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How Much Does Vivint Cost? (2024)

$599 – $999
Vivint Cost For Equipment & Installation
$41 – $46
Average Monthly Vivint Cost
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Key Takeaways

Equipment CostsVivint offers various home security packages with equipment costs ranging from $599 to $999.
Monthly Monitoring FeesMonthly monitoring fees typically fall between $41 and $46.
Package OptionsVivint provides several package options, each with different features to cater to various security needs.
Market ComparisonCompare Vivint with other companies to understand its value in the market.
Customer InformationDetailed information and FAQs help customers make informed decisions.
Vivint home security system | How Much Does Vivint Cost?
Vivint home security system | How Much Does Vivint Cost?

Vivint Cost For Equipment & Installation

Vivint home security systems require an upfront investment in equipment and installation. Depending on the chosen package, Vivint costs range from $599 to $999. The professional installation by Vivint ensures that the system works efficiently and integrates seamlessly with your home.

Average Monthly Vivint Cost

In addition to the initial setup costs, users need to consider the monthly monitoring fees. These fees ensure your home security system is supervised round-the-clock by Vivint’s professional monitoring team, providing continuous protection and prompt emergency response services.

Vivint Costs & Pricing

Here is a detailed breakdown of Vivint’s costs by package:

PackageEquipment & Installation CostsMonthly Monitoring Cost*
Core Home Security$599$41
Indoor Security$849$46
Porch & Package Protection$849$46
Total Home Security$999$46

*Prices shown are averages and may vary based on customization and additional services.

Vivint Home Security System Packages & Features

Vivint offers several home security system packages, each designed to meet different security needs. Here’s a comparative table of their features:

FeatureCore Home SecurityIndoor SecurityPorch & Package ProtectionTotal Home Security
Professional installation
24/7 monitoring
Smart Hub control panel
4 door / window sensors
Motion sensor
Indoor camera
Doorbell camera
Outdoor camera
Man on iPad checking the home security system
Man on iPad checking the home security system | How Much Does Vivint Cost?

Optional Add-Ons

Customers can enhance their Vivint home security packages with the following optional add-ons:

  • Additional cameras
  • Smart locks
  • Environmental sensors
  • Smart lighting integration
  • Garage door control

These add-ons can further customize and improve the security of your home based on your specific needs.

Vivint Security System Cost Factors

Several factors influence the overall cost of Vivint security systems:

  1. Package Selection: Different packages offer varying levels of equipment and monitoring services, impacting the total cost.
  2. Home Size and Layout: Larger homes or homes with complex layouts may require additional sensors and cameras, increasing costs.
  3. Optional Add-Ons: Adding devices such as extra cameras, smart locks, and other smart home integrations will increase the overall cost.
  4. Contract Length: Monthly monitoring fees might vary based on the contract length and financing options chosen.

Vivint Cost Vs. Other Security Systems

When comparing Vivint to other home security systems, it’s clear that while Vivint may have higher upfront costs, their comprehensive packages and professional installation offer significant value.

CompanyEquipment & Installation CostMonthly Monitoring Cost
Vivint$599 – $999$41 – $46
ADT$599 – $1,449$45 – $82
Brinks$430 – $800$40 – $50
Blink$30 – $400$3 – $10
Ring$50 – $600$5 – $20

Vivint Security System FAQs

What Is Vivint?

Vivint is a leading smart home security provider that offers professionally installed systems with 24/7 monitoring. Their systems integrate smart home devices to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Does Vivint Work With Alexa?

Yes, Vivint is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This integration allows users to control their security system and smart home devices using voice commands.

Are Vivint Costs Worth It?

Considering Vivint’s professional installation, 24/7 monitoring, and smart home integration, many find the investment worthwhile for the peace of mind and security it brings.

Do You Own Your Equipment From Vivint?

Yes, when you purchase a Vivint home security system, you own the equipment. However, financing options are available if you prefer to spread out the cost.

Getting Estimates From Security System Installers

When looking to install a home security system, it’s advisable to get estimates from multiple installers. This allows you to compare costs and services to ensure you get the best deal.

Questions To Ask Home Security Companies

  1. What are the total costs, including equipment, installation, and monitoring fees?
  2. Are there any additional fees or hidden charges?
  3. What is the length of the contract, and are there penalties for early termination?
  4. What warranties and guarantees are offered?
  5. How does the company handle service and repairs?

By carefully considering these questions and comparing different options, you can make an informed decision about your home security needs.

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