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How Much Does A Telephone Pole Cost? (2024)

$100 – $900
Telephone Pole (Material)
$1,200 - $5,600
Installation Cost Per Pole.
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Key Takeaways

Main PointsDetails
Telephone Pole (Material)$100 – $900 per pole
Installation Costs$1,200 – $5,600 per pole
Cost Range by Pole Size25-foot: $100 – $300, 55-foot: $650 – $900
Types of Utility PolesOverhead wood light poles, overhead meter poles, etc.
Pole LifespanApproximately 25-50 years depending on material and conditions
Installation FactorsPole size, type, location, labor costs
Telephone Pole Installed | How Much Does A Telephone Pole Cost?
Telephone Pole Installed | How Much Does A Telephone Pole Cost?

Understanding the telephone pole costs is important for budgeting and planning utility installations or replacements. This article will delve into the factors that influence the price of telephone poles, helping you get a clear picture of the potential expenses involved.

Telephone Pole Cost By Size

Purchasing a telephone pole involves considering the size and the material prices, which can vary widely. Below is a detailed table on material price ranges by pole size:

Pole SizeMaterial Price Range*
25-foot$100 – $300
30-foot$100 – $400
35-foot$200 – $500
40-foot$200 – $550
45-foot$300 – $800
50-foot$500 – $900
55-foot$650 – $900

Telephone Pole Costs To Install

The installation of a telephone pole significantly increases the total cost. The primary factors affecting the installation cost include the type of pole, its height, location, and required labor.

  • Labor Costs: Labor can be a major contributor to the cost of installation. Professionals need to ensure the pole is securely set and properly aligned.
  • Equipment: Special equipment for digging and placing the pole increases the costs.
  • Location: Installation in remote or inaccessible areas can further increase prices due to transportation and difficulty of setting up the pole.

Generally, installation costs range from $1,200 to $5,600 per pole.

Utility Or Power Pole Cost

Different types of utility poles serve various purposes and come at different costs. The table below provides a comparison of average costs based on the type of utility pole:

FactorAverage CostDetails
Overhead Wood Light Pole$400 – $4,000Pole is 25′ to 40′ tall
Overhead Meter Pole$500 – $2,200Pole is 25′ tall. Service line connects to nearby power pole at the road.
Underground Meter Pole$300 – $1,600Pole is a 4″x6″x 8′ treated post, maximum of 300′ from a transformer
Overhead Utility/Power Pole$1,200 – $5,600Pole is 25′ to 125′ tall. Used over longer distances and connects to a meter pole.
New Telephone pole
Telephone Pole on Street | How Much Does A Telephone Pole Cost?

Telephone Pole FAQs

Where To Buy A Telephone Pole?

Telephone poles can be purchased from specialized suppliers, electrical companies, and utility service providers. Some home improvement stores also sell them, but they generally cater more to other types of poles like light or short utility poles.

How Long Does A Telephone Pole Last?

A telephone pole typically lasts between 25 to 50 years. Factors such as material (wood, concrete, metal), weather conditions, and maintenance all affect the lifespan.

How Far Apart Are Telephone Poles?

Telephone poles are generally spaced around 125 feet apart in urban areas. In rural areas, the distance can extend up to 300 feet or more depending on the terrain and other factors.

How Tall And Deep Is A Telephone Pole?

The height of a telephone pole ranges from 25 feet to over 50 feet. For installation, it’s typically buried around 6 feet deep, though this can vary based on the pole’s size and local regulations.

How Much Does A Telephone Pole Weigh?

A wooden telephone pole can weigh between 700 to 2,500 pounds, depending on its height and the type of wood. Larger poles and those made of denser materials such as concrete or metal weigh significantly more.

Who Can Install Or Remove A Telephone Line From a Pole To House?

Qualified professionals, generally electricians or specialized utility service teams, are required to install or remove telephone lines. It ensures safety and compliance with local regulations.

Getting Estimates From Telephone Pole Installers

To obtain a comprehensive estimate for installing telephone poles, certain considerations could greatly aid the accuracy and reliability of their quotes.

Questions To Ask

  • What is the total cost for both materials and labor?
  • Are there any additional fees for remote or hard-to-reach locations?
  • How long will the installation process take?
  • What kind of maintenance is required post-installation?
  • Is the installation company licensed, insured, and experienced with similar projects?

In sum, installing a telephone pole is an investment requiring expertise and precision. Understanding the varieties of poles and their respective costs — from the pole itself to installation — can better equip you for making informed decisions. We encourage obtaining detailed estimates and asking the right questions to ensure a smooth and effective installation process.

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