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How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost? (2024)

$4 – $12
Vinyl Siding Cost (SF)
$8,400 – $25,200
Average Vinyl Siding Cost (2,500 SF House)
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Key Takeaways

Cost Per Square Foot Installed$4 – $12
Average Total Cost (2,500 SF House)$8,400 – $25,200
Factors Influencing CostHouse Size, Siding Style, Labor, Material Quality
ProsAffordable, Low Maintenance, Installation Options
ConsFade in Sunlight, Susceptible to Extreme Temperatures
Types of Vinyl Siding in Showroom | How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?
Types of Vinyl Siding in Showroom | How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

Vinyl Siding Cost Per Square Foot Installed

When considering vinyl siding for your home, the vinyl siding cost per square foot installed ranges from $4 to $12. This range largely depends on the quality of the materials and the complexity of the installation process.

Average Total Vinyl Siding Cost (2,500 SF House)

For an average house size of 2,500 square feet, the total cost to outfit it with vinyl siding ranges from $8,400 to $25,200. This total cost includes both material and labor.

Vinyl Siding Cost By House Size

The overall cost to replace vinyl siding varies significantly based on the size of the house. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Home Size (Square Feet)Siding Coverage (Square Feet)Average Cost
900720$2,900 – $8,650
1,000800$3,200 – $9,600
1,2001,000$4,000 – $12,000
1,5001,200$4,800 – $14,400
1,8001,500$6,000 – $18,000
2,0001,700$6,800 – $20,400
2,2001,850$7,400 – $22,200
2,5002,100$8,400 – $25,200
2,7002,250$9,000 – $27,000
3,0002,500$10,000 – $30,000
3,5002,900$11,600 – $34,800

Average Cost Of Vinyl Siding

To put the total costs in perspective, here’s a summary of average expenses:

National Average Cost$16,800
Minimum Cost$2,900
Maximum Cost$34,800
Average Range$8,400 to $25,200
Newly built home with blue vinyl siding | How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?
Newly built home with blue vinyl siding | How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

Vinyl Siding Cost to Replace By Style

Different styles of vinyl siding have varying installation costs. Here are the average costs per square foot by style:

Siding StyleAverage Cost Installed (Per Square Foot)
Board-and-Batten Vinyl$5 – $9
Clapboard / Traditional Lap$4 – $7
Dutch Lap$4 – $7
Insulated Vinyl$6 – $12
Vertical Vinyl$4 – $9
Vinyl Brick$5 – $11
Vinyl Log$4 – $8
Vinyl Shake$4 – $10
Vinyl Stone$5 – $11

Board-And-Batten Vinyl Siding

Board-and-batten vinyl siding, known for its vertical panels and classic look, generally costs between $5 and $9 per square foot to install.

Clapboard Siding

Clapboard siding, also referred to as traditional lap siding, offers a timeless appearance and costs $4 to $7 per square foot.

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Dutch lap vinyl siding provides a decorative groove and typically costs around $4 to $7 per square foot.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding, which offers better energy efficiency, ranges from $6 to $12 per square foot.

Vertical Vinyl Siding

Vertical vinyl siding with its clean, linear appearance, falls in the range of $4 to $9 per square foot.

Vinyl Brick Siding

Vinyl brick siding that mimics the look of real brick costs $5 to $11 per square foot.

Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding, mimicking the appearance of log homes, averages between $4 and $8 per square foot.

Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding, known for its rustic texture, costs about $4 to $10 per square foot.

Vinyl Stone Siding

Vinyl stone siding mimicking stone aesthetics typically costs $5 to $11 per square foot.

Vinyl Siding Installation Cost Calculator

To better understand the components of total siding installation costs, here’s a basic breakdown:

FactorAverage Cost (Per Square Foot)
Materials & Supplies$2 – $6
Labor$2 – $6
Total Cost$4 – $12
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Vinyl Siding Cost of Labor

Labor makes up a significant portion of the total installation cost, ranging from $2 to $6 per square foot. Given the variability in rates, it’s crucial to obtain estimates from multiple contractors.

Average Vinyl Siding Costs

Type of Vinyl SidingCost per Square FootCost for 1,000 Sq. Ft.
Basic Vinyl Siding$2.00 – $3.00$2,000 – $3,000
Insulated Vinyl Siding$4.00 – $6.00$4,000 – $6,000
Premium Vinyl Siding$7.00 – $8.50$7,000 – $8,500

Additional Vinyl Siding Costs to Consider

  • Removal of Old Siding: If old siding needs to be removed, this can add to the overall project cost. Removal typically ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the size of the home and the type of material.
  • Painting and Finishing: While vinyl siding often does not require painting, some homeowners choose to add a finish or coating for extra protection or aesthetic purposes.
  • Repairs and Preparations: Any repairs needed to the underlying structure or walls before installation will add to the cost. This can include fixing water damage, replacing rotted wood, or ensuring the walls are level and smooth.

Factors Affecting Vinyl Siding Costs

  1. Material Quality: The quality and type of vinyl siding significantly impact the cost. Premium options with better insulation and durability tend to be more expensive.
  2. Installation Complexity: Labor costs vary based on the complexity of the installation. Intricate designs and multi-story homes typically incur higher labor costs.
  3. Geographic Location: Prices can vary depending on your location. Urban areas may have higher labor costs compared to rural areas.
  4. Home Size and Layout: Larger homes require more materials and labor, increasing the overall cost. Homes with complex layouts may also require additional work and materials.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl siding can help in making an informed decision:


  • Affordability: Vinyl siding is a cost-effective option compared to other materials.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, unlike wood siding.
  • Ease of Installation: Fast and straightforward to install.
  • Variety: Available in many colors and styles to suit different tastes.
  • Durability: Resistant to weather, insects, and rot.
  • Insect Resistant: Naturally repels pests.


