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How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?

$165 – $900
Average Total Cost (Mount & Labor)
$75 – $100
Per Hour (Labor Only)
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Key Takeaways

Average Total Cost$165 – $900 (mount & labor)
Average Labor Cost$150 – $400
Hourly Labor Cost$75 – $100 per hour
National Average$275
Minimum Cost$75
Maximum Cost$1,000
Main FactorsTV size, TV weight, material cost, and labor charges
A TV Mount Installed | How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?
A TV Mount Installed | How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?

Average Total Cost (Mount & Labor)

A TV mount installation costs ranges from $165 to $900. This includes both the mounting hardware and labor charges. Average Cost (Labor Only)

If you already have a TV mount and need it professionally installed, expect to pay between $150 and $400 for labor alone.

Per Hour (Labor Only)

Professional installation rates vary, with hourly labor costs ranging between $75 and $100. Complex installations or additional services may extend the time required.

TV Mount Installation Cost Overview

Cost DescriptionPrice
National Average Cost$275
Minimum Cost$75
Maximum Cost$1,000
Average Range$150 to $400

Total TV mount installation costs depend on several factors, but homeowners typically spend around $275 on average. The minimum cost you might incur could be as low as $75, while more elaborate installations can reach up to $1,000.

Flat Rates

Some professionals offer flat-rate pricing for TV mount installations. These rates are typically inclusive of labor and basic materials. This option can provide a clear pricing structure and help avoid unexpected costs.

Hourly Rates

Alternatively, many installers charge on an hourly basis, usually ranging from $75 to $100 per hour. Hourly rates might be more cost-effective for straightforward jobs, but can add up quickly if the installation is complicated or requires additional services.

TV Mount Installation Cost Factors

Several factors influence the final TV wall mount installation costs:

  • Type and Size of TV
  • Weight of the TV
  • Type of Mount (Fixed, Tilting, Full-Motion)
  • Installation Complexity
  • Wall Materials (Drywall, Brick, Concrete)
  • Location and Accessibility
  • Additional Features (Cable Management, Soundbar Mounting)
Installing a TV mount | How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?
Installing a TV mount | How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?

TV Mount Material Costs

The cost of the TV mount itself varies depending on size, weight capacity, and mounting features.

Mount Price By TV Size

TV Size (inches)Average Price (unit only)
Less than 25$15 – $110
25 – 35$15 – $200
35 – 55$20 – $300
55 – 65$25 – $400
65 – 75+$60 – $500

Mount Price By TV Weight

TV Weight (lbs.)Average Price (unit only)
Less than 30$15 – $50
30 – 40$15 – $60
40 – 60$15 – $100
60 – 70$20 – $200
70 – 110$40 – $300
110 – 160+$50 – $500

TV Mount Installation Cost FAQs

Can I Install A TV Mount Myself?

DIY installation is possible, especially for lighter TVs and straightforward mounting surfaces like drywall. However, for larger, heavier TVs or complex installations, professional help ensures a secure and level mount.

How Long Does It Take To Install A TV Wall Mount?

Installation time varies based on the complexity of the job. Typically, a straightforward installation takes 1-2 hours, while more complicated setups can take 3-4 hours or more.

Does A Curved TV Need A Special Mount?

Curved TVs generally require mounts specifically designed to accommodate their shape. These mounts often include additional adjustments to ensure a secure fit and proper viewing angle.

Does Mounting A TV Damage The Wall?

Proper installation minimizes wall damage. Professionals use the correct tools and techniques to secure the mount while ensuring stability and minimal wall impact. However, mounting a TV will leave holes from screws which will need to be patched if the TV is moved.

TV Mount Installation | How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?
TV Mount Installation | How Much Does A TV Mount Installation Cost?

Getting Estimates From TV Mount Installers

To get accurate estimates, it’s essential to communicate your specific needs clearly. Here are some steps we recommend:

  1. Describe Your TV Size and Weight – Be clear about your TV’s specs.
  2. Specify Wall Type and Condition – Mention if it’s drywall, concrete, etc.
  3. Discuss Additional Features – Include cable management or soundbar installation.

Questions To Ask A TV Mount Installer

Before hiring, ensure you ask the right questions to vet your installer thoroughly:

  • What Is Included In The Installation Cost?
  • How Much Experience Do You Have With TV Mount Installations?
  • Can You Provide References Or Reviews From Previous Clients?
  • Do You Offer Any Guarantees Or Warranties On Your Work?
  • How Do You Handle Any Potential Damage To The Wall Or TV?

In conclusion, understanding the various cost factors, from the TV mount and installation complexity to hourly labor rates, helps in budgeting accurately for a TV mount installation. Professional installation ensures a secure setup and peace of mind, especially for high-value or heavy TVs. Make sure to request detailed estimates and vet the installer to get the best value for your investment.

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