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How Much Does It Cost to Add a Dormer?

$90 - $150
cost to add a dormer (SF)
$3,000 - $25,000
average cost to add a dormer
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Key Takeaways

Key PointDetails
Cost Per Square Foot Installed$90 – $150
Average Total Cost to Install$3,000 – $25,000
National Average Cost$13,700
Minimum Cost$1,000
Maximum Cost$75,600

Adding a dormer to your home can enhance its curb appeal, increase natural light, and provide additional space. Understanding the costs involved can help you plan your dormer addition effectively.

Dormer Cost

The cost of adding a dormer varies based on the size and type of dormer. Below is a breakdown of average costs:

Average Cost to Add a Dormer

Dormer Size (Square Feet)Average Cost Installed
28$2,500 – $4,200
40$3,600 – $6,000
64$5,800 – $9,600
100$9,000 – $15,000
200$18,000 – $30,000
250$22,500 – $37,500

Dormer Cost Calculator

Cost FactorAverage Cost
National Average Cost$13,700
Minimum Cost$1,000
Maximum Cost$75,600
Average Range$3,000 – $25,000

Cost to Add a Dormer by Roof Type

The type of dormer significantly affects the cost. Here is a breakdown by roof type:

Dormer TypeCost Per Square Foot
Gable / Flared Dormer$110 – $150
Shed Dormer$75 – $120
Wall Roof Dormer$75 – $115
Flat Roof Dormer$80 – $125
Hip Dormer$110 – $140
Recessed or Inset Roof Dormer$70 – $150
Eyebrow Dormer$100 – $160
Arch / Barrel Dormer$100 – $150
Pedimented Roof Dormer$165 – $300
Faux / False / Prefab Dormer$65 – $90

Cost to Add Different Types of Dormers

Cost to Add a Shed Dormer

Shed dormers are one of the more affordable options, providing additional space and natural light.

Gable Dormer Cost

Gable dormers add architectural interest and increased headroom, but they are more expensive than shed dormers.

Flat Roof Dormer Cost

Flat roof dormers are a practical and cost-effective choice, offering additional space without significantly altering the roofline.

Hip Roof Dormer Installation Prices

Hip roof dormers provide a balanced look and improved stability, but they can be more costly due to the complexity of the roof design.

Recessed or Inset Roof Dormer Prices

Recessed or inset dormers blend seamlessly with the existing roofline, offering a more subtle addition.

Faux and Prefab Dormer Costs

Faux and prefab dormers are a budget-friendly option, providing the appearance of a dormer without the functional benefits.

Arched Top or Barrel Roof Dormer Cost

Arched top or barrel roof dormers add a unique architectural element to the home but come at a higher cost.

Eyebrow Dormer Addition Cost

Eyebrow dormers provide a softer, curved design, adding charm and character to the roofline.

Pedimented Roof Dormer Addition Cost

Pedimented roof dormers are the most expensive option, offering a grand and elegant appearance.

Cost to Build a Dormer on an Existing Roof

The location and purpose of the dormer influence the cost of the addition:

Location / TypeCost to Build
Window Dormer$2,400 – $6,600
Attic Dormer$19,600 – $54,900
Dormer Bathroom$20,000 – $50,000+

Dormer Window Installation Cost

Adding a dormer window provides increased natural light and ventilation, enhancing the room’s usability.

Attic Dormer Addition Cost

An attic dormer can transform an unused attic into a functional living space, adding significant value to the home.

Cost to Add a Dormer Bathroom

Adding a bathroom dormer can increase the home’s functionality and value, but it requires plumbing and additional infrastructure, making it a more expensive option.

Cost to Add a Dormer to a Cape Cod, Bungalow, or Ranch House

Adding a dormer to a specific architectural style, such as a Cape Cod, bungalow, or ranch house, can enhance the home’s character and usability.

Dormer Conversion Cost Factors

Several factors influence the cost of converting an existing space into a dormer, including removal of old structures, cladding, and additional features.

Cost to Remove Dormers

Removing old dormers can range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the size and complexity of the removal.

Dormer Cladding Cost

Cladding costs vary based on the materials used, with options including vinyl, wood, and metal.

Pros and Cons of Putting in a Roof Dormer

Dormer Pros and Cons

Adds curb appealCostly
Increases natural lightTime-consuming installation
Provides more ventilationSusceptible to leaks
Adds square footageRequires maintenance
Extra emergency exitHigher initial investment
High return on investment (ROI)

Dormer FAQs

What is a Dormer?

A dormer is a structural element that protrudes from the slope of a roof, providing additional space, light, and ventilation to the upper floors of a building.

What is a Full Dormer?

A full dormer extends across the entire length of the roof, providing significant additional space and headroom.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Dormer?

Building a dormer typically takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the project.

How Much Square Footage Does a Dormer Add?

The square footage added by a dormer depends on its size, typically ranging from 20 to 250 square feet.

How Big Can a Dormer Be?

The size of a dormer is limited by local building codes and the structural capacity of the existing roof.

Do Dormers Add Value to a House?

Yes, dormers can add value to a house by increasing its square footage, enhancing its curb appeal, and providing additional functional space.

Do You Need a Permit for a Dormer Window?

Yes, most jurisdictions require a building permit for adding a dormer window. It is essential to check with local building authorities before starting the project.

Getting Estimates from Dormer Addition Contractors

When seeking estimates for your dormer addition, consider the following tips:

  1. Get Multiple Quotes: Compare prices and services from different contractors.
  2. Check References: Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  3. Verify Credentials: Ensure the contractor is licensed, insured, and experienced in dormer installations.
  4. Ask About Customization: See if they offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Questions to Ask Dormer Addition Contractors

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you provide references from similar projects?
  • What services are included in your standard package?
  • Do you offer any specialized dormer designs?
  • What are your rates for additional services?
  • How do you handle unexpected issues or additional requests?

Cost to Add a Dormer Summary

Adding a dormer can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. By understanding the costs, benefits, and available options, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and budget.

For more information on dormer additions and to explore other cost-related guides, visit our detailed articles on roof replacement cost and home improvement cost.

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