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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? (2024)

$150 – $500
Average Cost To Cut Down A Tree (Under 30' Tall)
$5 – $25
Average Cost Per Foot Of Tree Height
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Tree removal can be a necessary part of maintaining property health and safety. Various factors influence tree removal costs. In this article, we’ll the factors affecting these costs, and provide additional insights into tree removal services.

Key Takeaways

Key PointDescription
Average Cost For Small Trees$150 – $500
Average Cost For Medium Trees$300 – $1,000
Average Cost For Large Trees$650 – $2,000
National Cost Range$300 – $2,000
Cost By Tree SpeciesVaries based on type and size
Factors Influencing CostTree height, location, type, and additional services
Freshly Cut Tree | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?
Freshly Cut Tree | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Average Cost To Cut Down A Tree (Under 30′ Tall)

Removing small trees, those under 30 feet tall, typically costs between $150 and $500. This cost range generally covers labor, equipment, and hauling away debris.

Average Cost To Remove A Tree (30′ – 80′ Tall)

For medium to large trees (30′ to 80′ tall), the removal cost increases significantly, ranging from $300 to as much as $2,000. Factors such as tree condition, location, and complexity of the job affect the final price.

Average Cost Per Foot Of Tree Height

An alternative way to estimate tree removal costs is by calculating the price per foot of tree height. In most cases, it ranges from $5 to $25 per foot. This could be useful for exceptionally tall or unique trees.

Tree Removal Cost

Here’s a breakdown of tree removal costs based on tree height:

Tree HeightAverage Cost
Small (under 30′ tall)$150 – $500
Medium (30′ – 60′ tall)$300 – $1,000
Large (60′ – 80′ tall)$650 – $2,000
Extra-large (over 80′ tall)$1,200 – $2,700

Average Tree Removal Cost

Nationwide averages for tree removal provide a useful benchmark:

National Average Cost$1,150
Minimum Cost$150
Maximum Cost$6,000
Average Range$300 – $2,000
Men cutting down a tree in a backyard
Professionals removing trees from the backyard | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Cost To Cut Down A Large Tree

Large trees often incur higher costs due to increased labor and equipment requirements:

Tree HeightAverage Tree Removal Cost
40′$300 – $700
50′$450 – $1,000
60′ – 80′$650 – $2,000
80′ – 100′$1,200 – $2,700

Small Tree Removal Cost

The cost for removing small trees (under 30 feet tall) typically ranges from $150 to $500. This lower cost reflects the reduced labor and equipment needed.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Removing fallen trees can cost $75 to $150, depending on the tree’s size and the difficulty in accessing it on the property.

Dead Tree Removal Cost

Dead trees are often more dangerous to remove than healthy ones, and costs can range between $200 and $2,000, depending on the tree’s size and location.

Cost To Cut Down A Tree By Type

Different species of trees have varying removal costs due to their size and wood type:

Tree SpeciesAverage Cost To RemoveTypical Mature Height (Feet)
Ash Tree$800 – $1,90060′ – 120′
Bradford Pear Tree$400 – $1,00030′ – 50′
Cedar Tree$250 – $2,50040′ – 120′
Cherry Tree$500 – $1,30015′ – 35′
Conifer$600 – $4,50020′ – 60′
Crabapple$150 – $90015′ – 25′
Cypress$400 – $6,00050′ – 80′
Dogwood$125 – $2,00020′ – 60′
Elm Tree$600 – $3,00040′ – 80′
Eucalyptus$500 – $3,80040′ – 180′
Fir Tree$450 – $5,20040′ – 260′
Hemlock Tree$300 – $2,70040′ – 130′
Holly Tree$450 – $2,70040′ – 100′
Magnolia Tree$150 – $1,00010′ – 70′
Maple Tree$600 – $2,80050′ – 100′
Oak Tree$250 – $2,50040′ – 80′
Palm Tree$150 – $90030′ – 50′
Pear Tree$150 – $70015′ – 40′
Pecan Tree$650 – $2,70060′ – 100′
Pine Tree$200 – $1,60050′ – 100′
Poplar Tree$1,100 – $3,00040′ – 165′
Redwood Tree$450 – $2,00060′ – 240′
Spruce Tree$400 – $3,00050′ – 200′
Sycamore Tree$450 – $1,80070′ – 120′
Willow Tree$300 – $1,00030′ – 75′
Men trimming a tree | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?
Men trimming a tree | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Large Oak Tree Removal Cost

Removing a large oak tree typically costs between $700 and $3,000 due to their size and hardness.

