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How Much Does A Window AC Unit Cost To Install? (2024)

$150 - $800
Cost Range for Units
$300 - $1,100
Total Installed Cost
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Key Takeaways

Cost Range for Units$150 – $800
Total Installed Cost$300 – $1,100
Running Costs$12 – $120 per month
ComparisonWindow units are cheaper but less efficient than central air
Window AC Unit
Window AC Unit | How Much Does A Window AC Unit Cost To Install?

Window AC Unit Cost Overview

Window AC units come in a range of sizes and prices, capable of cooling different room sizes. Here’s a breakdown of window AC unit costs:

Window AC Unit Cost Installed

National average cost$640
Minimum cost$150
Maximum cost$1,700
Average cost range$300 to $1,100

Calculating the cost of installing a window AC unit includes the price of the unit itself and installation fees.

Window AC Unit Cost of Installation

Installing a window AC unit involves multiple factors that can influence the total cost:

Window AC Unit Cost of Installation

FactorAverage Cost
Remove and dispose of old window AC unit*$50 – $200
New window AC unit$150 – $800
Installation labor$150 – $300
Total installation cost$300 – $1,100

*Note: Removal cost applies if replacing an existing unit.

Window AC Unit Prices vs. Through-The-Wall or Portable

Different types of AC units are available on the market, each with distinct features and cost implications. Here’s a comparison:

Window AC Unit Prices by Type

TypeUnit CostTotal Cost Installed
Window AC unit$150 – $800$300 – $1,100
Portable AC unit*$200 – $900$200 – $900
Wall-mounted AC unit$400 – $1,800$700 – $2,400

*Portable units typically have no installation cost.

Wall-mounted AC unit | How Much Does A Window AC Unit Cost To Install?
Wall-mounted AC unit | How Much Does A Window AC Unit Cost To Install?

Window Air Conditioner Prices

The cost of window air conditioners also varies according to their capacity and the area they can cool.

Window Air Conditioner Prices by Size

Cooling Area (square feet)BTUsPrice Range
150 – 3505,000 – 8,000$150 – $520
350 – 5508,000 – 12,000$220 – $570
550 – 1,00012,000 – 18,000$300 – $800
1,050 – 1,60018,500 – 25,000$550 – $1,000

Wall AC Unit Cost

Wall AC units, installed through an external wall, generally come with higher costs due to the more complex installation.

Portable AC Unit Prices

Portable AC units offer flexibility as they can be moved from room to room but typically project higher unit costs without installation fees.

Cost To Run A Window AC Unit

Operating costs for window AC units depend on their capacity and how frequently they are used.

Window AC Unit Cost to Run

SizeCost per HourCost per Day*Cost per Month*
5,000 BTU$0.05 – $0.12$0.40 – $1.00$12.00 – $30.00
8,000 BTU$0.08 – $0.20$0.60 – $1.60$18.00 – $50.00
12,000 BTU$0.12 – $0.30$1.00 – $2.40$30.00 – $70.00
15,000 BTU$0.15 – $0.40$1.20 – $3.20$36.00 – $96.00
18,000 BTU$0.20 – $0.50$1.60 – $4.00$48.00 – $120.00

*Estimates based on 8 hours of use per day.

Is It Cheaper To Use Central Air or Window Units?

Comparing the costs between central air and window units can clarify which system might be more cost-effective for your needs.

Central Air vs. Window AC Unit

FactorWindow AC UnitCentral Air Conditioning
Installation Cost$300 – $1,100$2,500 – $7,500
Monthly Cost to Run$12 – $120$80 – $200
ProsLess expensive, less intrusive installation process, can cool only a single room, uses less energyWhole-home cooling, even room temperature with no hot spots, better air filtration, cooling and heating options
ConsMinimal filtration options, hot spots in rooms due to less air circulation, requires multiple units to cool the whole homeMore expensive to install, more intrusive installation process, more expensive to run
Window AC unit Installed | How Much Does A Window AC Unit Cost To Install?
Window AC unit Installed | How Much Does A Window AC Unit Cost To Install?

Window AC Unit FAQs

How Long Do Window AC Units Last?

Window AC units typically last between 8 to 12 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

What Size Window AC Do I Need?

Determining the right size window AC unit for your space is crucial to ensuring efficient cooling and energy usage.

Recommended Window AC Size

Room Size (square feet)BTU Range
150 – 3505,000 – 8,000 BTU
350 – 5508,000 – 12,000 BTU
550 – 1,00012,000 – 18,000 BTU
1,050 – 1,60018,500 – 25,000 BTU

Can I Install A Window AC Myself?

Yes, installing a window AC is possible for individuals comfortable with basic DIY tasks. However, professional installation ensures proper sealing and efficiency.

Do Window AC Units Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Window AC units generally use less electricity compared to central air systems. The exact consumption depends on the unit’s BTU rating and usage patterns.

Where To Buy Window AC Units

Window AC units are widely available at home improvement stores, appliance retailers, and online marketplaces such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

Hiring A Handyman Or Window AC Installer

When considering professional installation, it’s essential to hire a qualified handyman or contractor to ensure optimal functioning and efficiency.

Questions To Ask

When hiring a professional installer, consider these crucial questions:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What’s your experience with window AC installations?
  • Can you provide references?
  • What’s included in the installation cost?
  • Do you offer a warranty for your services?

These questions help in selecting a reliable and skilled professional for the job.

By understanding the costs and various aspects of window AC units, you can make an informed decision suited to your cooling needs and budget.

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