Heads Last?

On average, sprinkler heads last between 5 to 10 years. Regular maintenance can prolong their lifespan and effectiveness.

How Much Does A Sprinkler Pump Cost?

A sprinkler pump can cost between $200 and $500, depending on the type and capacity. Installation costs may add an additional $300 or more.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Sprinkler System Blowout?

A professional blowout of your sprinkler system typically costs between $60 and $100. This process is essential for winterizing the system to prevent freeze damage.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Sprinkler System?

Annual maintenance costs for a sprinkler system range from $100 to $300. This includes inspections, minor repairs, and adjustments to ensure the system operates efficiently.

Will I Waste Water Using A Sprinkler System?

A well-maintained sprinkler system is designed to use water efficiently. Properly installed and adjusted heads minimize water wastage by targeting only necessary areas, reducing runoff, and ensuring even coverage.

These insights should help you navigate the typical sprinkler head replacement costs and other considerations involved in replacing and maintaining your sprinkler heads. Regular checks and timely repairs can save you both water and money, ensuring your lawn remains lush and healthy all year round. If you are looking to read more about the typical costs associated with installing a new sprinkler system, you can go to our Sprinkler System Installation Cost Guide.

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