  • Color Fading: Exposure to direct sunlight can cause colors to fade over time.
  • Potential for Damage: Can crack in extreme cold or melt in high heat.
  • Perception: Some buyers may view vinyl as an inferior material.
  • Environmental Concerns: Made from PVC, raising environmental issues during production and disposal.

Pros and Cons Table

AffordableFades with exposure to direct sunlight
Extremely low maintenanceCan crack in extreme cold or melt in heat
Fast and easy to installSome buyers consider it inferior
Many color and style options to choose fromEnvironmental concerns due to PVC production
Durability: Resistant to weather, insects, and rot
Insect resistant

Vinyl Siding Cost Vs. Other Siding Types

Comparing vinyl siding to other materials can provide insight into its cost-effectiveness:

MaterialCost Per Square Foot InstalledAverage Total Cost (2,500 SF)
Vinyl Siding$4 – $12$10,000 – $30,000
Aluminum Siding$6 – $10$15,000 – $25,000
Brick Siding$8 – $18$20,000 – $45,000
Cedar Siding$6 – $16$15,000 – $40,000
Wood Siding$5 – $15$12,500 – $37,500
Fiber Cement Siding$6 – $15$15,000 – $37,500
Log Siding$5 – $15$12,500 – $37,500
Masonite$4 – $8$10,000 – $20,000
Metal/Steel Siding$6 – $16$15,000 – $40,000
Stone Siding$10 – $45$10,000 – $25,000*
Stucco$3 – $9$7,500 – $15,000

Comparison of Vinyl Siding with Other Materials

FeatureVinyl SidingWood SidingAluminum SidingFiber Cement Siding
Cost$2.00 – $8.50 per sq. ft.$5.00 – $10.00 per sq. ft.$3.50 – $7.00 per sq. ft.$6.00 – $12.00 per sq. ft.
MaintenanceLowHigh, requires painting and sealingLow, but can dentLow, requires occasional repainting
DurabilityGood, but can crack or fadeGood, but susceptible to rot and insectsGood, but can dent and fadeExcellent, highly resistant to elements
Environmental ImpactMade from PVC, environmental concernsRenewable resource, but high maintenanceRecyclable, but energy-intensive productionLess environmental impact, durable
Aesthetic OptionsWide variety of colors and stylesNatural look, can be paintedLimited colors, can be paintedMimics wood, available in various styles
InstallationEasy and quickLabor-intensive, requires skilled laborModerate, can be DIYRequires skilled labor
Lifespan20-40 years15-40 years depending on maintenance20-50 years30-50 years
InsulationCan include insulated optionsNaturally insulatesLess insulation, can be insulatedGood insulator

Detailed Comparison

Vinyl Siding

  • Pros: Affordable, low maintenance, easy installation, many styles and colors, durable against weather and insects.
  • Cons: Can fade in sunlight, potential to crack in extreme cold, environmental concerns due to PVC.

Wood Siding

  • Pros: Aesthetically pleasing with a natural look, can be painted or stained, good insulator.
  • Cons: High maintenance, susceptible to rot and insect damage, expensive, labor-intensive installation.

Aluminum Siding

  • Pros: Durable, low maintenance, recyclable, resists fire and pests.
  • Cons: Can dent easily, limited color options, may fade over time.

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Pros: Highly durable, low maintenance, resistant to fire, insects, and rot, mimics the look of wood, environmentally friendly.
  • Cons: Expensive, requires professional installation, heavy material.
Grey vinyl siding on newly built home | How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?
Grey vinyl siding on newly built home | How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

How To Save Money On Vinyl Siding Costs

Efficiency and smart planning can lead to significant cost savings when installing vinyl siding. Here are some tips:

  • Get Multiple Quotes: Obtain estimates from several contractors to ensure competitive pricing.
  • Choose Off-Season Installation: Contractors might offer discounted rates during their off-peak periods.
  • Plan for Future Maintenance: Opt for durable siding options to minimize long-term maintenance costs.

Vinyl Siding FAQs

Does Vinyl Siding Add Value To A Home?

Yes, vinyl siding can add value to a home by enhancing curb appeal and protecting the structure from the elements.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

Vinyl siding can last between 20 to 40 years, depending on the quality and maintenance.

How Do You Maintain Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance; simply wash it annually with a garden hose and mild detergent.

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Yes, vinyl siding can be painted. However, using vinyl-safe paint is essential to avoid issues with expansion and contraction.

Getting Estimates From Vinyl Siding Contractors

When hiring a contractor for vinyl siding installation, ensure you ask essential questions and obtain detailed quotes.

Questions To Ask

  • What is your experience with vinyl siding installations?
  • Can you provide references or reviews from past clients?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is the project timeline?
  • Will there be a written contract outlining the scope and cost of the project?

Choosing the right vinyl siding and installation service can ensure a cost-effective and long-lasting upgrade to your home. With these considerations in mind, you can navigate the process with confidence.

Renotag's renovation cost calculator being used by a person to price their home renovation costs.
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