Pine Tree Removal Cost

Pine trees are common and can cost between $200 and $1,600 to remove, depending on their height and type.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm trees are unique and may cost approximately $150 to $900 to remove. Smaller palms may be cheaper due to less labor and equipment needed.

Cost To Cut Down An Ash Tree

Ash tree removal can range from $800 to $1,900, driven by their size and wood density.

Cost To Take Down A Redwood Tree

Redwood tree removal can range from $450 to $2,000, influenced by their towering height and thick trunks.

Cost To Cut Down A Maple Tree

Removing a maple tree often costs between $600 and $2,800 due to their robust and sappy wood.

Tree Removal Cost Calculator Near You

The cost to remove a tree can vary by location due to regional rates and access to tree removal services:

LocationAverage Cost Per Tree
Atlanta, GA$330 – $2,250
Austin, TX$330 – $2,250
Boston, MA$400 – $2,700
Bridgeport, CT$320 – $2,100
Chicago, IL$350 – $2,300
Cleveland, OH$310 – $2,050
Columbus, OH$315 – $2,100
Dallas, TX$320 – $2,100
Denver, CO$325 – $2,150
Detroit, MI$320 – $2,150
Honolulu, HI$365 – $2,400
Houston, TX$375 – $2,500
Indianapolis, IN$310 – $2,100
Las Vegas, NV$310 – $2,100
Los Angeles, CA$325 – $2,150
Miami, FL$300 – $2,000
Minneapolis, MN$340 – $2,250
Nashville, TN$300 – $2,050
New York, NY$400 – $2,600
Newark, NJ$330 – $2,200
Philadelphia, PA$330 – $2,200
Phoenix, AZ$310 – $2,050
Pittsburgh, PA$320 – $2,100
Portland, OR$330 – $2,200
San Diego, CA$325 – $2,150
San Francisco, CA$380 – $2,500
Seattle, WA$330 – $2,200
Virginia Beach, VA$290 – $1,950
Washington, DC$335 – $2,250

Price Factors & Estimates To Take Down A Tree

Several factors affect the cost to take down a tree, including tree size, location, condition, and added services such as stump grinding or debris cleanup:

Charge TypeAverage Cost
Per tree$300 – $2,000
Per hour$65 – $140
Per foot of tree height$5 – $25

Tree Debris And Wood Removal Cost

Removing debris and wood can cost an additional $75 to $150, depending on the amount and type of debris.

Tree Branch And Limb Removal Cost

Separate branch and limb removal can range from $50 to $75 if not included in the main service.

Tree Stump And Root Removal

Stump and root removal often costs between $60 and $350, sometimes based on stump diameter or depth.

Cost To Move And Transplant A Tree

Transplanting a tree can cost between $400 and $1,500, influenced by the tree’s size, species, and distance.

Men removing a tree from. the backyard | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?
Men removing a tree from. the backyard | How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree Removal FAQs

What Is The Cheapest Time Of Year For Tree Removal?

The winter months generally offer the cheapest tree removal services, as companies are less busy.

How Long Does It Take To Cut Down Trees?

Tree removal can take from a few hours to a full day, depending on size and complexity.

Do You Tip Tree Removal Guys?

Tipping tree removal workers is optional, but appreciated, often between $20 to $50.

How To Get Tree Removal For Free

Some options for free tree removal include local government programs, utility companies, or lumber companies that use the wood.

Who Pays For Tree Removal On The Property Line?

Responsibility usually falls on the property owner where the trunk is located, but shared costs can be negotiated with neighbors.

Should I Trim, Prune, Or Cut Down My Tree?

Deciding depends on the tree’s health, risks posed by its condition, and advice from a professional arborist.

Getting Tree Removal Service Quotes

Who Removes Fallen Trees?

Professional tree removal companies handle fallen trees, working efficiently for quick and safe removal.

How To Negotiate Tree Removal?

Get multiple quotes, understand the service details, and inquire about discounts for additional services to negotiate effectively.

Questions To Ask Tree Cutters

Key questions include:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Can you provide references or reviews?
  • What does the tree removal process entail?
  • Do you offer stump grinding and debris removal?

Understanding these elements will help you make an informed decision about tree removal, ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness for your property.

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